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Wood Based Products1. 2 Types of Wood Based Products.

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1 Wood Based Products1

2 2 Types of Wood Based Products

3 Wood Based Products3 Limitation of Solid Wood

4 Wood Based Products4

5 5 Structural Lumber

6 Wood Based Products6 Structural Lumber

7 Wood Based Products7 Structural Lumber

8 Wood Based Products8 Dimensional Lumber

9 Wood Based Products9 Dimensional Lumber

10 Wood Based Products10 Dimensional Lumber

11 Wood Based Products11 Dimensional Lumber

12 Wood Based Products12 Panel Products

13 Wood Based Products13 Steps in Mfg. Plywood

14 Wood Based Products14 Peeler Logs for Plywood

15 Wood Based Products15 Veneer Lathe for cutting Veneer

16 Wood Based Products16 Cutting Veneer

17 Wood Based Products17 Plywood

18 Wood Based Products18 Methods of Cutting Veneer

19 Wood Based Products19 Slicing Hardwood Veneers

20 Wood Based Products20 Grain Figure of Sliced Veneer

21 Wood Based Products21 Plugging Defects in Veneer

22 Wood Based Products22 Plywood

23 Wood Based Products23 Plywood

24 Wood Based Products24 Plywood Grading

25 Wood Based Products25 Plywood

26 Wood Based Products26 Gluing Layers of Veneer

27 Wood Based Products27 Laminating Press for Veneer

28 Wood Based Products28 Trimming Plywood to size

29 Wood Based Products29 Plywood Plys

30 Wood Based Products30 Plywood Orientation

31 Wood Based Products31 Oriented Stranded Board Manufactured from Chipped Wood Similar to Wafer board but has alternating layers at right angles to each other. Stronger than Wafer Board Less costly than Plywood Used as Sub flooring and roof sheathing Has strength orientation similar to plywood

32 Wood Based Products32 Photograph of OSB

33 Wood Based Products33 Particleboard Manufactured from Saw Dust Fibers Blended with Polymer Resins (glue) Formed into Sheets in Heated Presses Panels Cut and Trimmed to Size. Hard Smooth Finish on Faces Used as Underlayment and substrate for cabinets and counter tops.

34 Wood Based Products34 Particleboard

35 Wood Based Products35 Laminated Lumber

36 Wood Based Products36 Laminated Lumber Photo

37 Wood Based Products37 Laminated Lumber

38 Wood Based Products38 Laminated Beam Structure

39 Wood Based Products39 Laminated Lumber

40 Wood Based Products40 Laminated Lumber Defect Orientation

41 Wood Based Products41 Manufactured Components

42 Wood Based Products42 Manufactured Components

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