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Burçin has launched out her bussiness starting first by attending the courses provided by Vocational Education Centre under Education Directorate in Mersin.

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1 Burçin has launched out her bussiness starting first by attending the courses provided by Vocational Education Centre under Education Directorate in Mersin and succeeded at becoming an employer with three personnel by opening her own Couffeir and Beauty Center.She made use of the KOSGEP support for women entrepreneurs. Mrs.Burçin Burçin Couffeir and Beauty Center


3 The start of the business What year did you establish your own company? I established Burçin Couffeir and Beauty Center in September 2010. *Where is the company located: rural area or city? It is in the city center as it doesnt have a parking place problem,its prefered by working women.It is also very close to big shopping malls,so it s also prefered by housewives,too when they come to the shopping centers. Is your present business the first company that you own?Yes,it is my first company.It is as if my baby,we have passed crawling phse.We had many difficulties but we started to develop more than we guessed at the begining.For my company the pureness and quality are important factors.


5 What were your reasons to establish the company?Because of my personality I like prettying up the people and/or help them to be prettied up.Im also easy going in terms of communicating with people.If I had not started this job,I would have been a stylist.I have been in this sector since I was 11 years old.I ve made use of the opportunities come to the forefront.

6 What problems did you encounter when establishing the company? I can say that things did not work properly as we calculated.First I had had a plan to finish up everything in two months time at large when establishing the company,but it took longer.I was selective at the process of personnel recruitment.I also had difficulties in recruiting the supplies but come up with a good quality at the end. I had difficulties in advertising.The ones coming coincidentally appreciates the way we work and finds the saloon impressing but tells that they have not heard about us much in terms of advertisement.

7 How did you overcome the problems? I had full support of my husband and family and friends.I was a little known by the people around as the shop but I welcomed the customers nicely and behaved sincere,it also worked to have permanent customers. Did you benefit from external support to set up your business (financial, training, advisory, etc.)? When setting up my bussiness I received a great support from KOSGEP(Small and Medium Industry Development Organisation) that was a grant for an amount of Turkish Liras.I can summarise process untill setting up my bussiness like that, first I had attended various types of education and training sessions.Through Vocational Education Centre under the Provincial Education Directorate I got beautician,masseur training and laser course certificates.And after taking up the necessary training I had worked as master apprentice as an employee.Now I take courses for a higher level afterwards that is Im originally a graduate of high school but now I m registered for the Open Vocational High School.It is beacsue Im open to improvement and renewal.I would like to learn everything related with my present job to add the contributions of the new knowledge and experience into practice and update my profession.I received the recommendation of experienced entrepreneurs and the courses and trainings I got before were very helpfull for me and KOSGEP was the main financial, training supporter of my bussiness after rewarding me with the grant following the entrepreneurship course they provided for the entrepreneurs.I have prepared a bussiness plan to their approval in the framework of the Entrepreurship Support Programmes with attractive facilities they have for the women.

8 The present situation What are the activities/services that your company provides? Beauty,hair dressing,depilation,massage for both men and women. Do you employ other people? If yes, how many? We are 4 persons all here.We work approximately 12 hours a day except Sundays.The personnel is important for me,their work discipliene and education. Where your business is located: home, office, other? My shop is quite large and designed like a home style.There are plenty of hair dressing and beauty shops around our present working place but there is a clear difference of hygiene and quality I can say.This was originally mentioned by my customers themselves.

9 How many hours per week do you work? The saloon is open for 12 hours a day,but I do not work after 8 p.m. Do you have problems to balance work and family life? If, yes, how are you going to overcome those problems? I do not work and live as well just for money and money.I keep time for myself at weekends especially.I have two kids. One is a girl eleven years old and my son is at the age of six..Since I prefer to work by appointment,there is no turbulance in life I can say.I even go to my vacation.My mom is dealing with the kids out of the school time at home. What problems and obstacles your company is facing now? How are going to overcome them? I do not have serious problems for now fortunatelly.It is beacsue I can make my payments in time which is very important when you are self employed.It has been 7 months all since I established my shop.The remarkable obstacle I face with now is the advertising issue that is important considering the competititon in the market.But I guess it was due to the inefficiency of the opening ceremony.

10 Plans for the future *What are your business plans for the future? *What are the advantages for a woman to be the owner of the company based on your experience? The very short term plan for the future is first preparing an advertising poster and setting up a website.I should have planned more carefully the opening ceremony.I had short of money then and I could not plan and it as I wish actually.But for the future I would like to offer service in a higher level.I aim to go on improveing myself,because it does not have an end,it must be continuous.Meanwhile I will try to keep up with the programmes of KOSGEP(Small and Medium Industry Development Organisation) and enlarge the capacity of my saloon.A playground for the children of the customers,sauna,hobby garden /corner etc. are some of my future plans …My customers should be relaxed on their coming,it would be nice if they have a chat and be comfortable with their children.I mind the child friend shop/saloon and the customer can enjoy herself playin chess or some other hobbies.Becuse you save serious amount of time by coming to the har dresser and waste some of it by waiting or doing nothing.My present company is just a starting point.There is much to do in future. When you are self confident you have a more social surrounding and you cam make decisions on your own.More of the things are likely under your control and you stop seeing things in black and white. What are the disadvantages for a woman to be the owner of the company based on your experience? You have limited time compared to before in terms of saving time for yourself.You take more carefull steps unlike the times you breast the things as it comes.You have more responsibilities for managing a company and you yourself have to face the serious obstacles and communication is more important then

11 What would be your advice to other women who are considering to open up their own companies? First they should be in the very business that they enjoy doing.Money is less important when it is subject to be an entrepreneur.Education and training in the business area you would like to be in is more important.Even if you have money without education,you can easily go backwards in business life.The personel,the team you will work with is important,too.They should add value to the company.And if you are sure of a thing,take strong minded steps and do not be afraid and never give up.One can overcome the problems by struggling not by keeping waiting.You sould not be totally boss minded but act as if you are a personnel too and save sometimes time for them in outdoors.It really works.

12 What is your current position in the company? Im the owner of the company Information for statistical purposes: Im a graduate of high school and I would like to receive info about wiser project later on with a great pleasure,too…

13 . Contact: Burçin Oflas Bay –Bayan Kuaför ve Güzellik Salonu 0090324 2335697 Camişerif Mah. 5235 Sok.No:15 Kat:1 Mersin/Türkiye

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