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The Mary Kay Opportunity. Milestones, Awards & Honors 1963 - Sept. 13th Mary Kay Ash establishes Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. 500 Square-foot storefront in.

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1 The Mary Kay Opportunity

2 Milestones, Awards & Honors 1963 - Sept. 13th Mary Kay Ash establishes Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. 500 Square-foot storefront in Dallas, TX opens with the help of her 20 year old son, her life savings of $5,000 and 9 independent beauty consultants. 1964 - MK becomes one of the 1st cosmetic companies to introduce a complete line of skin care products exclusively for men. 1969 - MK awards the use of the 1st pink Cadillacs to the top five independent sales directors

3 Milestones, Awards & Honors 1969 - Ground breaking construction begins on the Mary Kay manufacturing facility. Today it is one of the largest cosmetic manufacturing facilities (the size of 3 football fields) 1971 - 1st International Subsidiary opens in Australia 1973 - Companys 10th Anniversary with 21,069 independent beauty consultants

4 Milestones, Awards & Honors 1976 - Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 1980 - Mary Kay opens 3rd subsidiary in Argentina. 1983 - Mary Kay Cosmetics celebrates 20 years with over $300 million in Wholesale sales and independent beauty consultant count totals 195,000. 1984 - First edition of 100 best companies to work for in America features Mary Kay.

5 Milestones, Awards & Honors 1992 - MK debuts on the list of Fortune 500 Companies 1993 - 2nd time, the 100 Best Companies to Work for in America recognizes Mary Kay, Inc. (The company is 1 of only 55 to appear in both editions. Also noted one of the 10 best companies for women. 2nd time Fortune 500 lists Mary Kay, Inc. which climbs 57 spaces. 1995 - Fortune Magazine lists Mary Kay Inc. Among Most Admired Corporations in America.

6 Milestones, Awards & Honors 1996 - A Great Year! 10th consecutive year of record sales; wholesale sales surpass $1 billion. The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation is established as a nonprofit public foundation to provide funding for research on cancers affecting women, including breast cancer. Mary Kay is one of 20 companies profiled in the book, Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time. Mary Kay Ash is the only woman profiled in this book.

7 Milestones, Awards & Honors 1997 - Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation awards inaugural grants to noted cancer researchers totaling $500,000. 1998 - 3rd time, Mary Kay, Inc. listed among Fortune Magazines the 100 Best Companies to Work for In America. 2000 - Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation expands its mission to include funding for the prevention of violence against women. 2001 - Mary Kay Ash passes away November 22, Thanksgiving Day

8 Milestones, Awards & Honors 2002 - Another year of record sales $1.6 Billion. 2003 - Mary Kay Ash is named the Greatest Female Entrepreneur in American History by Baylor University. 2004 - Mary Kay Sales Force includes 1.3 Million people in more than 30 Markets worldwide. Mary Kay Ash is included in new book, How To Be Like Women of Influence, which includes Mother Theresa, Sandra Day OConner, Helen Keller and Eleanor Roosevelt. The Mary Kay chapter is on integrity.

9 Mary Kay Products Skin Care Products - Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, Basic Skin Care, Lip and Eye Care Colors - Eyes, Lips, Cheeks Nails, Foundations, Concealers, Powders, Compact and Applicators Spa and Body Care - Private Spa Collection, Body Care, Sun Essentials Fragrances - Mens and Womens Fragrances

10 Products Continued Mary Kay products are backed by 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. The products are hypoallergenic. Mary Kay does not conduct animal testing for its products and is a PETA pledge Member.

11 Price Comparison with Other Top Cosmetic Companies The prices comparable to some of the top brands are still less expensive. Foundations: Lancome - $31.00 and up Elizabeth Arden - $25.00 and up Clinique - $17.50 and up Mary Kay - $14.00 (All foundations are the same price no matter if they are liquid, pressed. etc.)

12 How to become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant The Investment is only $100.00 for the starter kit with $264.00 worth of retail products inside. 40% to 50% discount on the products depending on amount ordered. Consultants buy at wholesale and sale at retail (Example: Buy a Timewise Cleanser @ $9.00 wholesale Price, Sale to customer for $18.00 retail price 10% goes back into your business for supplies, etc. 40% profit

13 Why Mary Kay Recognition - MKs philosophy is praise to success. Quarterly company prizes plus weekly and monthly unit prizes. Self Improvement - All the training, growth, philosophy or faith, family, career. Car Program - Pontiac Vibe, Platinum Grand Prix, Pink Caddy or $325, $500, or $900 extra monthly. Advancement - Career path is laid out. Go as fast and as far as you want. Harder you work = more you earn. (unlimited earning potential) Be your own boss - Flexibility, No quotas, no territories. You control your finances. Great Tax Deductions!!

14 Awards are Great! Top National Sales Director earned $75,404 in commissions just for the month of April

15 Why I Joined Mary Kay Flexibility Extra Cash Unlimited earning potential opportunity Enjoy meeting new people every day Great reward program Opportunity to introduce and educate a quality product to different people

16 Summary History - Company has grown tremendously since it began in 1963 Products are great - practically sells itself Consultants - Flexibility, be your own boss, unlimited earning potential Awards are great! Diamonds to Cars and more

17 Company Mission Statement Mary Kays Mission is to enrich womens lives We will do this in tangible ways, by offering quality products to consumers, financial opportunities to our independent sales force, and fulfilling careers to our employees. We also will reach out to the heart and spirit of women, enabling personal growth and fulfillment for the women whose lives we touch. We will carry out our mission in a spirit of caring, living the positive values on which our company was built. Integrity, Enthusiasm, Praise, Leadership, Quality, Teamwork, Service, Balance

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