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1. 2 System Overview Technology 3 Established Year 1999 Factory Size25,000 m2 Employee1,100 Capacity 60,000 m2/month Company Profile.

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1 1

2 2 System Overview Technology

3 3 Established Year 1999 Factory Size25,000 m2 Employee1,100 Capacity 60,000 m2/month Company Profile

4 4 1999 Establish 2001 Nan You Plant 2002 ISO9001 UL E232940 2003 Nan You Plant move to Sha Jing 20,000 m2/month 2004 24L Sample 2006 SongGang Plant 40,000 m2/month TS16949 18L MP HDI AL PCB 2007 2009 2010 2011 ISO14001 5OZ with UL 32L Sample 6oz with UL, 12oz sample Rigid-Flex 2014 Start to Manufacture on Q3 for new plant Milestone He Shan Plant 2013

5 5 Shenzhen Jove Enterprise Limited Suzhou Branch (2011) Group O-chart

6 6 Director Bureau GM Marketing & Sales Finance Engineering Vice GM Product Engineering Manufacture Engineering R&D Department Quality Vice GM Customer Service Plant Quality Management Quality System Manufacture Vice GM Production Department PPC Department Maintenance Department HR Department Material Control Factory O-chart

7 7 Quality Vice GM Quality Director Customer Service Manager Customer Service Plant Quality Manager IQCIPQCIPQAFQAMRB Physical Lab Shipment Quality System Manager System Management Quality O-chart

8 8 Meet all kinds of business types from sample to high mix low volume (HMLV) to high volume mass production. Invest the most up-to-date equipment/advanced technology to continuous improvement on Multilayer/ Heavy copper/ HDI/ PTFE/ Ceramic/ Rigid-Flex. R&D center look through technology trend on customer requirements and PCB industry field all the time. System automation management on Engineering review and process quality control and total factory operation. Quick turn delivery Prototype quantities: 24 hours to seven days Production quantities: 3 to 10 days Market Strategy

9 9 Annual Operation Plan (Year 2014) Sales goal to 95 millions USD Quality goal for rate of complaint 0.45% by batch, 95PPM by quantity; The rate of total internal scrap: 3.4%; The rate of delivery on time: 95% for normal PCB, 100% for VMI PCB.

10 10 Our Customer

11 11 Market Share Remark: Statistic data are based on delivery location.

12 12 Sales Turnover M USD

13 13 Marketing Segment

14 14 Product by layer count

15 15 R&D samples, small volume and quick turn jobs (High Mix Low Volume) Capacity: 20,000square meters/month R&D samples, small volume (below 5m2) and quick turn jobs High- mix technology up to 32 layers, HDI and heavy copper thickness boards to 12 oz 2000 projects/month Cam Engineer: 50 Capacity

16 16 Capacity: 40,000sqm/month Low/medium volume mass production high-mix technology multilayer up to 18 layers, HDI and heavy copper thickness to 6 oz 800 Part No/month Average 40 square meters/order Capacity Mass production

17 17 A new factory will be established. Located on He Shan, Jiang Men city, Guang Dong province, China Factory area 100,000 square meters Total Investment: 80 Millions USD Marketing Direction: First stage: 2-12 layers mass production Second stage: focus on HDI, Heavy copper, PTFE, Ceramic, Rigid-Flex PCB and industry fields Second stage: Investment: 50 Millions USD Capacity: 50K SQM/month First stage: Investment: 30 Millions USD Capacity: 50K SQM/month Date: Finish factory house on Q2of 2014 Start to manufacture on Q3 of 2014 2014---2016 Developing Plan Separate two stages to finish

18 18 Layout Picture of New plant

19 19 Technology System Overview

20 20 Technology Roadmap Item201420152016 Multilayer Rigid PCB34L36L40L Rigid-flex PCB12L14L16L Al/Cu metal PCB4L8L8L+ HDI2+N+2 sample2+N+2 Low volume3+N+3 sample Fine line3/3mil2.5/2.5mil2/2mil High Heat sink PCBFR4+Al/CuFR4+Alloy metalFR4+other material Buried Cu/magneticSampleLow volumeMass production Buried capacitor/resistorSampleLow volumeMass production Heavy copper HDI(4-7OZ)SampleLow volumeMass production IC substrateSampleLow volumeMass production Low Dk /High Frequency/ high speed PCB SampleLow volumeMass production Mix construction FR4+Rogers Low volume FR4+PTFE sample FR4+PTFE Low volume

21 21 Material: FR-4 (Tg130-170) ARLON Rogers Teflon Aluminum Based Polyimide High layer count (32+ layers) ROHS & Reach Compliance Min line/space: 2.5mil/3mil Min drilling bit 0.15mm, Laser drilling 0.1mm Backdrilling SupplierMatreial TypeApplication KBKB6160SS/DS ShengYi S1141/S1000/S1000-2 /S1600/S1155 SS/DS/Multilayer ITEQIT588TC/IT158TC/IT180TCSS/DS/Multilayer IsolaFR406/FR-370HRSS/DS/Multilayer NelcoN4xxx-13RF-xxSS/DS/Multilayer RogersR04350BSS/DS/Multilayer BergquistMP06503SS Al base LairdT-Lam SS 1KADS Al/Cu base Normal material list with UL approval Products Technology

22 22 Products Technology Surface Treatment: In-house: Lead free HAL / OSP / Immersion Ni, Au / Gold finger / Selected hard gold Subcontract: Immersion Silver / Immersion Tin / HAL Sequential lamination Buried and blind via and HDI Heavy Copper PCBs Up to 6oz with UL,12oz for sample Controlled Impedance

23 23 ItemSampleStandard Layer count32L18L Final board thickness0.3-6mm0.35-6mm Aspect rate12:18:1 Copper thickness12oz6oz ImpedanceSingle line+/-8%+/-10% Differential line+/-8%+/-10% Line/spaceInner layer2.5/2.5mil3/3mil Outer layer3/3mil Min drill bit6mil8mil Hole position tolerance+/-3mil PTH hole dimension tolerance+/-2mil+/-3mil NPTH hole dimension tolerance+/-1mil+/-2mil Solder maskLine to solder PAD3mil4mil Registration tolerance+/-1.5mil+/-2mil Production Capability

24 24 Peel able mask thickness5mil Carbon ink thickness0.3mil HAL/LF HAL thickness SMD:40-2000u GND:30-800u Immersion Au Au1-5u Ni80-200u Gold finger thickness10-50u OSP thickness0.1-0.6um Immersion Tin0.8-1.2um Immersion Ag0.15-0.45um Profile Punching+/-5mil Routing+/-4mil Lamination Type FR4(Tg130-170) Halogen free lamination Rogers/Teflon/Aluminum base/Polyimide Production Capability

25 Product Type---Heavy Copper Layer: 18L Inner/Outer:4oz Board thickness: 4.0mm Layer: 4L Inner:12oz+1mm Cu base Outer: 3oz Board thickness: 2.5mm Layer: 10L Inner/Outer: 6oz Board thickness: 3.2mm Layer: 12L Inner/Outer: 4oz Board thickness: 2.85mm Layer: 14L Inner: 3oz Outer: 2oz Board thickness: 3.3mm 25

26 26 Power modelLED model Product Type---Al base PCB

27 27 Bottom TOP Rogers +FR4 Product Type---Buried copper & Mix construction Buried copper Mix construction

28 28 Product Type---Rigid-flex PCB 2L Rigid-flex PCB Board thickness: 1.6mm 4L Rigid-flex PCB Board thickness: 1.6mm 6L Rigid-flex PCB Board thickness: 0.7mm

29 Product Type---Other 16L blind hole PCB 10L HDI PCB/hole size 0.1mm Semi-flex. PCB 14L backplane PCB/size: 664x800mm Board thickness: 5.2mm 29

30 30 Backdrilling Product Type---Other Via plugged by copper paste Via plugged by silver paste Via plugged by resin

31 31 Base material: ShengYi and ITEQ and Isola and Nelco PTH solution: Rohm & Haas Plating solution: Rohm & Haas SM: Taiyo and Greencure Surface finish: Atotech solution on Immersion Tin Japanese SN100(Sn/Cu/Ni) on LF HASL Material Machine Method Add test coupon (Registration and Micro resistance) on production panel to control quality of critical process. High process control on PTH and plating process. Backlight: one sample every fly bar to inspect Copper thickness: one sample every fly bar to measure 2 automatic coating machines for inner layer 1 OPE punching machine before laminate 5 CCD parallel exposure machines 1 CCD fuse machine 5 Orbotech AOI machines, total 11 AOI. 8 lamination machines, including 1 fast press 11 Schmoll drill machines/10 Mania machines, total 29 machines/154 spindles 2 X- RAY CM 800 for inspection after drilling 2 automatic PTH lines 5 automatic plating lines( including VCP) 22 CNC routing machines 1 Automatic V-CUT machine 37 E-testes: 12 flying probes, including 3 micro resistance testers, 18 E-testers, 3automatic E- tester, 6 Hi-pot testers, 2 automatic visual inspection machine on FQC 33 automatic horizontal production lines 1 CMI 900 tester/ 2 CMI 700 testers/ 2 CMI 500 testers 2 Ionic contamination testers, one is to test NaCl content, other is to test content of single ionic 1 DSC TG tester/1 ROHS tester/2 Hi-pot testers 2 Impedance testers/ 2 Peel strength testers 1 Temperature and humidity chamber 1 Salt-corrosion box 1 Reflow soldering machine 1 Atom absorption tester High Reliability Products

32 32 Laminate machine CCD fuse machine Key Production Equipment Automatic coating machineCCD parallel expose machineOPE Pin punching machine X-ray drilling Tooling hole

33 33 Automatic plating line Automatic PTH line SCHMOLL drilling machine Vertical continue plating line(VCP) Acid etching line Fast laminate machine Key Production Equipment

34 34 Gold finger line Alkaline etching line CCD exposure machinePrint machine for via plug Immersion Au line Key Production Equipment

35 35 AOI Automatic E-test Visual inspection machine(AVI) Fly probe Line&space tester Key Inspection Equipment

36 36 Reflow machine Key Reliability Testing Equipment Ionic contaminationImpedance DSC Tg testerROHS tester Temp/Humidity Chamber Reliability Testing 100% E-TEST 100% Visual Inspection Outline measurement Micro section Solder ability (245±5ºC; 3-5 sec) Thermal shocking (288±5ºC,10 sec. 3times) Solder mask peeling testing Peeling intensity testing Impedance testing Ionic contamination testing Reflow test DSC Tg tester ROHS Temp& Humidity test

37 37 Technology System Overview

38 38 Certificate System certificate: ISO9001:2008 ISO14001:2004 TS16949:2009 Product certificate: UL File NO.: E232940 ROHS+REACH Test Reports: SGS File NO.:CANEC 0905975001 SGS File NO.:CANEC 0905975002 SGS File NO.:CANEC 1002801201 REACH File NO.:GZ1005046849/CHEM REACH File NO.:GZ1005046850/CHEM

39 39 ISO9001:2008 certificate ISO14001:2004 certificate

40 40 TS16949:2009 certificate UL certificate

41 41 Environment Protection ISO 14001 Certified Guangdong Environmental Protection Member All control items meet Class 1 of GB SPEC on Waste Water Discharge Test report From Government

42 42 System Automation Quotation Engineering Review For Gerber File Information System For Quality Control Management System Intelligent Quote Genesis Panelizer Enginex Quality Information System Paradigm ERP Main FunctionProcess FlowSoftware System Quotation Automation Quotation Track/Analysis Gerber File Review Automation Panelization Automation Match Automation on Plant Capability and Customer specification MI Automation and Standard Database Process Parameter/Production Record/Quality/Maintenance data Traceability Quality Data Analysis Manage all processes From order to WIP to delivery Traceability Database

43 43 Award

44 44 Thanks Jove, your reliable PCB solution provider

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