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TRANSITION WINDOWS By: Wesley Iobst and Joey Sullivan.

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1 TRANSITION WINDOWS By: Wesley Iobst and Joey Sullivan

2 What are Transition Windows? Transition windows are windows are like normal house windows but they change tint with differing amounts of sunlight. During the day when there is sunlight the windows will tint but during the night when there isnt sunlight they will look like normal windows.

3 Why are they special? They are special because they save people money on energy bills. The tint during the day causes your house to be cooler therefore reducing the amount of money you need to cool your house. Also, they reduce glare when watching T.V.

4 How are they made? They are made by taking a regular piece of glass and spraying the glass with millions of photochromic molecules. It causes the glass to be heated slowly so the glass becomes porous. A scratch resistant coating is then applied because the glass can be scratch easily without it.

5 Land: We plan to produce the Transition Windows through factories. The location we plan to buy is at 1625 Donna Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 2345. It will cost $2,100,000 to buy which is $9,429.94 each month at a 3.5% interest rate.

6 Labor: We plan to hire 25 workers to work in the factory. Each will be paid $9 an hour. Joey and Wesley will act as the sales people

7 Capital: Our plan is to make the glass then add the photochromic molecules after the glass has been made. We need these materials: Silica sand- $28.95 for a 5 pound bag Sodium carbonate- $225 per metric ton Calcium oxide- $150 per metric ton Heat resistant holder- $25 Electric smelter- &120,000 Glass mold- $200 per mold Laminate- $52 per bucket Photochromic molecules- Scratch resistant material- $24.99 per spray bottle

8 Want-satisfaction Chain Someone has a want for tinted windows to save money The land, labor, and capital needed to create the transition windows The process in which the windows are made The finished transition windows The windows are distributed through trucks to hardware stores People go to their local hardware store and buy the transition windows The consumers want is satisfied when they buy the transition windows

9 Distribution: We plan to hire 10 workers to drive trucks to distribute our product They will be paid $8 an hour We will buy 5 trucks for $39,575.00 each from Caviler Ford in Chesapeake Virginia Our plan is to sell the windows to hardware stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, ACE, ect.

10 What type of business? We are a corporation because we plan to distribute the product all over the country but mainly in the southern states. We need a lot of money in order to buy the factory and all the materials needed to produce and distribute the transition windows.

11 Regulations: We will follow the Sherman Antitrust Act by allowing smaller companies to compete and not making agreements with other companies to limit competition from smaller companies. We wont false advertise the transition windows by saying true things about them. We will protect the environment by properly getting rid of our waste.


13 Freedom 1 You have the freedom to buy or sell goods or services to anyone you wish. You are also free to charge whatever price you think you can get for them. -We will buy goods in order to make our product. -We will then sell the product in order to make a profit.

14 Freedom 2 You have the freedom to compete against others who are selling goods and services. -We will compete against other companies that sell the same product of us.

15 Freedom 3 You have the freedom to earn a profit. Profits encourage people to produce goods and services. -We will earn a profit from selling our windows. -The better the business goes the more we will produce.

16 Advertisement We are going to advertise the transition windows through radio station mainly throughout the southeastern states

17 Radio Advertisement Script How does it feel when the air conditioning bill comes in the mail? Not good, Thats how it feels. But now with the new transition windows you can save big because during the day they tint, so it does not get hot inside the house. It also diminishes that nasty glare on your TV. So go to your local hardware store and get the new transition windows now!

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