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HCR Japan 20081. 2 A global trend We are changing existing and building new health facilities to improve the experience of the customers originally called.

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1 HCR Japan 20081

2 2 A global trend We are changing existing and building new health facilities to improve the experience of the customers originally called patients. Two trends emerge : Luxurious 6 Star environments with healthcare attached Fast track facilities to reduce patient stay time This appears to apply in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care

3 HCR Japan 20083 And there is the challenge How can a Healthcare Manager provide comfortable, luxurious, colourful and stylish environment to enhance the customers stay? Upholstered seating solutions can play a major part in creating such an environment If the Healthcare Manager uses fabric does that create issues of cross infection, bug traps and cleanability?

4 HCR Japan 20084 A possible solution Microcare ® is a severe contract upholstery that has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the Healthcare Sector. Durable Cleanable Bactericidal Luxurious

5 HCR Japan 20085 1993 – Chaco Canyon Ferdinand Visser – a Dutchman with vision Evolution from basic fabric to setting the standard in Healthcare Upholstery that meets the needs of today's customers and facilities Continuous innovation to offer leading edge products and service Origin of the Concept

6 HCR Japan 20086 A full suite of plain and printed upholstery fabrics All fabrics have high Microfiber content Available in over 200 shades and patterns Plain, sueded and textured fabrics Easily upholstered through controlled movement Soft, comfortable and supple The Range

7 HCR Japan 20087 Worldwide Head Office: Microcare International BV IJsselstein, The Netherlands Sales for Europe, Japan Marketing, Design Microcare International Ltd South Wales, UK Sales – rest of the world Worldwide Distribution Logistics, Technology Our facilities

8 HCR Japan 20088 Focus on Quality Microcare ® measures and records key quality indicators for service and product. Every order is tracked form receipt to delivery to ensure the right goods are delivered on time. Every metre of product is visually inspected after each key process and re-inspected before despatch. Every roll of fabric is tested under 13 categories to ensure product Performance. Bi-annually each of the 13 test categories are done by an external approved test house.

9 HCR Japan 20089 Environmental Efforts Microcare® endeavours to have the least possible negative impact on the planet accepting that there is always a tension between providing products and services and the environment All of our processes are water based and where applicable all effluent is filtered and neutralised before disposal Where possible we use low temperature processes to reduce the consumption of energy. All of our suppliers have there own environmental and recycling policies.

10 HCR Japan 200810 Fabric Technology Developed for Severe Contract application: Healthcare Hospitality Transport Bus/Train Stations Areas where the seating may be in use all day everyday. Offers high durability, resistance to damage but still luxurious and attractive! Tough Stuff!

11 HCR Japan 200811 Durability Martindale vs. Wysenbeek For Martindale ISO/EN Standard is for 35,000 rubs Microcare® sets a higher standard – 70,000 rubs! Durable, hardwearing knitted and woven synthetic fabrics

12 HCR Japan 200812 Fit for purpose Light Fastness Wet rub colour fastness Dry rub colour fastness Tear strength Burst strength Seam slippage Microcare® tests and exceeds all ISO/EN standards for Severe Contract Upholstery Applications

13 HCR Japan 200813 Waterproof… Microcare® is 100% waterproof due to a polyester laminate Protects the furniture and foam from water spills, blood, urine, drinks, fluid Ensure smells are reduced Every roll tested to 1m water column and sponge soaked

14 HCR Japan 200814 …but it is breathable! Microcare – MC® A unique breathable system enhancing seating comfort Patient comfort improved Laminate draws perspiration away Released back to atmosphere Ensure foam stays dry and fresh!

15 HCR Japan 200815 Flame Retardancy Fire safety codes aimed at preventing fire and smoke generation. But fabric and foam are combustible! 10kg of foam produces 25,000m³ of smoke! Steel or other non combustible materials do not burn but are hard, uncomfortable and cold. So should designers not use soft furnishings? Microcare® used with suitable foam offers a solution!

16 HCR Japan 200816 Flame Retardancy Microcare® meets Cigarette and Match, Crib 5, B1, B2, CAL117….. Strict due diligence and traceability 3rd Party Testing – bi-annually Batch testing – weekly CAL133 – possible with modification

17 HCR Japan 200817 Water and stain resistant A unique soil release system: High water and oil resistance – fluids and soft solids pearl off Allows for quick wipe away of food and other materials Facilitates simple cleaning process Incorporated deep into the yarn: durable for 4+ years!

18 HCR Japan 200818 Stain testing Stain loaded fabric sample using faeces, urine, sweat and blood – simulated!

19 HCR Japan 200819 Stain loaded and dried And then cleaned with warm water, washing fluid and a sponge

20 HCR Japan 200820 Cleaning recommendations Dry and use a soft brush to lift or straighten the pile Wipe off any excess Use a sponge, warm water and for persistent stains a little detergent. Make sure there is lots of water!

21 HCR Japan 200821 Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs) 175,000 people die each year of HCAIs Germany – 1million cases reported annually 10% of UK population are affected by HCAIs Cost to UK NHS for HCAIs +GBP 1 (JPY 187) billion Patients with MRSA spend 10 days longer in hospital at GBP 1000 (JPY 187,440) per day Germany extra days cost EUR 2.6 (JPY 385) billion Up to 7% of public are MRSA carriers Higher bed occupancy concentrations may lead to higher HCAI rates

22 HCR Japan 200822 Traditional Antimicrobial Agents Typically, low-cost chlorinated organic compounds Relatively poor heat stability in polymers Skin sensitivity problems in use Not effective against moulds and algae Relatively short active lifetime – leaching action

23 HCR Japan 200823 Microcare ® contributes to Infection Control MICROCARE® NANO SILVER

24 HCR Japan 200824 Scaling the solution

25 HCR Japan 200825 Traditional Anti-Biotic Anti-biotics prescribed to patients treat many bacteria by penetrating and attempting to kill the cell… …but the cell can mutate and become resistant to anti-biotics!

26 HCR Japan 200826 …and now Silver 2. Silver ions binding to electron donor groups in the enzymes within the microbe 1.Silver ions breaking cell membrane and penetrating into the microbe structure 3. Silver ions reacting with the DNA base pairs of the bacteria thus preventing DNA replication

27 HCR Japan 200827 Nano-Silver works 99.99% reduction in bacteria Fast action Lasts for the life of the product Food contact approved Low human and environmental toxicity FDA approved Registered under EU Biocide Directive

28 HCR Japan 200828 …and it continues to work Hydrogen Peroxide gassing is a static one off events and the facility runs the risk of fresh infection as soon as the process is complete Deep cleaning with Sodium Hypochlorite can work but require diligence amongst the cleaning staff and a high level of training. But both of these are static – Microcare ® is dynamic! The use of Microcare ® is a continuous engine of contribution to Infection Control. When the patient is sitting in the chair, when the chair is empty and the lights are out – the process continues!

29 HCR Japan 200829 Efficacy Aspergillus amstelodami Aspergillus nidulans Aspergillus niger Candida albicans Clostridium difficile Corynebacterium minutissimum Corynebacterium spp Enterobacter gergoviae Escherichia coli 0157 H7 Klebsiella pneumoniae Listeria monocytogenes Mesophilic aerobes (MRSA) Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Mucor racemosus Myceliophthora thermophil Penicillium chrysogenum Proteus mirabilis Proteus vulgaris Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pseudomonas cepacia Pseudomonas putida Saccharomyces cerevisiae Salmonella enteritidis Staphylococcus aureus Trychophyton mentagrophytes 50 different organisms in over 2000 applications:

30 HCR Japan 200830 So what are the benefits for the Healthcare Manager Microcare ® meets the demanding needs of the sector in durability and performance offers high cleanability to all common stains make an active contribution to infection control does not create reservoirs of infection continues to work after static cleaning has been done

31 HCR Japan 200831 The Bleach Debate UK Department of Health recommends that one way to deal with C-Difficile is through the use of Sodium Hypochlorite of Hydrogen Peroxide. Bleach is still a common cleaning agent in many countries. Microcare ® has instructed detail tests on Sodium Hypochlorite in powder and liquid for at concentration of 5 to 30,000 ppm. Early indications - Microcare ® is resistant to the effects of bleach in structure and colour. Microcare ® with Nano Clean can play an active role in the control of C-Difficile.

32 HCR Japan 200832 Current References 12 years of sales to EU, Canadian, Japan Over 2m metres installed Lists of hospitals, care homes and facilities in – –Germany – –France – –UK – –Belgium – –Holland Field trails underway in UK and Germany Facilities such as University College Hospital London, Obstetrics Unit St Georges Hospital Tooting Tyneside General Hospital UK Department of Health Renal Infection Control Team HistoricalEvolving

33 HCR Japan 200833 Microcare ® meets the challenge Exceeding facility standardsLuxurious Easily cleanableColourful Contribution to Infection ControlComfortable – –Patient care – –Staff protection

34 HCR Japan 200834 Microcare International BV Poortdijk 34D 3402 BS Ijsselstein The Netherlands +31 30 68 83 537 +31 30 68 73 603 Contact us:

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