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Contents Capability-PCB Capability-FPC and RFPC

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1 Contents Capability-PCB Capability-FPC and RFPC
Capability-Aluminum PCB Capability-PCBA Wonderful PCB

2 Capability –PCB General Capability
Number of Layer: Layer Maximum processing area: x 1000 mm Min board Thickness: 2 Layer mm(12mil); Layer mm(16mil); 6 Layer mm(32mil); Layer mm(40mil); 10 Layer 1.1mm(44mil); Layer mm(52mil); 14 Layer 1.5mm(59mil); Layer mm(63mil); 18 Layer 1.8mm(71mil); Finished board thickness tolerance: Thickness<0.8mm,Tolerance:+/-0.08mm; 0.8mm≤Thickness≤6.5mm,Tolerance+/-10% Wonderful PCB

3 Capability -- PCB General Capability
Twisting and bending :≤0.75%,Min0.5%。 Range of TG: ℃ Impedance tolerance+/-10%,Min+/-5%。 Hi-Pot Test: Max4000V/10MA/60S Surface treatment: HASL With Lead HASL Free Lead Flash Gold Immersion Gold Immersion Silver Immersion Tin Gold Finger Osp Wonderful PCB

4 Capability -- PCB Pattern limit
Min width 0.1mm (4 mil) Min trace Min width of ring (inner layer) 0.15mm (6 mil) Min width of ring (out layer) Min solder bridge 0.1mm (4 mil) Min height of legend 0.7mm (28mil) Min width of legend Wonderful PCB

5 Capability -- PCB Holes processing
Final hole size Min 0.2mm Drilling hole size 0.20~6.5mm Drilling tolerance +/-0.05mm Final hole size tolerance (PTH) φ0.20~1.60mm+/-0.075mm φ1.60~6.30mm: +/-0.10mm Final hole size tolerance (NPTH) φ0.20~1.60mm+/-0.05mm φ1.60~6.50mm: +/-0.05mm Drilling strip hole Length /width 2:1 Min strip hole width 0.65mm Length & width tolerance +/-0.05mm board thickness/hole size ≤ 10:1 Wonderful PCB

6 Capability -- PCB Cu thickness +plating (1)
Out layer Cu thickness:1-6OZ Inner layer Cu thickness:0.5-4OZ Cu thickness of PTH: average>=20um,Min.>=18um HASL with lead: Tin 63% Lead37% HASL free lead: surface thickness>=0075um Thickness in the hole>=5um Flash Gold Ni thickness:3-5um (120u"-160u") Gold thickness: um (1u"-3u") Wonderful PCB

7 Capability -- PCB Cu thickness +plating (2)
Immersion Gold Ni thickness:3-5um (120u"-160u") Gold thickness: um (1u"-6u") Immersion Tin Tin thickness: um (32u"-48u") Immersion silver Ag thickness:0.15um-0.75um (6u"-30u") Gold Finger Ni thickness:3-5um (120u"-160u") Gold thickness: um (1u"-60u") Wonderful PCB

8 Capability -- PCB Cover thickness (1)
Solder mask Color: green, matte green,yellow,blue,red,black,matte black Solder mask thickness: Surface line≥10um, surface line corner≥6um surface board 10-25um Solder mask bridge width: HOZ≥0.1mm IOZ≥0.12mm Legend Color: White, yellow, black Min height of legend mm (28mil); Min width of legend mm (6 mil) Wonderful PCB

9 Capability -- PCB Cover thickness (2)
Blue Gel thickness: mm tolerance+/-0.15mm Carbon print: Thickness:5-25um Min space:0.25mm impedance:200Ω Wonderful PCB

10 Capability -FPC FPC Layers 1-8 layers Board Thickness 0.05-0.5mm
Min.line width/space 0.04/0.04mm in.Through Hole Size 0.2mm PTH Hole Dia.Tolerance ∮≤0.1mm 0.05mm ∮≥0.1mm ±0.075mm Solder Mask Registration Tolerance ±0.05mm Min.Routing Dimension Tolerance ±0.05mm Hole to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut) ±0.1/±0.2mm Eege to Edge(Hard tool/Die Cut) ±0.05/±0.2mm Circuit to edge(Hard tool/Die Cut) ±0.07/±0.2mm Wonderful PCB

11 Capability-Flex Rigid PCB
4L1R+2F+1R 6L2R+2F+2R 1+HDI 6L1+1R+2F+1R+1 2+HDI 6L1+1F+2F+1F+1 2+HDI 8L Thin 4L R-F(1+HDI ) Wonderful PCB

12 Capability—FPC and RFPC Material-1
1. Base Material 1.1 FCCL ( Flexible Copper Clad laminate) Polyimide: Kapton ( m/20 m/25 m/50 m/75 m High flex life, good thermal management, high moisture absorption and good tear resistant Polyester (25 m/50 m/75 m) Most cost effective, good flex life, low thermal resistivity, low moisture absorption and tear resistant 1.2 Dielectric Substrates:PI, PET. Wonderful PCB

13 Capability—FPC and RFPC Material
2. Coverlay 2.1 Cover Layer from ½ mil to 5 mils (12.7 to 127µm) Polyimide: (12.5 m/15 m/25m/50m/75m/125m) High flex life, high thermal resistivity. 2.2 Flexible Solder Mask Most cost effective, lower flex life, better for registration ) 2.3 PIC—photo imaging covercoat Lower flex life, better for registration Wonderful PCB

14 Capability—FPC and RFPC Material
3. Adhesive Sheet 4. Conductive Layer 4.1 Rolled Annealed Copper (9 m/12 m/17.5 m/35 m/70 m) High flex life, good forming characteristics. 4.2 Electrodeposited Copper (17.5 m/35 m/70 m) More cost effective 4.3 Silver Ink Most cost effective, poor electrical characteristics. Most often used as shielding or to make connections between copper layers SF-PC5000 and SF-PC1000 protection film Wonderful PCB

15 Capability—FPC and RFPC Material
6.Additional Material & Stiffeners FR4——Epoxy Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)  Steel, Aluminum stiffeners 7. No / Low Flow PP Applied in Lamination 106(2mil) 1080(3.0mil / 3.5mil) 2116(5.6mil) w/o micro-via Brand: TUC, Panasonic, Arlon, Hitachi, Doosan Wonderful PCB

16 Capability –Aluminum PCB
Wonderful PCB

17 Capability- PCB Assembly
1. PCBA, PCB assembly: SMT & PTH & BGA 1.1.SMD :160K points/hour. operation rate :70%( 8 working hours per day, 20 set equipments) 1.2.DIP: 75K points/hour. operation rate :80% ( 8 working hours per day, 250 persons for DIP) 2. PCBA and enclosure design 3. Components sourcing and purchasing 4. Quick prototyping 5. Final assembly 6. Test: AOI, In-Circuit Test (ICT), Functional Test (FCT) 7. Custom clearance for material importing and product exporting Wonderful PCB

18 Capability –Profiling for all
cnc : tolerance+/-0.1mm line to cnc ≥0.20mm hole to cnc ≥0.30mm gold finger to cnc ≥0.20mm Punching: Hole size diameter +/-0.10mm Punching diameter +/-0.15mm v-cut: corner:30℃、45℃、60℃ corner tolerance:+/-5° v-cut deepness: mm deepness tolerance:+/-0.10mm Wonderful PCB

19 Capability –Test for all
Equipment: Universal Tester Flying Probe Open/Short Tester High power Microscope Solderability Testing Kit Peel Strength tester High Volt Open & Short tester Cross Section Molding Kit With Polisher Wonderful PCB

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