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WWW.MJLIGHTING.COM. Lighting Applications Peter A Byrne Lighting Consultant MJ Lighting Technology Ltd.

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2 Lighting Applications Peter A Byrne Lighting Consultant MJ Lighting Technology Ltd


4 Applications Architectural Retail Commercial Museums Art Galleries Industrial Traffic www.mjlighting.com4










14 Yoo Moo Bar – Harrods: London

15 Sky Pod, O2 Arena London Arriva Stadium - Dublin Water Jetty - Belfast

16 Food Distribution Centre - Essex

17 Retrofit and LED strips

18 Gina Shoes, Sloane Street - London Guess Boutique – Westfield Shopping Centre London

19 Buckingham Palace /other Royal Residences www.mjlighting.com19

20 Major Considerations Colour Temperature of Light Energy Conservation Reduced Maintenance No Compromising of Aesthetics. Personal Preferences of Royal Family Members www.mjlighting.com20

21 Buckingham Palace Projects Great Hall Marble Hall Grand Staircase Belgian Suite Music Room White Drawing Room All corridors All Private quarters Cinema Swimming Pool Queens' Conference Room Palace Kitchens All Cloakrooms Dresser's Room Ballroom Balcony Throne Room Privy Staircase China Room China Corridor Royal Mews East Gallery www.mjlighting.com21

22 White Drawing Room www.mjlighting.com22

23 Grand Staircase www.mjlighting.com23

24 China Corridor www.mjlighting.com24

25 Picture Gallery www.mjlighting.com25

26 Other Royal Projects Clarence House Projects – Illumination of all Paintings – Private Cinema Royal Lodge – Illumination of all paintings – Design of Interior Lighting www.mjlighting.com26

27 Other Royal Projects Windsor Castle – Illumination of Paintings including all Paintings displayed in the King's Dressing Room Kensington Palace – Refurbishment of Prince of Wales Antique Wall Lights St Jamess Palace – Refurbishment of Chandeliers www.mjlighting.com27

28 Palace of Westminster Palace of Westminster. (Houses of Parliament ) Televising of committee Rooms and House of Commons Chamber. www.mjlighting.com28

29 Scope of project Increase Lighting Levels by 300% Reduce Energy Consumption Maintain Appearance of Fittings Do not compromise Aesthetics of Building Meet all requirements to the satisfaction of English Heritage Meet all requirements to the satisfaction of the Parliamentary Works Department Meet all requirements to the satisfaction of the BBC Incorporate Infra Red Emergency back up where necessary Over three thousand light fittings were refurbished or manufactured www.mjlighting.com29

30 Venues Where Picture Lights are Fitted Buckingham Palace Clarence House St James's Palace Windsor Castle Royal Lodge The Royal College of Barbers and Surgeons The Great Hall ( Harry Potter Hall ), Oxford University Charter House; London Christina O; ( Yacht ) German Embassy - London www.mjlighting.com30

31 Picture Light and Cabinet light Requirements of The Royal Collection Creation of Ultra Violet Free Light Elimination of Heat Controllability of Light Spread Elimination of Glare Flexibility of Colour Temperature Ease of Removal From Painting Minimum Maintenance Requirements Light Weight of Fitting Light Source Not Visible Dimmable if Required www.mjlighting.com31

32 Great Hall – Oxford University www.mjlighting.com32

33 Charterhouse - London www.mjlighting.com33

34 WWW.MJLIGHTING.COM +44 1829 741702 United Kingdom

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