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Beauty Around the World

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1 Beauty Around the World
By: Morgan Cornell, Maury Whitley, Tiara Scott

2 Beauty…. People’s perceptions of beauty vary in various parts of the world. Beauty can be influenced by one’s culture, environment, beliefs, and media. There is a great amount of pressure put on women to be defined as beautiful.

3 Thailand Members of the Kayan tribe begin beauty rituals at the age of 5. Girls and women wear brass rings around their neck, as they get older, more are added The rings causes their necks to elongate and give a giraffe like appearance. The brass rings are a sign of sheer elegance Some of the rings can weigh up to 22 pounds.

4 New Zealand The Maori people of New Zealand practice the art of Tattooing. It is believed that women are most attractive with their lips and chin tattooed Women with full blue lips and chin are the most beautiful

5 Ethiopia Women of the Karo tribe in Southern Ethiopia
Elders cut scars on young girls as a right of passage. Scars allow them to attract males and possibly marry.

6 India Indian women take a more natural approach to beauty
Indian women use natural resources to achieve their beauty. They wear bright colored clothing and jewelry including a forehead chain. The dot in the center of the forehead is called a KumKum and is considered to be a beauty mark. Indian women are known for their glowing skin and long, beautiful hair.

7 Japanese Beauty Japanese beauty is more traditional and takes hard work to achieve. Japanese women love for their hair to be jet black and straight with absolutely no kind of wave or curl. Japanese Hair Straightening process. Japanese also take pride in their skin. Japanese prefer to have wrinkle free, porcelin-like skin. White, and pale to look youthful. To achieve this look Japanese women drink cologyn and bleach their skin.

8 Beauty Many white teens would find this model to be beautiful
She has blonde hair, blue eyes, petite, and on the cover of a magazine Many young teens feel pressure to look like this and find this model to be beautiful

9 High Fashion Beauty In the high fashion world the thinner you are the better as seen in this photo Many girls are pressured to be thin because it is thought to be beautiful Because of this, many young teens have eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia

10 Black Beauty Many African-American teens are influenced by what they see in videos Beautiful black women are seen dancing provocatively in rap videos bearing their bodies Many teens are influenced by this and feel pressure to look and dress as the video vixen’s do

11 Light Skin V.S Dark Skin It is becoming more common to have light skinned women in gracing covers of magazines and television Light skinned women are looked at as superior to darker skinned women because their complexion is closer to white

12 Light skin V.S Dark skin It is becoming rare seeing dark skinned women on television screens or graving pages of magazines because the media focuses more on putting the spotlight on lighter skinned women

13 Relaxed V.S Natural More and more black women shown in the media have relaxed hair For most women relaxed hair is more manageable This may pressure teens with natural hair to go relaxed

14 Relaxed V.S Natural Natural hair is becoming more rare in the black community Natural is looked as positive it allows to be chemical free Some black women believe that natural is beautiful

15 Black Beauty Black women are some of the most diverse group of women. They come in all types of shapes, and colors Black women are beautiful and need to embrace one another This battle between complexions cause young teens to have animosity.

16 Affect on Teens Many teens are influenced by what they see everyday. Young girls want to feel that they are beautiful and want to be accepted. Many young teens are struggle with body image and self-esteem. They turn to the media such as magazines and television to get a sense of what beauty is supposed to look like. This causes teens to change themselves and conform. Young girls should love themselves and know that they Are BEAUTIFUL.


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