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Jobs in our Community By Kelsey Capps 1 st Grade Level.

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1 Jobs in our Community By Kelsey Capps 1 st Grade Level

2 Focus Have students think about different jobs that people do. Then ask them to think about a job that they do. Have them share their jobs with their neighbor.

3 Lesson Objectives By the end of the lesson the student will be able to... Describe the requirements of various jobs and the characteristics of a job well-done Describe how specialized jobs contribute to the production of goods and services Identify various jobs around the community Create a uniform for the job of their choice Explain the importance of the job they pick

4 Jobs People Do Written By: DK Publishing

5 Career Day Written by: Anne Rockwell Illustrated by: Lizzy Rockwell

6 Jobs Around My Neighborhood Written by: Gladys Rosa- Mendoza Illustrated by: Ann Josa

7 As you read the books to the children, have them think about what jobs they would like to do and also what jobs they might already be doing at home or in the classroom. This will help them to come up with their new job later on in the activity. The books should be available for the children to go back to later in the activity to get ideas for their projects.

8 Listening Listen to books Viewing View DVD of each job made Reading Switch with partner and read each other's paragraph Drama- turgical Devices Use clothes to dress in uniform and act out jobs Writing Pick one job and write a description of that job in a paragraph Art Design a nametag for job picked Speaking Read their job description in video Technology Record w/video camera reading job description THINKING LEARNING

9 Writing Activity After listening to each of the stories, have each child pick one of the talked about jobs or they may pick another one if they have one that was not mentioned. It will be okay if more than one child picks the same job, because each child will develop their own job description. Once everyone has a job, have them write a paragraph about that job and what is required of that job in order to do well. Also, have them list services or products that come from that job.

10 Reading Activity Once everyone has written their paragraph, have them pair up with their designated partners. Partners will switch papers and read the other ones description. This is a good chance for students to help other students with proofreading. Also encourage partners to think of more responsibilities for their partners job.

11 Art Activity Each student will make a nametag for the job that they have chosen using cut out paper and markers, glitter and any other art material available in the art center. You may want to laminate the nametags so they will last longer. You may also use a computer program if available. Kelsey Capps 1 st Grade Teacher Joe Smith Firefighter

12 Dramaturgical Devices In the drama center, have partners work together to pick out uniforms for the job they have chosen. You may want to bring in extra clothes for this activity that fit jobs so that children can better depict their jobs. Students will wear their nametags that they made in the Art Center.

13 Technology Once each group has picked out their clothes for their jobs, record each student in the Technology Center using a video camera. Each student should read their paragraph that they wrote about their job while wearing the clothes and the nametag that go along with that job.

14 Viewing Activity Once everyone has had a chance to record their job description on the video camera, compile a class DVD that has each students job and job description. View the video as a class so that each student can see their work as well as the work of all of the other students. This will give everyone a chance to learn about each job. Another great activity would be to have Career Day and ask local firefighters, police officers, etc. to come in and talk to the children about their jobs.

15 Special Education Modifications Instead of a whole paragraph for a job, have these students write a few sentences about the job that they choose. It may help to have these students work with another student on one job.

16 Gifted and Talented Students Have these students choose a job and do more research on the internet or in the library. They could come up with information on schooling required, pay, etc.

17 TEKS – English Language Arts and Reading (1) Listening/speaking/purposes. The student listens attentively and engages actively in a variety of oral language experiences. The student is expected to: – (A) determine the purpose(s) for listening such as to get information, to solve problems, and to enjoy and appreciate (K-3); – (E) listen responsively to stories and other texts read aloud, including selections from classic and contemporary works (K-3); and (3) Listening/speaking/audiences/oral grammar. The student speaks appropriately to different audiences for different purposes and occasions. The student is expected to: – (D) present dramatic interpretations of experiences, stories, poems, or plays (K-3); (13) Reading/literary response. The student responds to various texts. The student is expected to: – (A) listen to stories being read aloud (K-1); (15) Reading/inquiry/research. The student generates questions and conducts research about topics using information from a variety of sources, including selections read aloud. The student is expected to: – (B) use pictures, print, and people to gather information and answer questions (K-1); – (C) draw conclusions from information gathered (K-3);

18 TEKS – Social Studies/Art Social Studies: (9) Economics. The student understands the value of work. The student is expected to: – (A) describe the requirements of various jobs and the characteristics of a job well- performed; and – (B) describe how specialized jobs contribute to the production of goods and services. Art: (2) Creative expression/performance. The student expresses ideas through original artworks, using a variety of media with appropriate skill. The student is expected to: – (A) invent images that combine a variety of colors, forms, and lines; – (C) increase manipulative skills, using a variety of materials to produce drawings, paintings, prints, and constructions.

19 Closing This lesson will likely take several days depending on how long the students need to describe their jobs and make the video. However long this lesson takes, it should be enjoyable throughout!

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