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Dr. Heather L Garten Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide Garten Solutions, LLC

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1 Dr. Heather L Garten Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide Garten Solutions, LLC

2 Background Current Research Goals for this project Successes due to this beginning research Goals for Future Projects ERAU Worldwide Fire Science Questions/Comments

3 Boeing 787 Dreamliner Battery Fires 2013 January 7-Japan Airlines at Logan January 9-United Airlines reports problem with wiring January 11-FAA announces comprehensive review

4 Mark Seversons Research The Application of Advanced Composites for the Construction of Commercial Transport Aircraft How do we form a universal test for approving composite materials for aircraft use? DAMAGE DETECTION/STRUCTURAL HEALTH Research suggested the FAA continue to modify their testing of composite materials Review industry standards versus FAA standards (New) Sound wave testing

5 ERAU Worldwide Fire Science Program Partner with DFW Fire Training Research Center A-380 Trainer Hydrocarbon Pit Heat associated with an actual Fire Environmentally friendly

6 Putting it all together: Composite materials are quickly becoming integrated into aircrafts ~50% of aircraft parts are now composite Light weight, high strength, and corrosion resistant Fire fighting techniques quickly changing Demand for greater environmentally friendly methods


8 April 2013 Boeing Fire Department Release 50% of Boeing 787 Composite (777 had 11%)

9 Boeing April 2013 Release: Composites do not hinder firefighting Cutting through the Carbon Laminate Fuselage is easily accomplished Composites do not aid in the spread of fire Composite fuselage has longer burn time than aluminum AND transfers heat at a slower rate than aluminum


11 If there is undetected damage, how does this affect fire fighting? Are their dangers when cutting through the fuselage? Potential risks with pressure from the heat? Heathrow incident fire burned through the carbon-fiber How fire resistant is it really? What temperatures are we looking at? If an anomaly, perhaps undetected damage?


13 The research on health risks with Carbon Composite fires suggests more research is needed Carbon fibers released into the air during combustion Fibers contain toxic organic compounds Current research shows some fibers are small enough to be inhaled deep into the lungs Would this number increase with longer burn times? Higher burn temperatures?

14 Possible chemical interaction between foam and composites Not much research here Safety for both passengers and fire-fighters Technology changes rapidly Both foam and composites How do we quickly test and mitigate before implementation?


16 Interaction of foam and carbon fibers Follow-on from health concern Unforeseen damage to the atmosphere? Currently research demonstrates the environmental safety of foam Concern lies within the rapid introduction of composites

17 Incineration of carbon fiber not recommended for disposal Releases small electrical conductive fibers Can cause interference issues Success here: Company contacted me after webinar Circuit board continued to malfunction Found carbon fibers in circuit board Hypothesis: Fibers small enough to incinerate from heat of board/device thus releasing electrical interference

18 Incineration of carbon fiber not recommended for disposal continued… Greater issues given the probable location of the fire: Airport Fire onboard the plane: Would this pose a potential issue when trying to contact the plane?


20 SPACE Space travel IS our present and future How do composites withstand atmospheric pressure changes? Dangers involved with undetected damage Proper attire for space travel Everyday people-MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING Need to combine the knowledge of fashion engineers and aerospace engineers to make this happen

21 SPACE Continued Fires on these newly designed shuttles Wide open for research innovation!!! Space X, Blue Origin, and many others are partnering with local schools to enable projects to go into space Great opportunity to expand your research

22 Cargo Plant and animals are being viewed differently Ensure cargo safety and care just as with humans Australia is at the forefront of animal care combined with travel SHRM found employees are positively impacted by environmental efforts at workplace Carbon fiber release in fires If plant/animal cargo inhale, what are dangers (or maybe benefits!) to humans?

23 Music is a mathematical marvel How can we apply this to testing composites for damage? Already being looked into Certain pitches are used more today than in the past three centuries Z 12 Entropy-how many times the pitch occurs Reason? Sure there is! Sound needs a greater research outlet in all areas: Medicine, aerospace, agriculture, etc.


25 Program Chair: Dr. Ron Wakeham Associate Chairs: Dr. Rene Herron MS. M.K. Gorman Dr. John Griffith


27 Public Safety Professionals Fire Service, Emergency Management, Medical Response, Dispatch Hazardous Materials Engineering Public Safety Administration Forestry Environmental Consulting Occupational Health & Safety Aviation Operations Manager/Security Fire Science Degree Related Occupations

28 FESHE Recognized National Fire Academy certificates awarded with successful completion of FESHE courses SACS Accredited Regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

29 100% ONLINE Taught by experts in field 2 Specializations Aviation Emergency Management Fire & Emergency Services

30 ERAU – Worldwide and Dallas/Fort Worth Fire Training Research Center (DFW FTRC) have a Cooperative Agreement. Specific courses taken at DFW FTRC can count toward credit within Fire Science program at ERAU – Worldwide.

31 Program specifics General Ed 36 credits Program credits 51 credits Open electives 15 credits Specified electives 9 credits TOTAL 120 credits

32 Agreements: Signed DFW Fire & Research Training Facility Technical Schools in State of Georgia HOPE scholarship approved In pipeline Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) FDNY Various Community Colleges (examples: Allegheny, Greenville Technical, Prairie State, etc.)

33 Dr. Heather L Garten 817.818.7474

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