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Reynolds Middle School Teacher 411 DetentionGreen SlipsLate To ClassLunch PassesStudy Hall Passes Using Voicemail School EmailSchool Websites Requesting.

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1 Reynolds Middle School Teacher 411 DetentionGreen SlipsLate To ClassLunch PassesStudy Hall Passes Using Voicemail School EmailSchool Websites Requesting Sites Be Unblocked Technology Cache Report CardsPlan Book Expectations Library & Media Reservations Using AESOPSupply Room Professional Growth Curriculum Guides Signing In / Out of Work Homeroom Attendance Duties Fire Drill Procedures Parents In Mind Character BankHallwaysOn The Board

2 Detention (Blue Slips) Parent contact (verbal warning) should be made prior to assigning a detention. Please send the top portion home to be signed by a parent and returned the next day. The bottom portion should be sent to the house administrator. If the signed detention is not handed in the following day, call home and issue a 2 nd detention. If still not returned, please attach the bottom portion of the second detention to a green slip and send it to the house administrator noting steps taken. Home

3 Green Slips Give a verbal warning to the student. Change seat. Make Parent Contact / Issue Detention. Green Slip – Explain offense and procedures in detail. Please Note: Students can be immediately green slipped for fighting, cursing, and/or threats made to the teacher or others. Teachers are responsible for their classroom discipline! Home

4 Late To Class A late is defined as arriving to class up to ten minutes after the bell. After 4 lates, please send a green slip listing the four late dates to main office (not the student) ! If a student arrives to class without a pass DO NOT send them back to their previous teacher to get one. A cut is defined as more than ten minutes late to class. Please fill out and send blue slip to the main office. Home

5 Lunch Passes Students will not be permitted to leave the café for make-up tests, projects, clubs, or extra help without a teachers signed pass. Teachers may laminate a pink pass for certain students to use as a permanent pass. Home

6 Study Hall Passes Only two students at a time are allowed to be sent to the lavatory during a Study Hall. Attention 6 th Grade Teachers: please be aware of how many students are using the lavatory and water fountains at the start of 7 th period. In the past, too many students tend to be there unsupervised. Home

7 Using Voicemail Home Please update daily or weekly depending on class structure. Do not leave a generic greeting. Please check often and get back to parents as soon as possible. It is strongly suggested to keep a written log of conversations and outcomes for conference and discipline purposes.

8 Using School Email Home To use your school email you go to the district web site Next click on staff links and email and type in your user name, which is first initial and last name, and then password. The first password you receive is Hamilton. After you first sign in, you may change your password. FYI: Any email you have received before the switch over will say migrated next to it. You can store files (1024MB) under the Documents link on the top left and you can keep an online calendar that you can share with colleagues or students by clicking on Calendar. For a tutorial on any other matter, please check with Dr. Lehman, Paula Carmichael, Ryan Wagner or your closest tech-smart neighbor!

9 Using School Web Sites To edit your web page go to the district home page and click on the Staff Links tab on the right side. Click on Teacher Pages Login. From there, follow the on-screen instructions. Please include the same information that you would on voicemail. Home

10 Unblocking Web Sites In order to use a blocked site for educational purposes please complete a web site form which can be obtained from Paula Carmichael in the Library. The form will be reviewed and signed by Mr. Slavin. The form will then be submitted to the tech department. It may take three to ten days to obtain access to the site. Home

11 Technology Cache When using technology in your classroom please include and highlight it in your objective / lesson plans. We encourage you to implement technology into your lessons as much as possible. Using technology can be as simple as using information from a web site or using Study Island. Please email information, lesson design, web site links to so additions can be made to our library of good technological lessons, which appears on our Reynolds Media Center home site. Home

12 Report Cards Interim reports and grades will be completed through the new SIS Express system (StarBase). Details to follow!! Home

13 Plan Book Expectations Each lesson must include: 1. Objective: TLWD category from blooms of the topic by description word from blooms category. 2. Procedure 3. Assessment 4. Standards Highlight all technology, Spanish and Character Education infusion lessons. Lessons should be prepared up to one week in advance.

14 Library/Media Reservations You can sign out a lab top cart or sign up to use the media center through the Reynolds web site or by signing up in the library office. If you have any questions, see or email Paula Carmichael in the library Home

15 Using AESOP Option 1: See Donna Chimento (Main Office) to arrange a substitute for your absence. Option 2: Click on staff links, AESOP, type in phone number and password, click on day, reason, etc. Option 3: Call in your absence as soon as possible at 1-800-942-3767. Home

16 Supply room Our Supply Room is located in B hall and has its own mail box in the main office. Please submit a request to the Supply Room mailbox at least 24 hours in advance. If requested items are unavailable you will be notified on the returned order form. Home

17 Professional Growth New Cycle Year 2010-2015. A new hour log has been created. NOTE – certificates will not always be given out. (Sign-in lists, transcripts, and an administrator signature can all be used in place of certificates). More information to follow Home

18 Curriculum Guides Can be obtained from the district web-site or Information on new standards and the proper set up can be found in your Back to School folder. NOTE: As always…Curriculums and Standards are currently being revised and updated. Home

19 Signing Into/Out of Work Teachers are contractually obligated to be in school from 7:55 until 3:15. Teachers must sign into the office by 7:55. If you choose to leave the building during your lunch or prep periods please sign in and out through the main office. Teachers/staff may not leave before 3:15 unless approved by an administrator. Home

20 Student Attendance Attendance cards should not be sent to the main office until 8:32. Any students arriving AFTER 8:32 must be sent to the guidance office. The guidance secretary is the ONLY person who may mark a student tardy to school. If you are having a repeated discipline issue with a student cutting it close to homeroom, please contact an administrator. Home

21 Teacher Duties Teachers are expected to be at their assigned duty unless otherwise instructed. Missing an AM/PM duty for a morning or afternoon conference MUST be approved by an administrator. Home

22 Fire / Condition Drills As of November 2010 there will be one fire drill and one condition drill monthly. All drills will be unannounced. Please review the procedures in the condition emergency flip chart. Flip charts must be located in the teachers top middle desk drawer and be available to substitutes. Home

23 Contacting Parents Parents may be contacted through email however, this should not be the only means of communication! Please remember that highly sensitive situations can be misconstrued through an email. Your tone and opinion can be portrayed negatively. Verbal parent contacts are highly reccommended ! Home

24 Character Bank Please continue to hand in character bank forms, which you can obtain in main office, to Ryan Wagner. You may also send good character lessons to: Will receive leaf on café bulletin board An online catalogue for teachers use will be created similar to the Tech Cache on our web site. Keep in mind that our schools PDP revolves around character and initiating more community involvement. Home

25 Hallways Teachers are required to be at their doors (in between classes) to monitor hall activity. Problems are less likely to occur if adults are made visible Home

26 On The Board Please continue to post behavioral objectives and homework on chalk or white boards. Please consider daily warm ups that include math, language arts, Spanish, or character education to account for cross-curricular and infusion lessons. Home

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