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Responsibility as a scientist

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1 Responsibility as a scientist
ENGAGE: Biology A

2 Safe Like a Scientist In online biology, safety comes first. Fun is a close second. When you are in the classroom, lab, or even at home, it is important that you do not endanger yourself or others.

3 Lab Safety Review To view the complete Lab Safety contract, read the Flinn Scientific Lab Safety Contract. This may be a review from science classes you’ve taken in the past, but it is so IMPORTANT that you MUST review the material and take the Safety Quiz. Available from the link in the course or online at:


5 Safety Summary Always follow the directions. NO EXCEPTIONS. When in doubt, ask your teacher. Long hair should be tied back and closed toed shoes should be worn. Carry out your experiment with care and caution. Do not leave experiments/equipment unattended. Focus on your work, not the work of others. No food, beverages, or cosmetics around lab stations. Wash your hands thoroughly after experiments. Use of chemicals requires wearing safety goggles. Know where the eyewash is located, or a place where you may flush eyes. Report any incidents to your teacher/adult supervisor immediately. Horseplay and/or intentional misuse of equipment will not be tolerated

6 happens Lab accidents happen and it is no joke.
By following safety precautions, you will keep the lab safe for yourself and others..

7 Take the Safety Quiz Take the safety quiz found as a link in the course.

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