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British Printing Industries Federation John Bambery - Chairman.

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1 British Printing Industries Federation John Bambery - Chairman

2 British Printing Industries Federation BPIF labels set out to be the voice of the industry Working with FINAT and the other European National Associations aim to address and solve a number of issues affecting the industry. The material price cost matrix developed with AWA and the Swedish Federation is now freely available to all BPIF label members. BPIF labels is ensuring that UK involvement is fully represented

3 British Printing Industries Federation BPIF labels have now established 3 working groups Ink Migration Recycling of matrix backing waste Best practice in narrow web printing

4 British Printing Industries Federation Ink Migration Document evolved as a result of comments made by a leading brand owner at our first joint seminar. Resulted in a working party being set up with the help of major ink suppliers, material suppliers, digital equipment manufacturers and converters. Document now published and will be reviewed at least annually Highlights the ignorance of most label converters and provides a framework where they can review their internal processes.

5 British Printing Industries Federation Recycling initiative for the recycling of matrix backing waste. Set up with a new Associate member company – PRISMM Involved all major UK laminate producers. Had first meeting and created a name for the project – Zero to Landfill I shall not say too much as Jon Hutton from PRISMM will be informing you about the pilot project during his presentation

6 British Printing Industries Federation Best Practice for self adhesive labels and narrow web converters Developed by the VskE in conjunction with the German Factory Inspectorate. Translated into English by FINAT and BPIF labels Covers all aspects of production Very easy to read and informative document Everyone in the organisation will learn from this very detailed but well laid out approach.

7 British Printing Industries Federation Topics include: Responsibility and organisation Safety of machinery and systems Working with solvents Fire and explosion protection UV-Curing Hot surfaces Skin protection Ergonomics in label production REACH, CLP and COSHH

8 British Printing Industries Federation Next stage: Set up a group of interested parties to produce a definitive document for the UK self adhesive label industry. Document which manufacturers, agents, suppliers, converters and printers can all use. A document which we can use in discussions with the UKs Factory Inspectorate Volunteers needed in order to make this happen.

9 British Printing Industries Federation Future projects ISO have been approached by both Ericsson and IKEA to create an ISO standard for label specifications. These organisations are concerned at the lack of uniformity across the continents in which they operate. First telephone conference between ISO, IKEA, Ericcson and representatives of all National Associations has taken place.

10 British Printing Industries Federation Project has been approved by the various National standards bodies. FINAT will be the umbrella organisation and they will be supported by the various National Associations Will take some time for a standard to be agreed Will however, benefit the industry and should avoid costly mistakes Anyone requiring further information please contact BPIF labels

11 British Printing Industries Federation If anyone has any suggestions for more projects please inform us. We aim to be the voice for the industry Biggest challenge is to get converters/printers out of their factories and to attend networking and educational events. Thank you for listening

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