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Control System Studio (CSS)

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1 Control System Studio (CSS)

2 CSS Features & Benefits
CSS provides a modern User Interface CSS is an Eclipse-based Integrated Environment: Based on plugin technology and therefore easily extensible Generic features like menus, preferences, help… Multi-platform support (portable JAVA code)

3 CSS Integrated Platform
CSS is a common platform for new control system applications Connection to external data sources like JDBC-databases, JMS and LDAP servers… Data accessible through all the applications PV object contribution 2 sources: SNS and DESY

4 ICH Sample Core System V1
IOC Core EDM screen SNL Sequencer Alarm Handler EPICS Channel Archiver tools IOC Error Logging tools Autosave

5 CSS Progress at ITER BOY – new Graphical User Interface
BEAST – new Alarm Handling System Data Browser – Live and Archived data access In addition… CSS Alarm server, JMS server and DB CSS SNL Editor CSS DCT

6 BOY User friendly editor ICH EDM screen converted to BOY:
Label, line, rectangle, text update Personalisation: Action button, menu, slider, chart… No script for now!

7 Open a detailed display in a Tab
BOY – many screens! Open a detailed display in a Tab Detailed views have been defined for the 5 x ICH main components The new display could replace the existing one, appear in a new Tab (press Ctrl) or in a new Window (press Shift)

8 Strip chart live and archived data
Data Browser Strip chart live and archived data Tool for displaying live as well as historic data in a Strip-Chart type plot Compatible with EPICS Channel Archiver (Abyss Standalone server) Plot toolbar: different zooms, annotation…

9 BEAST - distributed alarm system
Alarm tree, table and history Distributes system: Alarm Server User Interface Configuration and logging DB <web report> User interface: Access guidance, invoke links to related operator displays, acknowledge alarms and edit the configuration EPICS ALH configuration imported in BEAST but needs personalisation

10 SNL Sequence Editor Programming editor Syntax highlighted
Quick navigation using the Outline view Compilation Diagram view

11 RDB Channel Archiver Upgrade of the Channel Archiver with BEAUTY?
Data and configuration is stored in RDB (Oracle/MySQL) Sample engine is written in Java BEAUTY 2010 priority: Access to “old” Channel Archiver through web server Performance analysis is needed

12 ITER Specific Self-Description interface
Access to PVs definition (name, alarm limits, states etc) shall be from ITER configuration data management (“Self-Description Data”). Data-base interface? Plug-ins to interact with a SDD? Impact on existing components (BOY, BEAST, SNL…) It’s important to keep a unique interface for PV services (extensions). A PostgreSQL back-end shall be added to the Oracle and MySQL ones. Some ITER customization will be required (ex: standard symbols in synoptics) It’s important to maintain shared sources!

13 More CSS plug-ins? Post Analyser
Probe: Inspect live PV - enter a PV name to see its current value EPICS PV Tree: Display a PV’s input link hierarchy (INPA, INPB…) PACE: Table editor for critical or important list of PVs RDB Table: Generic editor for RDB MySQL data System Monitor: Memory usage info Therapist Clock: Give the current time PV Utility: Map Devices and IOCs to PVs Rack Utility: Locate devices in racks PV Fields: View EPICS record info (configuration db file, front-end controller that provides the PV (EPICS IOC), time of last reboot, all the original field values from the configuration file, current values of those fields, highlighting differences from the original values)

14 Conclusion Control System Studio is a very good platform to build an integrated development environment for the development, test and commissioning of the plant systems controls. There are arguments on RCP vs. web applications (light clients). We’ll certainly use both, depending on user and use cases (ex: data browsing, some edition, fixed screens). We are including CSS applications in CODAC Core System Vs 2 (2011/Q1) for HMI and alarm handling (archiving ?). We will maintain EDM, AHS and ChannelArchiver in this version. It shall be integrated with EPICS application (IOC) development tools, using “SDD”, SNL editor and DCT(?) There will be additions from ITER. It is important to have a well established process for sharing the sources A common repository (SourceForge) A good structure of the components Clear versions and tags Regular & automated check/merge of between the shared repository and the lab’s sources copies.. 14

15 Thank You!

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