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Getting Started in Tenpin Bowling / Presentation

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1 Getting Started in Tenpin Bowling / Presentation

2 Getting Started / Safety
Warm up (stretch) before bowling is a must to avoid bowling cold and straining the muscles that haven't been used since you last bowled. When walking around the center always be careful just where you are and make certain you are not behind someone swinging a ball. Always wear the correct footwear when bowling (bowling shoes), not your own runners or street shoes. When bowling you need a slide step as you bowl, otherwise you will stop far to quick and this will result in a miss-thrown ball and a fall or strained leg muscle. Beware walking in ANY form of liquid as you bowl - Sudden and Painful stopping will occur at the end of the approach.

3 Getting Started / Choosing a House Ball
The most important is the thumbhole, as the thumb controls the ball. It should not be a sloppy fit but a loose fit is better than too tight a fit - we don't want the ball to stay on your hand and take you down the lane! Each bowling center has staff members ready and willing to help new players find a ball suitable for their enjoyment. Most house balls are color coded for weight, and if not the weight is marked on the ball 3

4 Getting Started / Picking up the Ball
First, the action of picking the ball up, some balls are 16lbs in weight and many people will pick this up one handed with their fingers already inserted, not recommended. You pick a ball up between 11 and 23 times and if you pick an average of about times and multiply that by the weight you’ll find that is a lot of pounds on the fingers/wrist/arm and that can lead to strain injuries. The second area here is just as important, make sure you pick the ball up across the return (outside of the ball…not between the balls) and not with the hand between your ball and the return - if you get a finger trapped between the balls it is quite amazing how painful this is. 4

5 Getting Started / Cradle the ball after Picking up the Ball
Pick the ball up two handed without inserting the fingers, do this while holding the ball cradled in the opposite arm. This cuts the strain down by at least 50%. 5

6 Getting Started / Lane Courtesy
You should never bowl with someone on the lane next to yours bowling at the same time. (Watch some bowlers stretch a leg over the next lane or even wander across the next lane after they have released the ball). When bowling make sure you never cross the foul line, the lane is oiled right from the edge and the inevitable result will be a fall, also the next time you bowl you will have oil on the soles of your shoes. 6

7 Getting Started / The Lane

8 Getting Started / The Stance
Stance: (Physical Pose) Proper alignment and good body position will reduce tension and allow for maximum natural athleticism. Stance: (Physical Pose) Slow ball speed hold the ball higher than waist Medium ball speed hold the ball at the waist Faster ball speed hold the ball below the waist

9 Getting Started / The Stance
Side View of Stance; Knees slightly bent Forward body tilt Relaxed wrist

10 Components: Ball Start Approach / Tempo Armswing Wrist position
Getting Started : With the Approach Components: Ball Start Approach / Tempo Armswing Wrist position Release Finish position 10

11 Getting Started / Ball Position:
Ball Waist high Ball positioned between shoulder & chin

12 Getting Started / Placing the ball in motion
Length of ball start 65% arm extension Ball generally moves out with initial step with ball side foot Separation between ball and shoulders Force Exerted Ball and body must be in sync and move as one Aggressive movement or force exerted to the ball will result in ball affecting body motion Ball Start movement is enough to initiate armswing Vertical Movement Direction is out or downward Excessive upward movement will tighten up arm muscles in order to lift the ball Excessive upward motion adds length and distance that the ball will travel

13 Getting Started / 4 Step Approach
How to determine the length of the Approach Take 4 ½ steps from the foul line (back towards the ball return) Position feet and ball in stance The pushaway (ball movement) begins with the first step Right handed bowlers - right foot steps first Left handed bowlers – left foot steps first (The first step is the shortest step.)

14 Getting Started / The Approach
4 Step Approach

15 Getting Started / The Approach
Steps in the delivery – Four Step delivery The ball should be down and at the knee in the second step Each step is progressively longer The ball is at the top of the back swing at the end of the third step The ball side foot slides to the opposite side The follow through is relaxed.

16 Wrist Broken (Bent downward)
Getting Started / Wrist Positions Wrist cupped Wrist straight Thumb at 12:00, fingers at 6:00. Wrist Broken (Bent downward) 16

17 The Key to Accuracy When it is set free
Getting Started / Armswing The Key to Accuracy When it is set free 17

18 Start OUT / Ball IN / Swing OUT
Getting Started / Armswing SWING PLANE Start OUT / Ball IN / Swing OUT 18

19 Getting Started / Follow-through
Follow-Through: Continue the swing of your arm until pointing at the pins. Left arm extended for balance, hips and shoulders square towards target. . Don’t open your hand when releasing the ball... Keep your fingers in the grip position 19

20 Getting Started / Follow-through
The Thumb passes through the target, fingers finish outside of the target at the end of the follow-thru. The line through the elbow, wrist, and thumb is the direction (trajectory) the ball will travel down the lane. 20

21 TEAM CANADA A Step Above
"Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible" TEAM CANADA A Step Above

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