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February, 2011 ISE New product introductions. Confidential February, 2011 2 Philips Dynalite Executive suite at Hilton, Athens, courtesy of dpa lighting.

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1 February, 2011 ISE New product introductions

2 Confidential February, 2011 2 Philips Dynalite Executive suite at Hilton, Athens, courtesy of dpa lighting design Dynalite offers highly specialised and scalable solutions for architectural lighting control and is the system of choice for projects involving integration with 3rd party equipment. Our technology is ready for the demanding needs of the market and the new possibilities of LED!

3 Confidential February, 2011 3 A solution for every need, in a cost effective way sense and simplicity 3 Fairmont Singapore DuoMo Hotel Rimini Enabling Technology Comprehensive range of common flexible devices…. Customer …but scenes can be fully customized to fit design, brand and end user Westfield London

4 Confidential February, 2011 EnvisionManager Mapview software allows you to manage & monitor your system in a graphical easy to use way. 4 The Philips Dynalite Solution Space Integration with other systems Interior light & occupancy sensors Efficient (LED) lighting Lighting load controllers Dynet 3 rd party systems Software tools & accessories User interfaces come in almost an infinite number of variations. For every application there is a perfect fit! Load Controllers are designed to switch & dim all sort of light sources, like fluorescent, incandescent and LED. They come in many forms to fit any application. User Controls System integration devices allow the system to interact with 3 rd party equipment, like HVAC, security and blinds to control more than lighting.

5 Confidential February, 2011 Removing complexity in lighting energy management EcoSet operates as a scalable and fully capable lighting network, the new system delivers excellent energy management benefits without the need for complex commissioning and has the ability to be upgraded into a fully-networked solution in the future. EcoSet at a glance Intelligent occupancy-based lighting control provides energy savings of up to 60% and fast payback times Easy to install without the need for specialist integrators and no need for the system to be configured by a PC With the functions of corridor hold-on and adjustable sensor time out available from multiple areas, then youll never leave occupants in the dark Upgradeable to full Philips Dynalites system to provide expandable functionality, including reporting and timed events to gain further energy savings, user comfort and facility management optimisation. 5 Ecoset Key components 1 st March 2011 Availability

6 Confidential February, 2011 New multi-function application for Apple iPad/iPhone Philips Dynalite DynamicTouch* is ideal for smart home and commercial control applications alike. DynamicTouch combines easy-to-use operability with advanced functionality, permitting control system elements to be accessed and configured via a hand-held Apple device – anyplace, anytime. Dynamic Touch at a glance Permits home or office control via iPhone or iPad Single remote point of control for lighting, climate control, security and more. Use as hand-held remote in the home or office Reduces potential cost of smart home system deployment 6 Dynamic Touch Key components 1 st April 2011 Availability

7 Confidential February, 2011 Revolution color Touchscreen The DTP170 is a feature rich colour LCD touch screen that uses vivid graphics and sophisticated on screen controls which allows the Systems Installer to create visually stunning and easy to use pages. Control of various equipment such as lighting, AV, security and HVAC can be easily integrated and controlled from the one location. Objects such as logos, buttons, faders, oor plans and diagnostic icons can be placed on pages and used to perform simple and complex conditional logic macros DTP 170 at a glance Incorporating an innovative clip-on fascia capability, the DTP170 fascia accommodates practically any at architectural surface medium. That gives you the freedom to choose; stainless steel, stone, glass, laminate, wood, vinyl, ceramic; the options are limitless. Fascia material may be matched with Dynalites DR2P revolution series user control panels for perfect color coordination. Full Internet connectivity is supported. The DTP170 is powered from the DyNet network so does not require a mains voltage connection 7 DTP 170 Key components 1 st February 2011 Availability

8 Confidential February, 2011 EnvisionProject EnvisionProject is a user-friendly and intuitive programming & commissioning software package that will revolutionise how lighting control systems are delivered. EnvisionManager EnvisionManager is a smart software package designed to give the end user full operational, monitoring, control, reporting and programming of the Philips Dynalite system with just the click of a mouse. Now designers, specifiers, system installers and integrators as well as building owners and end users have revolutionary new software that answers to them. 8 Envision software Key components Now Availability

9 Confidential February, 2011 DR2PE OLED at a glance The DR2P Revolution series user control panels provides the ultimate in aesthetic design flexibility. The integrated OLED display within the button column is available allowing fully editable text and icons to provide end- users with feedback of the current system status. Smooth action buttons with LED indicators provide both tactile and visual feedback and are easily removed for engraving. Button backlighting is also provided to illuminate engraved text, improving night time panel location and operation. DR2PE OLED at a glance From 1 to 24 buttons on single, double & triple gang plates Rear-lit engravable buttons for clear identification of function Button colours; charcoal grey, silver or white LED Status Indicators; blue as standard, other colours available Integrated IR receive capability Front Cover finishes; stainless steel, white glass & black glass as standard, an infinite number of options are available 9 New DR2PE Revolution OLED panel Key components 1 st May 2011 Availability

10 Confidential February, 2011 Philips Dynalite DNG485 Network Gateway to Somfy Blind Control System With a growing trend for the need to balance light from external daylight with internal articificial lighting,whilst optimising energy usage and user comfort, we have released a dedicated gateway as part of our system solution and formal partnership with the worlds largest motorised blind controls company At a glance Connects to Somfy RS485 4ILT interface which can control up to four Somfy ILT motors. Provides bi-directional communication for perfect alignment and exact blind positioning. The RS 485 ILT interface is also compatible with all universal infrared remote controls, can control motors individually and has the option to create eight different scenes. Specific commissioning tools within EnvisionProject software 10 Somfy Interaction Gateway Key components 1 st July 2011 Availability RS485 4ILT Remote control of 4 motors DDNG485

11 Confidential February, 2011 Ultraonic, PIR and Slight Motion universal sensing Two new products added to the user interface range and enhances our system solutions for applications of wider space occupancy sensing as well as improved detection of smaller movements by occupants in a space At a glance The SM (slight motion) low profile recessed flush mount sensor in the same body as DUS804C with same features except targeted for applications where small movements are the primary activity – eg. Typing on a key board in the office. Targeted to measure movements of 200x200 The UP all- new extended scanning range utilising ultrasonic detection technology also covering smaller spaces where just the PIR detector will not pick up movement 11 DUS804C-UP, DUS804C-SM Key components 1 st April 2011 Availability

12 Confidential February, 2011 Gateway additional mounting options DDNG100BT and DDNGRS232 in Din Rail mounting form factor allowing for consistency in installation where installed in distribution type panels At a glance Devices support the TCP/IP protocol, with static or DHCP assigned IP addressing. Integral webserver allows browser based control scenarios Capable of routing DyNet to third party systems, such as audio- visual and building automation systems, providing an integrated approach to total building control and energy management. 12 DIN rail version of 100BT & RS232 Key components 1 st March 2011 Availability

13 Confidential February, 2011 DR2PE-SA Room System Actuator Enhancing our offer for the Hospitality segment and to extend our range in the Revolution DR2PE series we are laucnhing this hotel room actuator to provide a one look and feel in the hotel room At a glance Form Factor same as DR2P/E with input required on min other electrical accessories in package Card Holder design to cover both smart RS485 & a dumb dry contact version proposed for the lowest level offer (SELV only, no direct mains switching) LED light pipe for card insertion with selection of colors at time of order for major projects (standard color is BLUE) 13 Hotel Room System Actuator Key components 1 st May 2011 Availability

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