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A Special Education Lesson Plan adapted by Amy Horn (McBride) EDUC 5131.

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1 A Special Education Lesson Plan adapted by Amy Horn (McBride) EDUC 5131

2 The Audience: Tommy Teachable The student operates at a 1 st grade level in Mathematics, and does well with manipulatives. The student struggles with the concept of addition. The student has mastered counting items with a 1 to 1 relationship.

3 The Goals and Objectives Goals Objectives 1. To familiarize the student with the idea of addition. 2. To help the student to be able to externalize counting and addition. 3. To help the student to be able to read an equation aloud. 1. The student will add two numbers between 1 and 6 aloud with 80% accuracy. 2. The student will demonstrate knowledge of counting with 100% accuracy. 3. The student will count aloud the pieces for both integers and the sum with 100% accuracy. 4. The student will read aloud the entire equation with the answers given from counting with 80% accuracy.

4 The TEKS §111.13. Mathematics, Grade 1. 1(b) Knowledge and skills 1(b)(3) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student recognizes and solves problems in addition and subtraction situations. The student is expected to: 1(b)(3)(A) model and create addition and subtraction problem situations with concrete objects and write corresponding number sentences; and 1(b)(3)(B) use concrete and pictorial models to apply basic addition and subtraction facts (up to 9 + 9 = 18 and 18 – 9 = 9).

5 Preparation There are four things needed for this lesson. 1. The Board on which the student does their work 2. A whiteboard marker 3. Tokens 4. 5. An assessment tool

6 The Board The Board is best as poster board with 6 large squares and 4 small squares, arranged as shown on the left. Copy paper can be trimmed and glued onto the poster board for convenience. Label the board if needed. Laminate the board when these pieces are in place.

7 White Board Marker Whiteboard markers have many uses, and this lesson takes advantage of one of those uses. Laminated paper or posters can be written on with whiteboard markers, and erased easily. Thus, using a whiteboard marker on the laminated poster allows for many, many uses before a new poster must be created.

8 Tokens Tokens are great manipulatives to use in the classroom. They are usable in many different ways, including pattern making, having a token economy, and basic addition and subtraction skills. Some current places at which tokens can be purchased: Learning Resources Educators Outlet

9 Jumpstart: World of Learning Jumpstart has become a free on-line resource available to the general public. It has many games for students, and activities, worksheets, and explanations for adults. This resource is one of many valuable tools available online, and is a great practice tool for students, which allows them to have fun. Jumpstart

10 Assessment Tool This lesson can assess 1 to 1 counting, addition and subtraction, and making pictorial models from a written number sentence. A sample assessment which can be written on an index card is below.

11 Procedures Once the materials have been gathered, the lesson can be started. For Tommy Teachable, we will start with a simpler addition problem. Counters should be placed in the first and third large squares.

12 Procedures part 2 After tokens have been placed, or before if preferred, put the appropriate math symbols into their assigned squares.

13 Procedures part 3 At this point, Tommy will count the first squares counters on a 1 to 1 basis. Once Tommy has spoken an answer aloud, either the teacher, or Tommy (if he is able) may write the number in the square below.

14 Procedure step 4 After Tommy has counted the first square, move those counters to the last top square. Repeat the process for the second square with counters. Make certain to record for each counter set whether Tommy was able to count appropriately.

15 Procedure step 5 Once all tokens have been moved to the final square, Tommy must count once more, to find his answer.

16 Procedure Step 6 Once Tommy has counted his final square, write his answer in the square below the total token box. Go through the number sentence with Tommy, reinforcing where appropriate.

17 Procedure Step 6 Now is when the teacher checks to make certain their assessment has all of Tommys marks for his work so far. Documentation is vital. Here is what his assessment sheet looks like so far.

18 Jumpstart After Tommy has completed 5 questions in a row correctly, they may begin going from written sentences to pictorial models. After 20 minutes of work, let Tommy enjoy some computer time on Jumpstart. The Math games on Jumpstart will reinforce what Tommy has been working on, and he will see the time as a reward for hard work.

19 Recommendations Start with Tokens and 1 to 1 counting, before working backward from the number sentence. In his notes, Tommy shows that he is best with manipulatives. Starting him here will help Tommy feel successful, and encourage him to keep going.

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