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Guangzhou/Guangdong Province Present & Future Prospects.

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1 Guangzhou/Guangdong Province Present & Future Prospects

2 Overview Introduction to Guangzhou Overview of Guangdong Province (the Pearl River Delta Region) Future Prospects of Guangzhou

3 Flower City of China & Bristols Sister City Guangzhou The capital city of Guangdong Province

4 Where is Guangzhou?

5 Guangdong Province

6 ChinaGuangdong Guangzhou

7 How the people usually describe Guangzhou ? International Modern Historical Very large city in China (as you can see from the map) Delicious local food (yummy!) A place where it has more opportunities for the young people ……

8 An International City? International Exhibitions (Such as Vehicles (cars), International Wind Energy (2012),etc) International investment and Finance Expo International Sports Events (the Asian Games, the Women World Cup, etc) International Ship and Trade. World-class musician performance/Concerts (eg.langlang International port Nowadays, a lot of international students come to Guangzhou for the exchange programme Foreigners come to Guangzhou for their businesses ……

9 A modern city? the Pearl River New City central business district.

10 Guangzhou Tower

11 A historical city? LIU RONG----1400 years of history, a famous Buddhist temple

12 Guangzhou Shamian Island with its historical mansions

13 FOOD Culture The Canton food is the top 8 biggest style of cooking in China. In Guangzhou, you can find a lot of local food to taste. People usually start with soup before the meal, and the dish always tastes a bit sweet and sour. The manner of eating is a little bit different from others as well. (People use small bowls instead of using dishes. )

14 More Challenging, More opportunities Young people like to have a challenge in their life… Guangzhou is an ideal place to start your successful business and job career. It is a modern, international city which has many contacts with other countries. The life in GZ is much more competitive with a fast lifestyle.

15 Economic Development of Guangzhou Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (GETDZ; Chinese: ; pinyin: Gu ǎ ng zhōu jīng jì jì shù kāi fā qū ) is one of the first national economic development zones in China.Chinesepinyinnationaleconomic development zonesChina Plastic, chemical, electronic, food processing and shipbuilding are the main industries in the zone. Plasticchemicalelectronicfood processing shipbuilding

16 International Trade (shows) Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts Date: 21-APR-12 to 27-APR-12 Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts International Sourcing Expo-Phase 2 Date: 21-APR-12 to 27-APR-12 International Sourcing Expo-Phase 2 Weaving & Home Decor Date: 21-APR-12 to 28-APR-12 Weaving & Home Decor Canton Fair Date: 23-APR-12 to 27-APR-12 Canton Fair China International Foodstuff Exposition Date: 10-MAY-12 to 12-MAY-12 China International Foodstuff Exposition China (Guangzhou) International Wine & Spirit Exhibition Date: 10-MAY-12 to 12-MAY-12 China (Guangzhou) International Wine & Spirit Exhibition

17 Pearl River Delta

18 A big area which is focused on economic and technological development. Currently, the government is in progress to build a half-hour transport system in this delta area (which means in half- hour you can get to anywhere from one place to another in this zone).

19 Two earliest special economic zones Zhuhai ( ) Manufacturing industries: (national level) Zhuhai High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Zhuhai Free Trade Zone

20 Shenzhen ( ) Technology, IT Light Industrial eg. Mould manufactory ) more than 180 companies in top 500 of the world have their branches in SZ) Foxconn (Iphone manufacture) Foxconn Tencent (The biggest internet server in China)

21 Guangzhou/Guangdong Future Prospects Education International Trade Tourism Business Technology Light industry manufacturing clothes, shoes, furniture, consumer electronics and home appliances. clothesshoesfurniture consumer electronicshome appliances Investment and Finance

22 Useful Links Guangzhou Government: International Trade shows:

23 My Country – My City Welcome to Guangzhou! Welcome to China

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