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Marion Butts Collection Dallas Public Library

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1 Marion Butts Collection Dallas Public Library
Working for a Living Marion Butts Collection Dallas Public Library

2 1946 One of the locations of the Powell Hotel, the first black-owned hotel in Dallas. During segregation, hotels that served African Americans were often located in houses in residential areas.

3 1946 Dave's Place, showing the front entrance and parking area.

4 1946 Newsstand at P. J. Service Station, with Applause Magazine, published in Dallas by Don Gilbert on display - the top magazine facing to the front

5 1946 Denmon's Pies proprietor Fred Eugene Denmon, left, with an unidentified woman, surrounded by pies. Denmon’s Bakery was located at 3203 Marsh.

6 1946 View outside Lawson Cleaners with the company’s delivery vehicle in front of the store. Lawson had two Dallas locations, one at 1915 Allen, and the other at 4719 Myrtle.

7 1946 An employee inside Lawson Cleaners works with a garment on an ironing board.

8 1946 Henderson and Wren Funeral Home building, located at 2112 N. Washington, with attendants and hearses (which they referred to as “rolling stock) outside

9 1946 Taxi belonging to the Pride of Dallas Cab Company, gets service at P. J. Service Station

10 1947 An interior view of the Cimota Beauty Salon, located at Allen Street, which sold hair grooming products and wigs in addition to its traditional beauty services.

11 1947 Newsboys and girls in front of the Progressive News offices. The company was owned by G.I. Aid Society, Raymond Rogers, President.

12 1947 The front of Dillard's Variety Store, with building supplies in front of the windows. Dillards had two Dallas locations, one in West Dallas at 1805 Singleton Boulevard, and the other in East Dallas at 4904 Spring Avenue. The owners were E. C. Dillard and J. C. Dillard.

13 1946 Interior of Dillard's Variety Store, with shoppers browsing the aisles

14 1947 Inside William Madison McDonald's Fraternal Bank and Trust on the first floor of the Fort Worth Masonic Temple, located at 9th and Jones in Fort Worth. Fraternal Bank and Trust was an African-American owned private bank that survived the Great Depression.

15 1947 Lott's Funeral Home was located at 2200 Thomas Street. Shown here are five hearses from the company with attendants and funeral home personnel standing beside the cars.

16 1947 Jack's Service Station and Garage, with owner Jack Wright washing a car.

17 1947 Eighth Street Drug Store owners, Mr. and Mrs. Ines Jones, stand behind the cash register inside the store.

18 1947 Ross Graves Café in Deep Elm (Deep Ellum). A woman behind cash register assists a man at the counter.

19 1949 Damage done to the Good Will Barber Shop located at 2207 Hall Street

20 1952 An early opportunity for a cashier at Quicky Food Stores

21 1960 Foster Kilgore, butcher for Rains Supermarkert, at work at the meat slicer. R. C. Rains owned this local chain of grocery stores and placed his first store in the State Thomas neighborhood.

22 1960 John Runnels of Kissin' Radio (KKSN 730) playing records in the studio

23 1961 Marion Butts, Sr., editor of the Dallas Express newspaper at his desk in the Express offices

24 1962 R.C. Hickman, manager of the Continental Bowling Lanes in West Dallas offers a bowling ball to woman in the crowded bowling alley. Mr. Hickman was also a photographer.

25 1963 Mr. & Mrs. Sherfield in front of the butcher case in their grocery store. He holds a chicken, and she holds a ham.

26 1963 Inside the automotive bay at the new B.F. Goodrich Tire Co. on Forest Ave.

27 1966 Women shop at the Mallory Hat Shop

28 1965 Madame C. J. Walker Beauty College students model wigs

29 1964 Chuck Banks, Lark Club Bartender. The Lark Club was a jazz club located at 3113 Grand Avenue, and it featured artists such as David “Fat Head” Newman.

30 1971 Employees of the Morris & Wells Mobil Service Station stand by the gas pump

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