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1 Corporate Presentation
KANODIA TECHNOPLAST PVT. LTD. ……..Flexible Packaging People Prepared By: Manish Gupta

2 Vision Our motto is to “Work in the close co- operation with the customer” and committed to society and green cause by taking full care in conserving power and maintaining healthy working conditions.

3 Introduction We are one of the leading, highly sophisticated and professionally managed organisation for Flexible Packaging Materials in India, established in 1995 with an integrated packaging facility under one roof in New Delhi with the state- of-the- art packaging technology with forced Draft Ventilation Systems and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in place.

4 Production Facilities
We have an Installed Capacity of 6000 MT per annum and servicing the trades such as Tea, Spices, Foods & Beverages, Biscuits and Confectionery,Frozen & IQF ready-to-eat Foods and Vegetables, Condiments, Dairy products Lubricants, Pharmaceuticals etc. and having a large list of clientele, which includes Britannia Industries Ltd, Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd(Frozen Veg.), Choudhury Group- Nepal (Noodles), Anmol Bakers Ltd.(biscuits), Mother Dairy (Frozen Vegetables), Vadilal Industries Ltd. (Ice Cream), Hindustan Petroleum (Ice Cream & Beverages), Valvoline Cummins Ltd. (Engine Oils), to name a few.


6 Few of our Valued Customers


8 KTPL has excelled in the manufacturing packaging for food as per the World Standards and delivers freshness, convenience and security for food beverages, medicine, and electronics. Last year, we had catered 1500 MT of BOPP/ CPP (recyclable) to the market. But that’s just the part of the story: KTPL has also pioneered in other packaging materials too.

9 Printing 10- Color High Speed fully automatic Roto- Gravure Printing Press, Ex- Flex Eng. Ltd. with Press Tech Auto Registration No. Color High Speed fully automatic Roto- Gravure Printing Press, Ex- Flex Eng. Ltd. with Press Tech Auto Registration No. Color Semi- Automatic Roto- Gravure Printing Press No. Color Semi- Automatic Roto- Gravure Printing Press No

10 Rotogravure Printing Machine

11 All machines are loaded with web guilders enabling to print on PET, BOPP (Natural, Pearlized and Cavitated) and Poly. We have also Ink Blending and Shade matching system for precise color matching.

12 Cylinder Engraving Electro-mechanical Cylinder Engraving Lines from Daetwyler-Switzerland Plating and Polishing Technology from Daetwyler-Switzerland Design Data accessed digitally or through the Internet Cylinder Proofing Facility Roll-out 1000 Cylinder per month.

13 Lamination Superior Lamination for enhanced self- life of the products. 1. Solvent Less Adhesive Machine, Ex- Nordmeccanica No. 2. Solvent based Dry Lamination Machines, Ex- Flex Eng. Ltd Nos.   We have mastered the technique of handling high- grade specialized lamination required for heavy Cement pouches, Citric Acids, Pickles, Shampoo & Liquid Detergents and lubricants.

14 Doctoring and Slitting
1.      Slitting Machines, Ex- Flex Eng. Ltd Nos. 2.      Super Slitters, Ex- Flex Eng. Ltd Nos. All the slitters are fitted with auto tension control, diameter sensing and fully computerized, CRDSL models. The slitting machines enable us to handle smallest of the webs

15 4. Doctoring Machines, Ex- Flex Eng. Ltd. -05 Nos.
    3.   Web Inspection Machines, Ex- Flex Eng Ltd Nos.  We duly inspect the printing web to eliminate all the printing defects.   4.    Doctoring Machines, Ex- Flex Eng. Ltd Nos.  To ensure defect free material, we do 100% inspection of all the printed rolls after printing and doctor the defects.

16 Pouching Fully Automatic Pouching Machines, Ex-Mamata Machinery Nos. We make all types of Pillow Pouches (3-SideSeal, Center Seal, Side Gusset, Bottom Gusset Stand- Up and Zipper) and Welds Seal Poly/ Laminate Pouches with a capacity of producing 4 Lakhs Bags/ Day.

17 Co-Extrusion Plant Latest Fully Automatic Multi- layer Co- Extruder fitted with internal bubble cooling, Ex- DGP Windsor No.   Capable of producing 350 MT of film per month and we also capable of manufacturing high performance sealant layers for specialized jobs viz. Shampoo, Edible Oil/Fats, Cement, Lubricants, Engine Oils, etc.

18 Quality Control We employ scientific systems for checking incoming raw materials and lay stress on- line quality checks. There are pre- dispatch QA checks and a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided with every consignment. We provide Print-Proof for all the new design, this ensures the accuracy of the design during final printing.

19 Upcoming Projects We are in the process of Setting up our 2nd Three Layer Polyethylene co-extruder, catering to the new demand of the poly based laminates. We are also in the process of installing a new 10 color printing machine keeping in mind fresh demand of our Business Associates.

20 Contact Us Kanodia Technoplast Pvt. Ltd
A-54, Wazirpur Industrial Area, New Delhi, India Telephone : Fax No. : Contact Person: Manish Gupta : E mail :

21 Thank You

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