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Multiaxial Fatigue Analysis of Composite Tension-Torsion Straps for Rotor Systems Ryan T. Casey

2 Tension-Torsion Strap
McDonnell Douglas MD-500E Rotor Head

3 Common Rotor System Configuration for T-T Strap
Tension-Torsion Strap Flap Hinge Lead/Lag Hinge Pitch Housing Blade Attachment

4 Loading Conditions of T-T Strap
CF Load Torsional Twist due to Pitch Input Small Flatwise Bending due to Pitch Housing Deflection

5 Methodology Classical Laminate Theory Develop FEA model
Material Properties (E, G, etc…) Develop FEA model Determine Notch Factors Develop Stress Spectrum Multiaxial Fatigue Failure Theories: Max Principal Strain, Von Mises, Max Shear Strain, Lohr-Ellison, Kandil-Brown-Miller

6 Expected Results Fatigue Life Range Prediction for Composite T-T Strap
FEA Models (ANSYS Workbench) Equivalent Material Properties from Laminate Theory Notch Factors

7 Project Task Milestones
Due Date Research in Classical Laminate Theory & Classical Laminate Theory February 12, 2010 Determine Design Parameters/Requirements Common Stress Spectrum Creation February 19, 2010 Complete FEA of Metal Strap Configuration March 5, 2010 Composite Design concurrent w/ FEM & Fatigue Analysis Finalize Composite Strap Design March 19, 2010 Complete FEM & Fatigue Life Analysis March 26, 2010

8 Questions ?????

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