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Optical Aliphatic Films Glass Bonding interlayer (Krystalflex ® ) Polycarbonate Bonding interlayer (Krystalflex ® ) Optical Aliphatic TPU films.

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5 Optical Aliphatic Films

6 Glass Bonding interlayer (Krystalflex ® ) Polycarbonate Bonding interlayer (Krystalflex ® ) Optical Aliphatic TPU films Glass

7 Optical Aliphatic TPU films Provide the invisible link in combining glass and plastic glazing materials Higher impact resistance and lower weight than is possible with all glass constructions Krystalflex ® polyurethane films are used to combine glass and an optical-quality, high impact plastic sheet, such as polycarbonate, for a wide range of bullet resistant or impact resistant glazing composites

8 Optical properties

9 Transparency Aliphatic based TPU High light transmission Specifically designed for transparency

10 Optical properties Resistant to UV degradation No yellowing No cracking Excellent optical clarity Long lifetime

11 Optical properties Applications Optical filters Glazing

12 Hurricane impact resistance Glass fragments adhere to TPU interlayer and reduce risk of window failure and personal injury

13 Weather resistance Polyether based OA TPU High hydrolytic stability, no swelling Hydrolysis resistance

14 Weather resistance Cold temperature resistance No brittleness and no cracking Temperature resistance High temperature resistance Suitable for demanding applications (aeronautics)

15 Weather resistance Long period storage without special conditions Moisture resistance Storage

16 Physical properties

17 Flexibility at low temperatures

18 Physical properties Impact resistance Combination of high elongation and tensile strength Well adapted to absorb shocks

19 Physical properties Toughness Abrasion resistance Tear resistance Combination of elasticity and high resistance to tear

20 Physical properties Applications Ballistic resistant glazing Armoured vehicles

21 Adhesion

22 Bonding adhesives between different materials (glass, polycarbonate, acrylics or other substrates) Fully compatible with polycarbonate Excellent adhesion

23 Adhesion No plasticizers Intrinsic properties of TPU sufficient - no plasticizer required TPU film: high flexibility

24 Adhesion Applications: TPU/PC laminates Bulletproof glass Burgler proof windows Aircraft cockpit glass Security screen

25 Low temperature processing (T=80-140°C): High quality laminations Low energy use Few thermal stress issues in the finished products Processability

26 A fully-reacted product No cross-linking Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material You only have to reshape it into the final form

27 World leader in Optical Aliphatic TPU


29 Security glazing Bullet-resistant glass Glass/plastic laminates Architecture Electronics

30 Chemical compatibility Cooler processing Better cool impact Range of flexibility Moisture resistance Higher adhesion Modulus options No cold room storage required Why Polyurethanes versus PVB?

31 Sophisticated glazing systems for cars, trucks, trains and aircraft Krystalflex ® interlayer films for transport

32 High strength glass/plastic laminates for civilian and military transport Maximum security and safety

33 Special laminate constructions for: Heat conductive glass Solar control glass Alarm sensor glass Thin wall armouring

34 Government buildings Hotels Manufacturing plants Banks Embassies and consulates Retail stores Corporate offices Prisons High performance glazing laminates for security and safety Suitable for new buildings and retrofit

35 Global technical organization 25 highly-skilled people around the globe Everberg, Belgium Research Group Focus on new product/step-outs The Woodlands, USA Development and TS Group Focus on Aliphatic + Film & Sheets Osnabruck, Germany Development and TS Group Focus on Aromatics + Injection & Extrusion Kuan Yin, Taiwan TS Function

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