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Hole-In-One Enterprises present Far Infrared Heating Panels.

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1 Hole-In-One Enterprises present Far Infrared Heating Panels

2 Presentation by Ron Nowakowski, CEO, Hole-In-One Enterprises Lorette, MB Canada HIO is an independent Canadian and International distributor for Prestyl USA far infrared heating panels

3 Prestyl Corporate Profile Prestyl USA is a subsidiary of a US-based holding company; Prestyl was founded in 2010 as a California LLC. The companys name is derived from Prestige and Style representing high- quality and modern styling

4 Prestyl is in the process of obtaining a patent for its newly designed Constant Comfort Control system; this is expected to revolutionize the far-infrared industry. Next the company will pursue a patent for its Instant-On far-IR heating technology; this is expected to be the future of far- infrared; imagine walking into a space and having the system fully active in 8 seconds.

5 Prestyl USA is a US manufacturer Prestyl develops and produces far-infrared heating products

6 Pre-Prestyl solutions…. When modern heating systems fail to perform and people get cold they resort to using dangerous and highly inefficient supplemental heating units.

7 Space heaters (which can be found in many offices in both summer and winter) are used to either supplement a problematic heating system, or to balance AC systems. No matter how much the power, hot air rises and feet and legs will remain cold. At 1500 to 2500 Watts each, space heaters are energy hogs and may consume more energy than the entire buildings HVAC system.

8 Prestyls solution Prestyls solution is a * Watt far-infrared under desk unit that is both efficient and therapeutic; it warms the legs and feet as well as the floor below the desk or work-station. * 100 – 268 Watts with optional PWM intensity controller ( degrees F surface temperature) or 275 Watts self-regulating to 205 degrees Fahrenheit without controller.

9 Whole building or supplemental Prestyls heaters may be used to Heat an entire building Heat a remote room or new addition Replace sections of broken hydronic (water-or other liquid-based) systems Increase the comfort in any room

10 Fixing a difficult to repair in-floor Hydronic System or an under-performing Geo-thermal system can be done easily by installing plug and play printed artworks connected to line- voltage thermostats, or …. by installing the panels as part of the existing system with relays/contactors and fixed or wireless low- voltage thermostats. Additional solutions (Prestyls under laminate and behind the plasterboard in ceiling) are being submitted for approval by UL. (Spring 2014 release)

11 Replacing dangerous but commonly-used systems The high-temperature open-element heater is still used in many places, yet it causes several serious health problems; these heaters operate in the visible or near- infrared part of the spectrum.

12 Visible, or near infrared operates at wavelengths which are known to cause a number of serious eye ailments. Near IR heaters also cause skin and tissue damage if exposed for longer periods of time (sub-surface burns). Exposed element heaters operate in the dangerous 2,000 to 4,000 nm wavelength and because these also heat the air molecules, use more energy than Prestyls panels, which operate at 7,500-10,000 nm (the healthy part of the infrared spectrum).

13 Near infrared can be used for outdoor applications since it operates at high power levels and since people are only exposed to its waves for a limited time; but indoors it should not be used because it is a health hazards. Near infrared waves collide with the air molecules - - this translates into a large portion of the energy being converted to convection with its associated losses.

14 Purpose-specific solutions Storing heat energy during off-peak hours and using it (with the power switched off) during the peak demand. Using most of the energy when rates are low (night) and switching off the power until needed during the work day. The first dust-free operating room systems have been built and commissioned with Prestyls heaters and specially designed hospital regulators. These are integrated into the Operating Rooms control system. The use of IR allows for cooling the patients and keeping the doctors and nurses comfortable. Peak- shifting Dual-fuel rate Operating and Clean- rooms

15 Purpose-specific solutions Incubators Hospital bathroom systems Emergency rooms Prestyl has several unique projects under development; one of these is an instant-on heater that is regulated to +/- 1 degree C. Using the same technology as for the incubators, these panels will operate at a base temperature keeping the tile and bathroom fixtures warm. When the occupancy sensor is tripped the panels temperature, and hence the intensity will increase. (Pre-production qualification units are being tested by several hospitals in Belgium and Holland). Various emergency room developments are in the works

16 Purpose-specific solutions Prestyl has developed a 130 Watt 1 x 3 in-line heating module that delivers 20% of its heat energy to the seating surface and 80% to the floor and feet region. In many churches and arenas that either have no heating or have convection heating, adding far-IR to the benches is the only way to create a comfortable environment. This product is now in limited production; modules are connected in a daisy-chain fashion to allow for a single feed point for each string of heaters. Church or stadium bench heaters

17 Prestyls Far-infrared is one of the most efficient heat sources available today; it rivals and in very cold winters, exceeds the performance of the best heat-pump or geothermal systems. Efficiency

18 Environmentally responsible HIO/Prestyls heaters are constructed from pure, 100% recyclable high- quality aluminum rolls. In total, 99% of the panels is recyclable. 12 to 50% lower energy consumption than traditional heating technologies. (savings depend on building type and installation)

19 Reliability and Quality With eighteen years of development and OEM deployment in harsh operating environments, it is safe to say that Prestyls thin-film technology with a life expectancy of possibly 50 years or more is among the worlds most dependable products available.

20 Health Benefits of Prestyl Far-Infrared Heat American Medical Association testing shows that FIR strengthen the bodys resistance to infectious disease by increasing lymphocytes, which reduce frequency of respiratory infections. American Medical Association testing shows that FIR increase oxygen capacity in your blood. American Medical Association testing shows that FIR warms and stimulates body tissue this; improves circulation, reduces swelling and inflammation, and stimulates increase in new blood cells, which acts as an energy booster on the body and eliminates body toxins quicker.

21 Health Benefits (contd) American Medical Association testing shows that FIR increase your bodys tolerance to stress. American Medical Association testing shows that Far Infrared Rays are anti–aging. FIR stimulate cell tissue growth by regeneration of skin tissue and blood cells lost to aging. They also speed up cellular metabolism by stimulating mitochondria an enzyme activity. American Medical Association testing shows that FIR cell stimulation also increases bone growth and strength. American Medical Association testing shows that FIR increase your bodys melatonin (helps with sleeping, aging and reproduction), cortisone (naturally occurring steroid in body) and testosterone (growth hormone occurring naturally in all humans).

22 Some of the highlights… Eliminate duct or piping losses Eliminate convection losses Eliminate dust and pollen circulation Eliminate hot head cold feet syndrome Quickly recover comfort after doors have been opened and room air has escaped Save energy by implementing efficient and healthy point of use heating

23 How does infrared work? A small portion of the suns spectrum is healthy infrared heat. After the sun goes down, objects that were exposed to the suns infrared warmth, especially stone and concrete, will continue to emit the infrared heat that was absorbed and stored, during the suns exposure, for many hours.

24 Why is Prestyl so special? The core of our heating technology is a unique proprietary alloy that features heating characteristics not found in any competitors product.

25 Just as it is with the sun, Prestyl heats the objects and people in a space, not the air. Prestyls soothing far-infrared waves heat the floor, walls, furniture, etc. Heat energy can be stored at night (when the rates are low) and returned during the day providing for energy savings of 15 to up to 50% or more. How do we do it?

26 Modern high- efficiency forced-air heater with auto ignition, insulated plenum and insulated ducting Older forced- air heater with standing pilot and minimally insulated plenum and ducting Ceiling- mounted Hole- In-One far- Infrared heater Wall-mounted Hole- In-One far-infrared heater Performance Comparisons

27 Performance Comparisons Unit efficiency up to 97% Unit efficiency up to 78% Unit efficiency 100% Fan efficiency up to 93% Net efficiency (unit only) 90% Fan efficiency up to 90% Net efficiency (unit only) 70% Fan efficiency not applicable Net efficiency (unit only) 100% Fan efficiency not applicable Net efficiency (unit only) 100%

28 Performance (Continued) Duct losses 18% Convection losses and warm air escaping though open doors 35% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat): 48.08% Net 70% Duct losses 22% Convection losses and warm air escaping though open doors 35% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat): 35.59% Conductive losses 15% Convection losses and warm air escaping though open doors 5% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat): 80.00% Conductive losses 15% Convection losses and warm air escaping though open doors 25% Dynamic system efficiency (energy converted to heat): 60.00% Net 90% Net 100%

29 Performance (Continued) Dynamic Net 48.08% Dynamic Net 35.59% Dynamic Net 80.00% Dynamic Net 60.00% Ceiling mounted FIR heating panels Compared with high-efficiency forced air units, Prestyl panels typically have a 31.98% energy conversion advantage; compared with older units the typical advantage is 44.41%. With uninsulated ductwork the conversion advantages can reach well over 50% Wall mounted FIR heating panels Compared with high-efficiency forced air units Prestyl panels typically have a 11.98% energy conversion advantage; compared with older units the typical advantage is 24.41%. With uninsulated ductwork the conversion advantages can reach well over 30%

30 Conclusion of general information… Next… Product details and technical info…

31 Infrared Panel Exploded View

32 Product details HIO/Prestyl offer its far-infrared heating panels as printed artworks (both standard and custom prints) as well as ceiling-mountable white, black or custom colored architectural units. The standard is 120 plug-in or 240, 208, and 277 Volt hard-wired units.


34 Product details Standard dimensions are 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 (both are designed so they will fit into standard suspended ceiling grids). A larger surface-mounted or chain- suspended 42 x 42 unit is also available.

35 Far infrared heating panels can be mounted on walls, on ceilings, in suspended ceilings, or hung from chains.

36 Typical Installation (single units) Single panels may be wall or ceiling mounted and plugged-in when heating is needed. Alternately, a switched outlet or … (if temperature control is required), a line-voltage thermostat may be used. Line-voltage thermostats can be a separate plug-in units or these can be located in a wall-switch box. (please contact your dealer, electrician or HIO for details)

37 One-person on-ceiling Installation With the optional S- hooks, ceiling (surface-mount) installations require just one person; this represents a 50% panel installation labor cost reduction. Rather than using a helper, the S-hooks suspend the panel while the electrical connection is made. To release the hooks lift and shake the panel until these will fall to the floor

38 On-ceiling Installation 1.Insert the flat (longer) lip of the bracket first. 2.Lift the panel towards the ceiling and slide it to the left to engage the right- hand side of the bracket 3.Lower the panel so it will rest on the bracket, push the panel slightly to the right and close the latches (use a flat-blade screwdriver or other suitable tool if needed).

39 Typical Installation (suspended ceiling) Depending on local codes, panels in a multi - panel system may be plugged into thermostatically controlled outlets, or can be hardwired. Note: Some local codes require optional flex conduit, if this is the case, panels must be ordered with the Flex-conduit option.

40 Commercial installation

41 Typical Wiring (primary heating system) Zone 1 Consisting of… One thermostat, Two 20A relays, and X-number of panels up to 3850*Watts of total installed power per relay/breaker Zone 2 Consisting of…… One thermostat, One 20A relay, and Panels up to 3850* Watts total 1- Breaker box; 2- Power supply; 3- Thermostat; 4- (hybrid) relay; 5- IR heating panels Note:* All power references are for a 240 Volt system; 3330 Watts for a 208 Volt system, and 4430 Watts for a 277 Volt system

42 PWM Thermostat (primary heating system) Wiring options; electricians vs. HVAC installers 1-Rc Red Cooling not used for IR 2-Rh/R Prestyl minus 24VDC (red HCAC, or black electrician) 3-Y1 Yellow cooling only, not used for IR 4-N/C No Connection 5-W White, use only for non-PWR controlled, or full-power heaters 6-G Green, not used for IR 7-W2 Grey (or other available color) PWM controlled heating panel 8-Y2 Prestyl Plus 24 VDC (orange HVAC, or red electrician) Neutral EU or phase 2 (208/240V) Neutral 120 & 277 Volts* Phase EU, or Phase 1 (208/240V) Phase 120 & 277 Volts* Earth (ground) EU Ground US/Canada * note: use suitable power supply and SSRs for 277 Volt systems; many multi-voltage components are only rated to 240 or 260 VAC. HVAC TH colors Electricians colors VAC power supply 20-28VDC HVAC colors Electr. Colors 10A 10A 10A 10A A+ (various sizes) SSR (Solid State Relay) Left side: Full-power, thermostat-controlled Right side Thermostat & PWM (intensity) controlled Neutral (or phase 2) Phase (or phase 1) Neutral (or phase 2) Phase (or phase 1) Earth/ground

43 PWM Thermostat (heating panel wiring) Panel power wiring coming in from SSR Relays on previous slide The left side is controlled by the The right side is controlled by both the normal thermostat function thermostat and built-in PWM module One or more IR panels per relay/zone Controlled Comfort

44 Sizes and Specifications NominalVoltage PowerMax. cold Size Hertz(Watts)current (A) 12 x 36 N. Am. 230/240-50/ / x 900 mm 12 x 72 N. Am. 230/240-50/ / x 1800 mm 20 x 20N. Am. 115/120-50/ / x 500 mm 200/208-50/ / /240-50/ / x 24N. Am. 115/120-50/ / x 600 mm 200/208-50/ / /240-50/ / /

45 Sizes and Specifications NominalVoltage PowerMax. cold Size* Hertz(Watts)current (A) 24 x 48 N. Am. 115/120-50/ / x 1200 mm 200/208-50/ / /240-50/ / / x 42 N. Am. 115/120-50/ / x 1050 mm 200/208-50/ / /240-50/ / / and 200 Volt available for the Japanese market (special order)

46 Certifications At Prestyl we take agency compliance seriously; though many of our competitors claim to have certain certifications and listings, they are not able to produce evidence that they do. In fact many of the far-infrared products on the market today have never been tested for safety by a reputable laboratory or agency.

47 Certifications All panels are ETL listed and approved for residential and commercial applications. Conforms to UL STD 1278; Certified to CSA STD C22.2 No. 46 Export panels comply with most international certifications, including GS, KEMA, NF, CE, etc.

48 Approvals and Certifications Prestyls products have been tested and have surpassed some of the worlds most stringent performance and safety standards. International Electrotechnical Commission Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE)

49 Approvals and Certifications (continued) Prestyl has both an Intertek ETL C and ETL US listing; the product was tested by Intertek to meet Canadian and US safety standards and that the units surpass the requirements of both CSA (Canadian) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards; these conform to UL Standard 1278 and are certified to CSA Standard C22.2 No. 46

50 Approvals and Certifications (continued) GS (Gefrűfte Sicherheit); translated Proven Safety, is perhaps the most coveted German approval obtainable. Prestyls products have passed the requirements and versions specifically designed for GS dominated markets are readily available.

51 Approvals and Certifications (continued) KEMA, which stands for Keuring (testing) of Electro technical Materials Arnhem, was originally a Netherlands only approval; it is now a widely accepted approval in many countries. Prestyl meets or exceeds all of KEMAs requirements.

52 Approvals and Certifications (continued) NF (Norme Française); Prestyls film originates in France and the company is one of the few companies worldwide that meet or exceed the NF standards.

53 Approvals and Certifications (continued) Is French for «Conformité Européenne » European Conformity, indicates that our product conforms to the norms of the European Economic Area; since 1993 it has been a mandatory conformity mark for products placed on the market in the EEA.

54 Approvals and Certifications (continued) CB Certificate: Besides the country-specific approvals, Prestyl holds a worldwide recognized CB Certificate; a CB Certificate means that Prestyls units have passed the requirements and standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission and … CB

55 Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE). The CB certificate may be used in lieu of local approvals or can simply be converted to local approvals in countries that require their own approvals. Approvals and Certifications (continued)

56 CB Certificate Number: IEC G Report number: A Class IC Approvals and Certifications (continued)

57 Availability (Solid colors) Standard white panels all sizes 120 Volts Stock to 2 weeks240 Volts Stock to 2 weeks 208 Volts Special Order* 277 Volts Special Order* Standard black panels all sizes 120 Volts Stock to 2 weeks240 Volts Stock to 2 weeks 208 Volts Stock to 6 weeks277 Volts Special Order* Custom colors all sizes 120 Volts 2-6 weeks240 Volts 2-6 weeks 208 Volts Special Order** 277 Volts Special Order** Notes: * 208 Volts and 277 Volts may take 2-4 weeks **208 Volts and 277 Volts may take 2-6 weeks

58 Availability (Decorative) Standard stock prints, all sizes 120 Volts Stock to 2 weeks240 Volts Stock to 2 weeks 208 Volts Stock to 6 weeks 277 Volts Special Order* Additional choices, all sizes 120 Volts 1 to 4 weeks240 Volts 1 to 4 weeks 208 Volts 1 to 6 weeks 277 Volts Special Order* Customer supplied files 120 Volts 2-6 weeks240 Volts 1 to 6 weeks 208 Volts 1 to 6 weeks277 Volts Special Order* Note: *277 Volts may take 2-6 weeks

59 Availability of Accessories Hole-In-One offers a fee-based cost+ purchasing service to help customers acquire the appropriate thermostats. This is a courtesy service only; Hole-In-One does not warrant (or assume any liabilities for) third-party products.

60 Building requirements Like any other technology, Far-infrared (regardless of manufacturer) is limited by the laws of nature/physics A building must be reasonably weather-tight and preferably insulated The most important consideration is the floor. The floor must be well insulated, especially around the perimeter. If the concrete is wet, the area of the building with the wet floor will not warm up until the moisture has evaporated. If a building stands in water infrared will not work!

61 Building requirements (continued) If an office shares a slab floor with an unheated warehouse, conduction to the unheated space will require more panels than calculated. (an insulated sub-floor in the office will solve this problem.) Buildings with old steel or aluminum single pane windows conduct heat to the outside world; unless properly sealed storm windows are installed, this building will require more panels than calculated Never install fewer panels than calculated. More is better, fewer panels means higher operating costs and cold people!

62 Highlights Comfortable (soothing warmth all over) No dust or pollen circulation (does not move the air) Prevents mold (floors walls and ceilings warmer than the air) Improves ability to learn/higher productivity (documented lower absenteeism, no noise pollution, no hot head cold feet syndrome, just a more comfortable environment) Saves energy (typical saving 20-50% or more) Environmentally responsible (almost 100% recyclable) Can be powered by renewables (lower or no carbon emissions)

63 Thank You Please contact: Ron Nowakowski Hole-In-One Enterprises Phone: or (Canada or U.S.) Website:

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