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DuPont Corian® E I DuPont India Ltd.

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1 DuPont Corian® E I DuPont India Ltd.
Slide 1: Seminar Series slide...on screen GOOD AFTERNOON! My name is Edward Morris,please call me Ted, and I’m the Regional Technical & Supply Manager in AP for the DuPont Corian. In this session, we’ll talk about material properties, how they’re tested, and how they affect the performance of your designs. In the early ‘60s, DuPont began evaluating materials for surfacing applications in the construction industry. Although DuPont held many patents in polyester technology, our research people chose acrylic polymer as the foundation for the new material. Acrylic polymer offered inherently high performance and quality, without needing the many additives that polyester based material needed for adequate performance. After several years of research and development, DuPont introduced CORIAN in This was just the start of an extensive R&D program that has yielded continuously improving product performance, and has added new colors and patterns to provide a broad range of design options for today’s architects and designers With the large variety of surfacing materials available today, it can be difficult to know which material will be best for your application While it’s the visual aesthetics of a surfacing material that draws the “Oohs and Aahs”, it’s the physical performance of the material that determines both how long the surface will survive the abuse of typical applications, and what it will cost to maintain a “like-new” appearance. E I DuPont India Ltd. 2

2 Path Corian® vs. Other Materials granite laminate glass
Corian® properties Safety benefits References Why Corian® makes sense for healthcare Hospital & Corian® Benefits

3 Why choose Corian® when....
Tile is harder Laminate is cheaper Wood is cheaper Stainless steel is more durable Epoxy is more chemical resistant Slide 4: (Appearance) The first selection criteria is often the appearance of the material. There are many appearances available today including laminate, wood, stone, stainless steel, and solid surface. The only test we need here is Which material gives us the look we want? 4

4 A Balance of Properties
Durable yet easy to maintain Hard but not brittle Hard yet machinable Flexible but not flimsy Chemical resistant yet attractive Tough yet attractive Wear resistant yet machinable Slide 5: (Balance of Properties) Another important criteria for choosing a surfacing material is how well the material performs. 5

5 CORIAN® VS GRANITE Composition 100% solid … a blend of natural minerals and high- performance acrylics.  Consistent colour and pattern run all the way thru cannot wear away. Aesthetics Over 80 colours of various textures.  Rich visual translucency. Design Can be cut, formed, inlayed, Versatility carved, routed and thermoformed to create unlimited, unique designs. Corian® sinks available to create colour-coordinated, seamless looking countertops Igneous rock forms, feldspar and mica. The color and pattern run thru entire thickness - BUT may be inconsistent. Mostly dark colours - no solid or whites.  Varies in tone and texture. Shiny surface  Limited design versatility.  No granite sink. Sink installation creates visible seams

6 CORIAN® VS GRANITE Ease of Easy to clean, with no open
Cleaning seams to trap dirt. Non-porous surface resist stains because liquid can’t penetrate. Durability/ Nicks, cuts and scratches Renewability removed with ordinary abrasive cleaner or sand paper. Corian® is renewable-the colour and pattern run all the way thru. Value Like new appearance with min. maintenance. The brand consumers have known and trusted for more than 30 years. Warranty Backed by a 10-year limited warranty  Porous surface can stain.  Visible seams trap dirt and are difficult to clean. Scratches are hard to remove. Professional care required.  Nicks, cuts and cracks may not be repairable.  Must be professionally resealed and repolished.  Requires professional care.  Requires underlayment-adds to installation cost  May need replacement when damage occurs.  No warranty unless provided by installer

7 Laminate Properties Slide 8: (laminate chart) Laminate provides a wide range of color and patterns at low cost, but wears out quickly, is easily scratched and chipped, and is also unrepairable. 10

8 Glass Properties Slide 6: (glass hardness, stain, impact chart) Lets use glass as an example. Glass is very hard and will wear out very slowly. It is also stain resistant. But glass is easily broken, and impossible to repair. 8

9 Stainless Steel Properties
Slide 6: (glass hardness, stain, impact chart) Lets use glass as an example. Glass is very hard and will wear out very slowly. It is also stain resistant. But glass is easily broken, and impossible to repair. 8

10 Corian® Solid Surface Properties
Slide 9: (CORIAN chart) Did you know that CORIAN not only provides good strength, heat, impact and stain resistance, but is also repairable? Even if someone breaks the entire corner off a CORIAN installation, it can usually be repaired much faster and at significantly lower cost than replacing another surfacing material. And the repair will be inconspicuous! No patches. No seams. No need to buy a plant to hide the repaired spot. With CORIAN, the repaired area will look virtually new. And because the repair is made with CORIAN adhesive, there won’t be any visible seams or gaps to collect dirt and discolor over time. The repair will continue to look new, year after year after year. Repairability is a key factor in determining the cost effectiveness of a material.....(pause).... Now let’s look at some of the performance properties that can affect typical applications. 11

11 Wear Resistance & Repairability
Slide 17: (wear and repairability chart) Did you know that of all the typical surfacing materials in use today, CORIAN has one of the best combinations of wear resistance and repairability. That means, not only will CORIAN resist wear on a daily basis, it can be renewed or repaired when needed, indefinitely postponing expensive and inconvenient replacement. Like new appearance for a long time. That’s what CORIAN performance is all about! 25

12 When performance counts, call on CORIAN to meet your challenges!
Impact Resistance of Typical Surfacing Materials Slide 21: (impact chart) Compared to typical surfaces, CORIAN provides excellent impact resistance. When performance counts, call on CORIAN to meet your challenges! 30

13 Impact Of Properties On Design Freedom
Last Longer Larger Overhangs / Spans Low Maintenance / Housekeeping Costs, Like New Appearance Thermoformable Repairability Reduces Cost Slide 24(Impact of Properties on Design Freedom) Let’s take a moment to discuss how material properties can impact on your design elements. When reviewing performance properties, keep these key points in mind: Stronger materials will last longer in abusive environments. Stronger materials will also allow you to specify larger overhangs and unsupported spans. Materials with good stain, chemical, and wear resistance will minimize housekeeping costs and will keep their “like new” appearance for a longer time. Materials with special fabrication properties such as thermoformability can significantly reduce the installed cost of your project. And materials that can be repaired, rather than replaced, help minimize life cycle costs and free up money for future projects.

14 Stain and wear resistant Impact resistant UV light resistant
Corian® Is A Composite Strong Stain and wear resistant Impact resistant UV light resistant Slide 25:Let’s again review the basic chemistry that makes Corian a superior product. Corian is 2/3rds filler and 1/3rd acrylic polymer. Acrylics are strong, stain & wear resistant, impact resistant and stable under UV light. 12

15 The Safety Benefits of Corian®
Slide 29: (Safety Issues - Property and People) There are many safety related issues to consider when selecting a surfacing material. 31

16 Smoke Toxicity Slide 32: (smoke toxicity chart) When CORIAN was tested for smoke toxicity, the results were excellent. Notice how much more toxic other building materials are when compared to CORIAN. In fact, smoke from typical woods is almost 5 times as toxic as CORIAN smoke. When you chose CORIAN, you get low flame spread, low smoke generation, and low smoke toxicity. Now let’s move on to another area where safety is important. 34

17 National Sanitation Foundation
Corian® Has National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 51) “Food Contact” Approval Slide 33: (NSF Approval) Did you know that CORIAN meets all of the requirements for unrestricted food contact? When you want to avoid the institutional appearance of stainless steel and still retain safe food contact properties, CORIAN is the surface to consider. 36

18 Comparing Porosity slide 34: (Corian,marble, granite at 100x) For those of you who have clients who like to use highly polished granite because it’s so non-porous and easy to clean, you might be interested in how Corian compares. This slide shows the surface of Corian, marble, and granite magnified 100 times. The Corian surface has been sanded to a dull matte finish while the marble and granite have been polished to a high gloss. All you see on the Corian are the fine sanding scratches. Look at the porous surfaces of both the marble and granite. Which material would be easier to keep clean and sanitary? Which one would you want around food areas? Which one would you want to touch? 35

19 Surface Contamination
Stains Bacteria Fungus HIV Radioactive Compounds Slide 35: (Surface Decontamination.....list) In areas where bacterial, viral, or fungal contamination could be present, a surfacing material should not absorb these contaminates, should be easily decontaminated, and should suffer no surface deterioration from exposure to the contaminates. Corian provide excellent decontamination qualities. Corian® is the only material which will not be contaminated by above substances 37

20 Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Total Cost = Purchase Price + Cost to Use 44



23 Total Corian® Value 41

24 Why CORIAN® makes sense for healthcare applications
Easy to clean The smooth continuous surfaces of Corian® are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Spills can be wiped up quickly before staining occurs. And there is no grout to trap soil. Non-porous Corian® is inert and non-porous so it can’t support the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria Durable Corian® is tough and long-lasting. And if nicks and scratches do occur, Corian® solid surfaces are completely renewable

25 Why CORIAN® makes sense for healthcare applications
Saves time and resources Corian® can be easily installed over existing, sound tile, saving removal and replacement costs. Attractive yet practical Corian® can be thermoformed, inlaid, etched and carved, it offers endless design possibilities to help achieve a warm, comfortable atmosphere Meets codes and restrictions Corian® is an excellent choice for ADA-compliant designs. It can be molded and formed, it can be used in areas that need to accommodate wheelchairs, with no sharp edges or corners.

26 Healthcare Applications
Worktops at nurses’ stations and other reception areas Windowsills and wainscoting Way-finding patient and public restroom vanities and bowls Tables, laboratory sinks and work surfaces Slabs and cladding for mortuaries Pharmacy counters and staining benches for histology labs cafeteria counters and tables Operating room walls and surfaces

Corian® AB™ - Antibacterial Protection for the Commercial Environment Standard features of Corian® Provides a built-in anti-bacterial protection 24 hours a day The unique anti-bacteria agent in Corian® AB™ is DuPont’s patented manufacturing process, evenly disperses throughout Corian® AB™. Tests have shown that Corian® AB™, with its highly effective bacteria-fighting ingredient, kills most common bacteria This anti-bacterial protection is built-in from top to bottom, all the way through the material, it won’t wear away with usage or repeated cleaning. Can stand up to most demanding conditions, while providing highly effective anti-bacteria protection Especially suitable for healthcare facilities and food service areas, where cleanliness is the absolute priority.

Charlotte Medical Centre, USA Adelaide Dental Hospital, Australia   Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago,USA  Habor UCLA, USA  Juliana’s Children Hospital, Netherlands Apolline Dental, UK 

29 Global Hospital, Hyderabad

30 References (Commercial)
Healthcare/Laboratory Global Hospital, Hyderabad Operating Rooms # 1 & 2 Walls + Roof (Corian® Cameo White) 6 Laboratories Reception Nurses workstations Total Requirements approx 6000 sq ft Escorts Heart Research Institute , New Delhi Heart Command Station (Nurses Workstations etc) Patient Rooms Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad Tabletop in VIP Rooms Various Dental Clinics Hindustan Lever Ltd, Silvassa Johnson & Johnson A/P Regional laboratory, Mumbai

31 References (Commercial)
Food Service McDonalds (North India) Domino’s (all India) TGIF, Bangalore Hospitality Taj Residency, Bangalore Le MeridienLodging, Pune Vasant Continental, Delhi ITC Grand Kakatiya Grand Hyatt Education Kodai International School, Kodaikanal Transportation Austrian Airlines, New Delhi Oberoi Flight Kitchen, Mumbai Toyota showroom, Hyderabad Corporate Offices Gillette, Gurgaon Nestle, Gurgaon Sterling Infotech, Chennai Blueshift, TIDEL Park(Chennai) Vam Organics, Delhi Lafarge, Mumbai Banking HSBC, Delhi/Mumbai PNB, Tech Park, Hyderabad

32 Hospital & Corian®

33 Critical Success Factors
Value Based management Continuous improvement at every level of operation Pioneers in managed care in India High standards of hygiene

34 Requirements High standards of hygiene
Relaxing not “cold” look for the patients Non reactive product Cannot harbour bacteria or dirt Sterile environment Reputable product which will perform in adverse environment

35 Role of DuPont Corian® Corian® is non-porous
No micro-cavities to harbour pathogens Maintenance costs reduced by using Corian® Product is repairable Enhance aesthetics Over 90 colours Thermoformability of Corian® means no design is too complex DuPont is the leader in safety and environmental stewardship Almost 200 years of experience in this field 100% peace of mind with safe and reusable product No off-gassing Reusable product

36 Benefits to Hospital World class product Assured after-sales service
Cost effective Reduced maintenance cost Peace of mind Specified product in leading hospitals globally By using the product, Hospital can differentiate itself in the healthcare industry in India

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