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Noise Action Week 23-27 May 2005. Noise Action Week Promoting practical solutions to everyday noise problems.

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1 Noise Action Week 23-27 May 2005

2 Noise Action Week Promoting practical solutions to everyday noise problems

3 Falkirk Council Environmental Health Unit Development Services Abbotsford House Davids Loan Falkirk FK2 7YZ 01324 - 504982


5 Noise Facts and Figures! Nearly a third of people in Britain are annoyed by neighbour noise, and for 14% it has an impact on quality of life. Roughly half of noise makers claim to be unaware they are making a noise that is causing disturbance. –MORI 2003

6 Noise Facts and Figures! Amplified music remains the main source of noise complaint in England, Scotland and Wales with Barking Dogs a close second.. –NSCA 06/04

7 Noise Facts and Figures! Lack of communication with neighbours is thought to be a major reason for increased noise complaints by local authorities. –NSCA 06/04

8 Noise Facts and Figures! Better education on noise expectation and tolerance are crucial in tackling complaints –NSCA National Noise Survey 2004

9 Noise Facts and Figures! The word noise derives from the Latin word nausea meaning sickness.

10 What is Noise? Unwanted sound Noise will affect different people in different ways. To one person a loud band may provide a pleasant nights entertainment. To another the same band may represent a stressful, irritating and even harmful noise.

11 Falkirk Council - Facts & Figures!



14 Noise Complaints (Ambient) 2002200320042005 1/1-4/5/05 Construction/Demolition5154688 Pubs/Clubs43355011 Industrial23523112 Commercial4136376 Transportation819269 Outdoor Events11852 Vehicle Alarms1051 Car Stereos0100 Ice cream Vans11330 Agricultural0310 Vibration68113 Unallocated1036 Total number of noise complaints 19621924058 Falkirk Council - Facts & Figures!

15 Noise Complaints (Neighbour) 2002200320042005 1/1-4/5/05 Barking dogs10813313250 Audible Intruder Alarms1812194 Vibration3722 DIY61774 Children2455 Television6870 Banging Doors36144 Amplified Music58557017 Voices1315 6 Vehicle Repairs3550 Bedroom Antics0100 Boilers1230 DAT Requests821029234 Unallocated0153 Total303368376129 Falkirk Council - Facts & Figures!

16 Noise Action Week - Aims Promotes practical solutions to everyday noise problems Promotes communication and consideration between neighbours Enables local authority etc to inform the public of services available & to highlights local noise issues

17 Noise Action Week - Aims Aims to educate and inform both noise makers and noise sufferers about the impact that noise can have on our everyday lives Encourage everyone to take a quiet moment to think about the noises they make and the noises that affect them- and what they can do to reduce the impact.

18 Annoying Noises Neighbour noise Loud music Anti social behaviour Alarms DIY Dog barking Hard flooring Fireworks

19 Neighbour Noise Site noisy household equipment (eg washing machines) away from partitions walls When buying new household appliances, ask how noisy it is, opt for quiet appliances Keep the volume down on TV/Music especially late at night (use headphones-but be careful not to deafen yourself) Sssh-dont shout Avoid slamming doors Avoid thundering up and down stairs

20 Loud Music Keep the volume down Place speakers away from partitions walls, floors and ceilings Play at a time that will cause least disturbance to your neighbour If your having a party, tell your neighbours in advance, keep noise to a minimum Invite your neighbour

21 Anti-social behaviour This is behaviour that disturbs others. Noise is generally only one element of anti-social behaviour. If you are leaving a house/pub etc Say your good byes quietly Avoid shouting/slamming doors/revving car engines/peeping horns especially at night

22 Anti-social behaviour etc (Scotland) Act 2004 New anti-social behaviour laws are in place covering a wide range of issues including additional powers to deal with noise nuisance (the noise nuisance provisions are not currently enforceable within Falkirk Council) Full guidance will shortly be released detailing the implementation of this new legislation within Falkirk Council area.

23 Alarms Car/Intruder Alarms accidentally going off can be very annoying Make sure alarm is regularly maintained and fitted with a cut off device

24 DIY Noise Can be very noisy Consider your neighbours when you are carrying out works Let them know when you plan to carry out any noisy work, especially on party walls/floors Agree a time for work-when is likely to disturb them

25 DIY Avoid drilling/banging late at night & early morning or when its likely to disturb your neighbour If you warn your neighbour in advance they are less likely to complain

26 Gardening Use power tools with discretion, avoid strimming/shredding when your neighbours are relaxing in the sun shine Splashing fountains/wind chimes can be annoying at night

27 What can you do when affected by neighbour noise? If you are being disturbed by your neighbours, first approach them politely- they may not realise they are causing a problem Let them know when noisy work would disturb you least If you suffer persistent noise, & personnel approach has not worked/or not possible contact Environmental Health/or Mediation Contact police

28 Dog Barking A barking dog is lonely, bored or unhappy Constant barking/whining of a dog can be disturbing or annoying for neighbours The problem often occurs when the dogs owner is out of the house and so the owner doesnt know until someone complains.

29 Dog Barking prevention for dog owners Dog training Do not leave dog alone for long periods Leave a radio on at low volume Feed & exercise him before you go out & leave him some fresh water Comfortable bed, toys Check room temperature not too hot/cold, adequate ventilation New anti-bark collar

30 Dealing with dog barking First approach the dog owner, as they may not realise there is a problem. If this fails, or you are unhappy about approaching the owner then, Contact Environmental Health Unit for advise Contact District Council to make an application for an Order to prevent the annoyance continuing

31 Hard flooring The trend towards laminated flooring has been the cause of an increasing number of noise complaints from impact noise caused by everyday activities eg footsteps/dropping objects/scraping furniture/jumping children Carefully consider the potential impact to your neighbours especially in flats/terraced houses Some leases prohibit hard floorings

32 Hard flooring Make sure it will not increase noise impact Ensure any sound proofing is effective Use rugs Remove shoes

33 Fireworks Can frighten pets/people and can harm hearing. Give neighbours a few days warning of your display Avoid noisy varieties Consider time of display-normally finish by 11pm Use open garden areas as noise bounces off buildings

34 How Loud is Noise? 150dB balloon pop/gunshot/artillery fire 140dB plane take off/fireworks 130dB pneumatic drill/percussion section of orchestra/stock car racing. Noise this loud hurts 120dB Fire Engine/night club 110dB Football crowd/personal stereo/baby crying

35 How loud is Noise? 100dB Exercise class/video arcade 90dB Shouting/Food processor- at this level hearing protection must be worn in the work place 85dB Handsaw/heavy traffic – this loud can damage hearing 80dB Ringing phone/ vacuum cleaner

36 How Loud is Noise? 70dB Washing machine/alarm clock/TV 60dB Normal conversion/sewing machine 50dB Rainfall/busy office 40dB Refrigerator/library 30dB Bedroom at night 20dB Broadcasting studio 10dB Breathing/leaves rustling

37 Who knows more about noise? The Scottish Executive Air Quality Environmental Group Health & Safety Executive

38 British Tinnitus Association Royal Environmental Health Institute Scotland Mediation UK Who knows more about noise?

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