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Your Partner in Value Added Packaging. The most diverse contract packager servicing the Aerospace, Electronics and Industrial markets. Providing innovative.

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1 Your Partner in Value Added Packaging

2 The most diverse contract packager servicing the Aerospace, Electronics and Industrial markets. Providing innovative value added packaging services since 1983. Our quality system is in compliance ISO 9001:2008 Technical Resin Packaging, Inc. provides authorized re- packaging services for numerous material manufacturers, distributors and end users. All customer names, materials, applications and pricing are held in the strictest confidence.

3 State of the art facility 28,500 square feet Specialized room to handle hazardous material Located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

4 Less downtime De-aired product Ease of use, point of use specific container Minimize handling and worker exposure to hazardous materials Product ready to use to meet production demands JIT material availability Eliminate potential contamination Minimizes waste

5 ISO 9001:2008 Guaranteed mix ratios Batch and sub-lot mix traceability Customer specific labeling Zero Defect, 100% inspection available Package compatibility testing Hardness and Viscosity testing available Maximized shelf-life

6 Cartridge Filling Syringe Filling Dual Syringes and Cartridges Barrier and Injection Cartridges Pre-Mixed and Frozen Adhesives Flexible Packaging, Pouches, Towelettes, Clip-Paks ®, BurstSeal-Paks ®, Foil Packs Collapsible squeeze tubes, plastic, metal and laminate Cans, Bottles, and Jars Aerosols Felt tip pens, valved markers Kit Assembly

7 Cartridges, Caulker and Syringe filling of RTV's, adhesives, sealants and lubricants. Many materials can be fully de-aired for micro dispensing ease with no bondline voids.

8 Silicone RTVs, UV adhesives, hot melts, sealants and lubricants are some of the materials that are well suited to specialty packaging. Syringes can be manually or pneumatically dispensed and a number of needle dispensing tips are available. Materials can be vacuum degassed and/or centrifuged to minimize air entrapment for void-free dispensing.

9 We can supply almost any manufacturers* syringe. EFD, SEMCO, TECHCON, Fishman Luer Lock, Luer Slip, Straight tip and Taper tip. UV Barrier, Black, Amber or Blue Barrels Manual, Pneumatic or mechanical dispensing

10 Cartridges available in a wide variety of sizes: 1oz to 32oz 3oz and 14oz Grease Cartridges Manufacturers include Semco, EFD, Techcon, and Sonoco. Grease and Caulkers also available in plastic and composite cardboard.

11 Dual Cartridges and Syringes consistently and accurately store, mix and dispense from the package through a static mixer. Available in 2.5 ml to 1500 ml. Most can be dispensed with manual or pneumatic guns. A wide variety of nozzles and needles are available. Compatible with most epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, silicones and polysulfides.

12 Most popular size options by available ratio: (by volume)* *other sizes and ratios are available Urethanes will be over packed in foil pouch. All dual syringes are typically PSA labeled. 50ml75ml200ml400ml600ml 1:1 2:1 3:2 4:1 10:1

13 Almost anything can go in a pouch! No minimums for standard pouch structures. 8 X 9" towelettes folded to 2 X 2.25, can be saturated with many different surface prep solvents.

14 Single or multiple use. Canisters, tubs Abrasive pads Wet & Dry packets, for surface preparation requirements. Have your customer use your surface prep material before application of adhesives. AMS & BMS spec towels are available.

15 The perfect option when exact amounts need to be stored, mixed and applied - no dispensing equipment required! Wide variety of sizes, ratios and structures Ideal for epoxies, primers, urethanes, silicones, top coats and other chemistries. A great addition to any field kit Sprayable Clip-Paks® Primer/mold release towelettes Delivers engineered performance


17 Metal and Plastic tube filling of one component adhesives, RTVs, volatile compounds of medium to high viscosity, epoxies, greases and lubricants. Short run quantities are available. Labeling and preprinting available.

18 Any configuration is possible. Paint TT cans, screw top cans, aerosol cans, glass and plastic bottles with sprayers, dropper tips or brush in cap. Labeling available.

19 Ready to go, just pour one into the other and mix. Labeled, bagged, job specific. Guaranteed mix ratios. Easy to inventory. Kits can include instruction sheets, gloves, application tools, etc.

20 When shipping dangerous goods, Technical Resin Packaging, Inc. excels in accuracy and knowledge of applicable regulations. Each year we methodically processes thousands of hazardous material packages. Technical Resin Packaging, Inc. shipping and receiving staff is trained and certified in the following modes of transport: IATA/ICAO (Air) 49CFR(Domestic Ground) We have the experience to use this important training every day for a variety of shipments Every shipment, whether hazardous or not, receives specialized attention from our expert staff. Shipping and Receiving

21 Engineered Performance, Exacting Ratio, Flawless Delivery, Maximum Shelf-Life, Complete Traceability, Minimized Waste

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