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Copyright: The ideas presented here and their implementation are the intellectual property of Cosine UK, to which we shall exercise our rights as the authors.

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1 Copyright: The ideas presented here and their implementation are the intellectual property of Cosine UK, to which we shall exercise our rights as the authors. Direct or indirect imitation or use of any of the ideas or other documentation or their implementation is not permitted until we have issued our prior written permission. UK Grocery Retailer Insights Weekly retailer themes and brand promotions from the top UK grocery retailers. w/e 13 th April 2014

2 Key Customer Themes : NEW Spring Deals: 12 bays dedicated to various offers in seasonal aisle on entry with dump bins. Supported by bus stops, shelf edge strips and header boards. NEW £5 Off Your Next £40 Shop When You Spend £20 Or More In Store: Supported by overhead signs through the centre of the store. Easter: Has 12 bays in the seasonal aisle on entry and 12 bays in store dedicated to Easter eggs and bunnies. There are also several stacks and FSDU's around the store full of Easter eggs and bunnies. This theme is supported by bus stops, shelf edge strips, header boards and overhead signs. Clubcard Fuel Save : Supported by security shrouds, car park shrouds, overhead signs at till points and till point POS. Tesco Price Promise: Continues in store. Supported by snow ploughs and bus stops. General Feel: The store was clean, tidy and well stocked. There was lots of different themed POS making it all look a bit busy. Key Deals: Anchor Cheddar: ½ price Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream: ½ price Hot Cross Buns 6pk: 2 For £1.50 Pampers Nappies: Save 1/3 Persil Non Bio: £4 Pizza Express: ½ price Highwoods Colchester – Wednesday 9 th April | | | Cosine Blog

3 Key Customer Themes : Easter : Top shelves, an end lpinth unit, the checkout queuing system, several shippers and stacks are seen throughout the store supporting Easter confectionary. Clubcard Fuel Save : Save up to 20p a litre with Clubcard today. Highly advertised on entry with bunting and bus stops. General Feel : Large store with shelves fully stocked. Staff available to help customers. Key Deals: Belvita: ½ price Cucumber: 49p Free Range Eggs 6pk: £1 Homebake: 3 for 2 Lunch Meal Deal: £3 Selected Easter Eggs: 3 for £10 Tesco's Butter: £1 Walkers Crisps 6pk: £1 Thornton Heath– Wednesday 9 th April | | | Cosine Blog

4 Key Deals: Bananas: 68p/kg Meats / Poultry / Fish: 2 for £7 or 3 for £10 Milk 4pt: £1 Nescafe Coffee: £4 Selected Cadbury's Easter Eggs: £1 Selected Kelloggs Cereals: 3 for £5 Selected Wine: 3 for £12 Walkers Crisps 20pk: 2 for £5 Key Customer Themes : NEW Big Savings On Big Brands This Easter: High signage seen in the central aisle. Easter: 9 bays of Easter confectionary bordered with high signs, floor stickers, bus stops and barkers. There are 5 bays of Disney based accessories on ladder racks, checkouts and various shippers around the store supporting the seasonal items. Price Lock : Seen advertised mainly in the central aisle area attached to various cupboard filler offers. Lets Garden: 15 bays and FOS stacks support outside and gardening products. Highlighted with overhead signs, bus stops and barkers. 1000's Of Roll Backs : Seen advertised on high signs down the central aisle and beanies sited on shelves throughout the store. General Feel: Easter very prominent. Shelves were stacked well. Plenty of staff on hand to help customers. | | | Cosine Blog Wallington – Wednesday 9 th April

5 Key Customer Themes : Easter: The seasonal aisle had 12 bays and ½ an island dedicated to Easter related items. There were also several pallets on entry and a few FSDUs around the store. Supported by shelf edge strips, header boards, directional hanging signs and shelf fins. Brand Match : Supported by snow ploughs in store and A boards outside. Active Kids Vouchers: Theme remains supported by A boards outside. Gardening: Theme continues with 12 bays and an island dedicated to gardening related items. Supported by shelf fins, shelf edge strips and directional hanging signs. Mobile By Sainsburys: Save 11p per litre of fuel when you top up £10 on our network offer supported by car park shrouds. General Feel: The store was clean, tidy and well stocked. There was a very good selection of Easter eggs still in store supporting the festive season. Key Deals: Pepsi: ½ price Summer Fruit Trifle: ½ price Copella Juice: ½ price Cadbury Easter Eggs: 3 for £3 Chirizzo Ring:£2 Yorkshire Tea Bags 80pk: £2 Ipswich – Wednesday 9 th April | | | Cosine Blog

6 Key Customer Themes : Great Offers : Offers are continued in store with main signs used throughout the store to highlight. Easter : Confectionary seen on 2 end plinth units, stacks and various shippers. To highlight the event; posters, window stickers, overhead signs and bunting are used to advertise in store. General Feel : The store was tidy and clear. Easter is still the most prominent theme in store. Key Deals: Selected Easter Eggs: £3.50 Selected Multipack Beers: £6 Doritos: ½ price Lunch Meal Deal: £3 Robinsons Squash: £1 Coca Cola 1.75L: 2 for £2 McVite's Jaffa Cakes: 2 for £2 PG Tips: £2 Chessington – Wednesday 9 th April | | | Cosine Blog

7 Key Customer Themes : Easter: Seasonal confectionery seen on 8 bays highlighted with high signs and bus stops, plus 2 gondola ends, checkouts, ladder racks and shippers. NEW Pay Pack Bonus: Save £10 with our Easter Bonus, Spend £40 or more in one transaction each week for 2 weeks and Get £10 off your 3rd week £40 shop. Seen advertised on large signs over the checkouts and the central aisle. NEW Pick Of The Shop: Signs are used to promote the best offers in store which are especially concentrated down the central aisle. General Feel: Tidy store with well filled shelves. The promotional areas seemed to have a lot of high signage. Plenty of staff on hand to assist. Key Deals: Coca Cola 1.75L: 2 for £2 Fairy Washing Up Liquid: £1.33 Kinder Egg Surprise: 2 for £1 McVites Digestives Twin pk: £1.50 Muller Rice /Corners Multipack: ½ price Selected H&B: ½ price Selected Spirits: £11 Terry's Chocolate Orange: Better than ½ price Mitcham – Wednesday 9 th April | | | Cosine Blog

8 Key Customer Themes : Easter: There are 12 bays in the seasonal aisle dedicated to Easter related items. There are a few aisle ends and FSDU's also dedicated to Easter and a display on entry to store. The theme is supported by shelf edge strips, bus stops, hanging signs and header boards. Offers: Offers are continued on aisle ends throughout the store. The offers are supported by header boards, shelf fins and shelf barkers. Waitrose Brand Price Match: The Brand Price Match continues in store and is supported by overhead signs. General feel: The store was quite busy and the shelves were well stocked. There is an aisle end dedicated to regional produce that I haven't noticed in other Waitrose stores before. Key Deals: Heinz Soup: 4 for £3 Various Baby And Toddler Offers: BOGOF Cadbury Chocolate Bars 200g: 2 for £3 Tyrrells Crisps: 2 for £4 Coca Cola 6pk: 2 for £6 Birds Eye Fish Fillet Burgers: ½ price Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire Puddings: ½ price Ipswich Suffolk – Wednesday 9th April | | | Cosine Blog

9 Key Customer Themes: Easter : A front of store display consisting of soft toys, books, canvas bags and confectionary were seen. Various shippers of seasonal confectionary seen around the store. A further 5 bays of the Easter range was sited in a seasonal section. General feel : Spacious store with shelves well merchandised in store. Key Deals: Chilled Soups: Buy 1 get 1 half price Dine In For Two: £10 Easter Milk Choc Balls / Solid Milk Choc Lollipops / Solid Belgian Milk Choc Lollipop: 3 for 2 Frozen Desserts & Ice Creams: 2 for £7 Hand Cooked Crisps: 2 for £2.50 Hot Cross Buns 4pk: 2 for £2.50 Meat / Fish / Poultry: 3 for £10 Selected Fishcakes & Crispbakes: 2 for £3 Wimbledon – Wednesday 9th April | | | Cosine Blog

10 Key Customer Themes : A Great Deal Locally: This slogan is seen on header boards on aisle end offers, shelf edge strips and dump bins around the store. Sourced Locally: The co op supermarket offer high quality produce from across their region. This theme is supported by overhead and lit up signs high up on walls around the store. There are also dump bins, shelf edge strips and tax discs. Easter : This theme has 12 bays dedicated to Easter chocolate. There are also aisle ends and FSDUs displaying Easter eggs and bunnies. Collect And Save: This promotion continues in store. The promotion is supported by posters in store and leaflets at till points. General Feel: This store has had a refurbishment. There is a new sign outside. The electrical, travel and optician have more defined areas. There has been another tier added to shelving and the store has been relayed. Key Deals: Hob Nobs: ½ price PG Tips 160pk: £3 Carling Lager 10pk: £8 Huggies Baby Wipes 64pk: BOG2F Finish Dishwasher Tabs: £3.99 Various Wine: 1/3 Off Stanway Essex – Wednesday 9th April | | | Cosine Blog

11 Key Customer Themes : Easter : 10 bays and all checkouts support Easter confectionary. With overhead signs stating' Home For Easter'. NEW Sports Sale: Shoes, clothing, drinks bottles, equipment. Seen down the central aisle on various offers. NEW How Much Could You Swap & Save?: Save up to 45% signage is used throughout the store swap leading brands for Aldi exclusive brands. NEW Spend A Little. Live A Lot: Main phrase seen on Aldi advertising. NEW Smart Swaps: Change for Life slogan is seen in store which is advertising their offers on healthier alternatives and recipes. General Feel: Basic shopping experience. Simple layout with bulk stock. Main displays are stacks and large wire dump bins. Advertising posters seen overhead and on the windows. Key Deals: Aldi Super 6: 59p Cadburys Easter Eggs: 99p Choceur Chocolate Bunny: 99p Coca Cola / Diet Coke 6pk: £1.99 Cowbelle Various Milk 4pt: 95p Del Rivo Various Juices 1L: 99p Oakhurst Pork Loin Joint: £3.99 Tunnocks Milk Chocolate Teacakes 6pk: 87p Walton – Wednesday 9 th April | | | Cosine Blog

12 Key Customer Themes : Easter: Only theme in store as there were egg shaped hanging signs, posters in the window and overhead signs all promoting Easter. However, there were very few Easter related items with just one bay of eggs and boxed chocolates. The store also had a freezer end with 3 roast birds and 3 roast fish pie Deluxe range for Easter. General Feel : The store was cluttered, untidy and not very well stocked. Not a very nice shopping experience at all. Key Deals: Cherry Tomatoes: 55p Tropicana: 2 for £4 Milk 6 Pints: £1.42 Heinz Spaghetti 4pk: £2.25 Andrex 9pk: £3.89 Courgettes: £1 Heinz Tomato Soup x6: £2.95 Cadbury Cream Eggs 6pk: 2 for £2 Ipswich – Wednesday 9 th April | | | Cosine Blog

13 Cosine Blog us call us follow us find out about us read a blog by us We are an award-winning field marketing agency with a proven track record of increasing our clients sales, retail presence and brand awareness, achieved through merchandising, auditing, mystery shopping and other field marketing services, with our outsourced sales teams trained specifically for every campaign.

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