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Golden face grade By Yael Gabay & adi sherf. What is the Golden ratio?

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1 Golden face grade By Yael Gabay & adi sherf

2 What is the Golden ratio?

3 Why is golden ratio pleasing to the eye?

4 Adrian Bejan, Design & Nature and Ecodynamics Horizon speed is greater than vertical speed VL / VH = L/H The speed is minimal when L/H= 3/2

5 Why is golden ratio pleasing to the eye? breathes and flows – text with graphics and math on a book page.

6 Dr Stephen Marquartdt developed this facial mask Deasined to help plastic surgeons align facial features Based on a series of rectangles, triangles and decagons. The golden mask

7 The new golden ratio שמות הערות מהמאמר 0.36 0.46 Pamela Pallett, Stephen Link, and Kang Lee Found two new golden ratios one for length-The vertical distance between their eyes and the mouth is 36 percent of the face's length and one for width. when the horizontal distance between the eyes is 46 percent of the face's width. these proportions correspond with those of an average face.

8 How to grade a face? מרקאט הערות מהמאמר Using common golden ratio face features measurements Using the mask proportions

9 Face Photos Assumptions מרקאט הערות מהמאמר The angle of the face Little shading Image quality All needed points are visible and clear

10 Automatic detection of points find the symmetry line of the face. look for the eyes area. look for the pupils (Daugman algorithm ). using gradient changes and displacement.

11 Daugmans Integro-differential algorithm looks for (r, x 0, y 0 ) that maximizes, where (x 0, y 0 ) is the center of the iris (and the pupil) and r is its radius. The integral sums the average intensity of a circle with radius r if the circle has uniform intensity its contribution will be the same the maximum value will be at the perimeter of the iris where the intensity changes dramatically.

12 Survey RankPicture ? ? ? ? ? ? 20 faces photos 28 participants Asked to rank the photos by beauty

13 Survey Results

14 the "new" grade has better correlation with the survey results, although ambiguously

15 Survey Results Most pictures received similar grade, Indicating the average face's ratios are close to the golden ratio.

16 Feature detecting Results

17 No obvious correlation between perceiving beauty and certain ratios in the image. golden ratio is only a part of our concept of beauty. Conclusions

18 An ethical dilemma Is a computer program, calculating faces grades, ethic? How would it be used? Is the science behind it really correct?

19 locate all 16 points automatically. using Viola-Jones algorithm. series of test sets, consisting of faces with similar features, differentiating mostly by proportions, and of same gender improvements

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