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VST Foamed Acrylic Tapes Distributed in Canada by All-Tape Solutions.

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1 VST Foamed Acrylic Tapes Distributed in Canada by All-Tape Solutions

2 VST foamed acrylic tapes are formulated from acrylic copolymers and monomers to produce a self adhesive visco-elastic foam, which is a high density, closed cell foam, cured by using U.V. light. There are no solvents used in the manufacturing process. The foam is produced by coating on a knife over roller coating head. VST Foam Tapes form permanent bonds to a wide variety of high surface energy substrates under extreme environmental conditions. VST tape thickness ranges between 0.25mm (10mil) and 3mm (120mil). VST acrylic foams are available in White, Grey and Clear versions. VST white and grey foam versions have glass micro-spheres as a filler giving exceptional cohesive strength to the foam. VST foam density of white and grey versions is approximately 800kg/m3 (1348 lb/yd3), and the clear version is 1000kg/m3 (1686 lb/yd3). VST tolerances on the thickness of the foams is +/- 50 micron. VST liners are 135 micron red polyethylene or 120 gsm white PE coated paper. VST foamed acrylic tapes – an introduction

3 VST tape - construction characteristics VST release paper or red PE film liner VST pressure-sensitive surfaces VST viscoelastic core section with 100% closed cell structure

4 Hi-Bond Tapes Ltd - 6 Series grey acrylic foam tapes in thicknesses from 0.8mm to 2mm thick are approved with Underwriters Laboratory to UL 746C for polymeric materials. For use in the electronics and allied industries. Testing was conducted on the following substrates: Glass, Aluminium, Tedlar, Galvanised Steel, Polycarbonates and PPE. Approvals

5 PRODUCT CODECOLOUR THICKNESS (mm / inch) FOAM DENSITY (Kg/m 3 ) LINER TYPE LOG DIMENSIONS (mm x M) VST4040WWHITE0.40 (16mil)850Film400 x 33 VST4064WWHITE0.64 (25mil)850Film400 x 33 VST4110WWHITE1.10 (45mil)850Film/Paper400 x 33 VST4200WWHITE2.00 (80mil)850Film 400 x 16.5 VST4025CCLEAR0.25 (10mil)1000Film400 x 66 VST4050CCLEAR0.50 (60mil)1000Film/Paper400 x 33 VST4100CCLEAR1.00 (40mil)1000Film/Paper400 x 33 VST4150CCLEAR1.50 (60mil)1000Film400 x 25 VST4200CCLEAR2.00 (80mil)1000Film 400 x 16.5 VST4040GGREY0.40 (16mil)850Film400 x 33 VST4064GGREY0.64 (25mil)850Film400 x 33 VST4080GGREY0.80 (32mil)850Film400 x 33 VST4110GGREY1.10 (45mil)850Film400 x 33 VST4150GGREY1.50 (60mil)850Film400 x 25 VST5064WWHITE0.64 (25mil)850Film 400 x 33 VST5110WWHITE1.10 (45mil)850Film/Paper 400 x 33 VST tape variations

6 PRODUCT CODECOLOUR THICKNESS (mm/inch) FOAM DENSITY (Kg/m 3 ) LINER TYPE LOG DIMENSIONS (mm x m) VST6040GGREY0.40 (16mil)780Film/Paper400 x 33* VST6064GGREY0.64 (25mil)780Film400 x 33* VST6080GGREY0.80 (32mil)780Film/Paper400 x 33* VST6110GGREY1.10 (45mil)780Film/Paper400 x 33* VST6150GGREY1.50 (60mil)780Film/Paper400 x 25* VST6200GGREY2.00 (80mil)780Film400 x 16.5* VST6025BBLACK0.25 (10mil)780Film400 x 66* VST3040GGREY0.40 (16mil)780Film400 x 33* VST3120GGREY1.20 (47mil)780Film400 x 33* VST3200GGREY2.00 (80mil)780Film400 x 16.5* VST7025WWHITE0.25 (10mil)1500Paper400 x 66 VST7064WWHITE0.64 (25mil)1500Film400 x 33 VST7120WWHITE1.20 (47mil)1500Film400 x 33 VST6064WFRWHITE0.64 (25mil)1500Film400 x 33 VST6110WFRWHITE1.10 (45mil)1500Film400 x 33 VST tape variations.. contd

7 Traditional manufacturing methods use PVB Film (POLYVINYL BUTYRAL) between two sheets of glass. Glass sheets are then autoclaved at high temperature and pressure. Main Disadvantage: High cost of capital equipment: Autoclave Machine Liquid resin is the alternative; injected in between two sheets of glass that are bonded together with transparent V.S.T. The resin is either U.V. cured or it is cured at room temperature, dependent on formulation. Main Advantage: Small investment required to start manufacturing VST Laminated Safety Glass

8 VST Application Method for Laminated Glass A narrow strip of clear V.S.T is applied around the edge of a sheet of glass. 6mm (1/4 in) is normally the width of the tape. Two sheets of glass are bonded together leaving a small gap. The gap allows for the resin to be injected and the air between the sheets of glass to escape. The thickness of the tape used determines the overall thickness of the glass laminate, the overall thickness of the resin and the amount of resin used. The tape acts as a seal and as a dam as the resin is injected. Different resins have different curing systems.

9 VST Glass Manufacturing Advantages V.S.T. Provides a Perfect Seal - Resins can sometimes shrink drawing air through the tape bond giving bubbles in the resin. High Adhesion Level of V.S.T. - Reduces blow-outs where the resin pressure undermines the tape bond, which results in the materials used in the manufacturing process to be wasted. No Trimming of Glass - Reducing wastage of materials and giving a reduction in manufacturing time.

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