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Dental Application Workshop

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1 Dental Application Workshop
1 Dental Application Workshop Entering Class 2014

2 WELCOME Office of Health and Legal Professions 204 Farrior Hall
Pre-health Professions Advisors/Staff Bobbi Knickerbocker Christine Richmond Mandi Santos Becky Sandbach - assistant

3 Overview About AADSAS Application Process Timeline The Application
Monitoring your status Verification Process

4 Dental Application Service
AADSAS Centralized Application Service The Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (ADEA AADSAS) lets you apply to multiple participating dental schools with one online application. ADEA AADSAS simplifies the application process by providing one standardized form, relieving applicants of the need to complete multiple applications. Dental schools benefit by receiving uniform information on all applicants. Currently 60 U.S. dental schools and one Canadian dental school participate in ADEA AADSAS. ADEA AADSAS Fees:  The application fee is $244 for the first designation and $90 for each additional designation. ADEA AADSAS offers a fee assistance program for applicants who demonstrate extreme financial need.

5 Centralized Application Service
Centralized application serves as the primary application to the schools you select. Provides demographic, academic, activities and testing information Personal statement is required Letters of recommendation are submitted with the primary application. Each school will then ask you to complete a secondary application to the school. Complete additional essays providing more personal information

6 General Info The 2014 ADEA AADSAS Application cycle opens June 3, 2013 and close on February 3, APPLY EARLY!!! Submit no later than mid July. Applicant submits to ADEA AADSAS Online Application, along with: (1) Application Fee Payment (2) All Official Transcripts (3) Letters of Evaluation (4) Application is considered complete and processing begins Transcript Verification – 4-6 weeks - Application distributed to designated dental schools in electronic format *Application processing time varies based on volume of applications being processed. **ADEA AADSAS does not delay the processing of your application if letters of evaluation have not been received. Letters of evaluation received after your application has been processed are forwarded to schools in the next mailing. *** ADEA AADSAS processes all applications received by a school’s deadline, but applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their application, official transcripts, and fee payment well in advance of application deadlines. YOUR APPLICATION SAYS MORE THEN THE INFORMATION ON THE PAGE

7 Updates AADSAS DAT Fees Advisor release – please do
New items for the 2015 DAT will be tested Cost $385 Competitive score 18+ DAT & GPA are accurate predictors of success in dental school Fees $244 initial $90 for each additional school FAP waives the $244

8 Timeline April/May June July – August Fall term Spring term
Research schools Take the DAT test Order transcripts (After spring grades post) – one for you and one for AADSAS Ensure you have letters of reference or recommendation as required by each school Complete personal statement June Complete your primary applications and make sure your letters of recommendation are ready July – August Complete secondary applications Prepare for interviews Fall term Complete secondary applications & transmit letters Interviews - UF starts in July; others September Offers of acceptance or notice of denials – begin December Spring term Offers of acceptance or notice of denials

9 Preparing for the ADEA AADSAS Application
Read the ADEA AADSAS Application Instructions You will need a DENTPIN -If you registered for the DAT you will have one. If not you will be prompted to register for one when you create your application. To register for one or if you forgot your DENTPIN go to: Learn about the Fee Assistance Program Are you re-applying? See Information for Re-applicants – review forwarded info carefully Review ADEA AADSAS Fees Find Contact info for: ADEA AADSAS Customer Service Register and take the Dental Admission Test (DAT) Write your Personal Statement Develop a Resume of Activities and Accomplishments Request your official transcripts (after spring grades post) Arrange Letters of Evaluation

10 Applicant Responsibilities
Knowing the application process and admission pre-reqs for each school Print Transcript Matching form for each institution attended Arrange for all official transcripts to be sent to ADEA AADSAS Transcript Processing Dept. by the school’s application deadline. Complete application accurately and in timely manner Respond to ALL notices, comments, instructions and questions received from ADEA AADSAS and each school to which you apply - CHECK your personal and application accounts Print and retain your application Submit correct application fee. Use ADEA AADSAS payment form if you submit by check. Credit card payment preferred Make sure evaluator list is current and accurate at all times. Update coursework and submit updated transcripts during the Academic Update period. Check Calendar of Events for dates Provide all information requested Respond promptly to either accept or decline interview invitations and offers of admission Monitor your application online Update ADEA AADSAS application of change in contact information by deadline date - notify schools directly after this date Log off ADEA AADSAS after each entry to protect unauthorized access to your application

11 Elements of the Application
Personal Data - Separate address Secondary School DAT scores – automatically sent to AADSAS Ethnicity Colleges Attended - all whether earned credits or not - degree or non-degree Parent Information Background Information Disadvantaged Status Transcripts* - Transcript Matching Form Coursework* - Resume Components - entered to application in separate categories Awards, Honors, Scholarships Dentistry Experience Extracurricular/Volunteer/Community Service (8) Work Experience Research Experience Academic Enrichment Personal Statement* Letters of Reference *

12 DAT Administered on computer.
Can take any time of the year, offered up to 5 times. Permitted to take a total of 3 times in a LIFETIME. Recommend take exam in May/June . Maximum score of 30. Academic portion. Survey of Natural Sciences Biology General Chemistry Organic Chemistry Reading Comprehension Quantitative Reasoning Perceptual Ability. Competitive Score ~ (Academic Portion).

13 Background Information
Questions 1-8 (600 character each question) Describe activities requiring manual dexterity Do you have any relatives who are dentists, are in dental school, or who have studied or are studying Dental Hygiene, Dental Assisting, Dental Laboratory Technology or related dental fields? Have you ever been disqualified, suspended, dismissed or otherwise subject to a disciplinary action at an college or university in connection with your academic performance? Have you ever been found to have violated a school rule, policy or procedure, or an honor code; or have yo otherwise been disqualified, put on probation, suspended, dismissed, expelled or otherwise been subject to disciplinary action at any college/university in connection with misconduct? Have you ever applied to dental school prior to the present application cycle? Have you previously or are you currently applying to a health professions school other than dental school? Has your education ever been interrupted or affected adversely for reasons other than deficiencies in conduct or academic performance? Indicate languages other than English you feel comfortable conversing with native speakers

14 Institutional Actions/Felonies
Must be reported Institutional actions should be reported regardless if there is an existing record on file. Opportunity to accept responsibility for mistakes and errors in judgment Better they find out from applicant and not others CBC – Certiphi Screening Inc. - done after receive an admission notice; you will receive an from Certiphi at the preferred address for identifying info and consent; national background check; when complete you will receive another EM to review report, you have 10 calendar days to review and contest before sent to the school.

15 Transcripts Read Instruction carefully for specified types of coursework - US, Study Abroad, Overseas US institution or International Need sealed official transcript with a Transcript Matching Form to be sent directly to ADEA AADSAS from every US/Canadian institution attended - AADSAS will NOT accept student transcripts or transcripts sent by applicant Transcript Matching Form - Print one form for each institution, take to Registrar’s offices and ask that the matching form accompany the transcript. The barcode on the form allows AADSAS to match your transcript to your application. Transfer credits on a transcript are not accepted in lieu of an original transcript Be sure all transcripts are received by ADEA AADSAS Transcript Processing Dept by the application deadline set by your designated dental schools. AADSAS will verify coursework even if received late however dental schools may choose NOT to consider your application if transcripts are late. Obtain a personal copy of your official transcript for you to complete the Coursework section of your application Verify that AADSAS has received all of your transcripts - log in to your application, select status and then transcripts

16 Coursework Enter in chronological order EXACTLY as listed on your official transcript All attempts, all grades Course Subject - Use the AADSAS guidelines in the Instructions even if a non-science class might have strong science content (PSB) these will not be used to calculate your BCP Review ‘Special Classification’ for courses - repeated, incomplete, honors, study abroad, distance learning/online, AP/IB, etc Classify courses as: English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, other sciences – see list in AADSAS Instructions Coursework planned or in progress - list courses in progress or planned in future semesters - during Academic Update period (typically mid November - Feb 1) students will be granted access to enter grades, indicate course changes, etc. These will be sent to designated schools. You will need to print the Transcript Matching Form and arrange for a new transcript to be sent to AADSAS.

17 Grades Grade point average Grades (UF pre/post – summer 2009)
AADSAS calculates and reports: BCP = Biology, Chemistry and Physics as identified by AADSAS Science GPA = BCP plus math and all other sciences Non-Science GPA = all undergraduate courses not used in calculating science GPA Undergraduate GPA = all courses taken for undergrad credits Graduate GPA = all courses for grad credits Overall GPA = all courses – both undergraduate and graduate College/University GPA = GPAs reported for each college/university attended Grades (UF pre/post – summer 2009) Standardized by AADSAS to help dental schools evaluate applicants using uniform and consistent criteria, regardless of institutional policies. Done on 4.0 scale using semester hours. Includes all initial and repeated coursework No grade forgiveness, all attempts are calculated into the GPA calculation All punitive I and N grades count as E (F)

18 All grades are standardized to the AADSAS scale, regardless of the individual school system
ADEA AADSAS Grade Conversions Each letter grade is assigned ‘Quality Points’ A = 4.0 A- = 3.67 B+ = 3.33 B = 3.0 B- = 2.67 C+ = 2.33 C = 2.0 C- = 1.67 D+ = 1.33 D = 1.0 D- = 0.67 E/F = 0.0

19 Extra Curricular Components
Post-secondary experiences: (if still participating in an activity leave end dates blank; list in order of importance to you) Awards/honors/Scholarships (5): name, organization, dates, can include high school but college carries more weight. Dentistry Experience (4): Supervisor, position title, position type, description, total hours, dates; in order of importance; indicate paid/volunteer/shadowing/other. Provide description of responsibilities/duties (175 characters). Extracurricular/Volunteer/Community Service (10): Organization, position title, description (175 CH), total hours, avg. weekly hour, dates. May include high school, college experiences given higher priority. Work Experience (5): Employer, position title, city/state, description (175 CH), total hours, dates. List in order of importance. List each only once, do not repeat from other sections. Research Experience (5): Investigator, position title, city/state, description (175 CH), total hours, dates Academic Enrichment (4) (SMDEP): Name of Program, dates, description, total hours – can include high school; NO DAT prep crses

20 Personal Statement The ADEA AADSAS application requires a reflective essay on why you wish to pursue a dental education.  500 words or 4500 characters including spaces Prepare in Word and paste to Notepad. - Check formatting after pasting into application Admission committees are looking for individuals who are motivated, academically prepared, articulate, socially conscious, and knowledgeable about the profession.  Include: The skills, attitudes, knowledge and strengths you feel you possess A description of where, when and how you developed these attributes Reflection on how your attributes are meaningful and related to the role of a dentist Provide examples of how you know you are making the right decision Reflection questions: What are your strongest skills? Major accomplishment? Greatest strengths and challenges? How do your skills and strengths relate to becoming a dentist? What three words best describe you? What sparked your interest in dentistry? Have you observed or worked in dental offices? Explain what you've done to demonstrate your interest in dentistry. Talk to practicing dentists to increase your understanding of general dental practices. Express your commitment to helping others and mention any efforts made that enforce that commitment. Did you have to work to pay for your education? How has that made you a stronger applicant? TIPS: Be honest about how you became interested in studying dentistry. If becoming a dentist wasn't a childhood dream, that's fine, but explain how you discovered dentistry as a career possibility and what you have done to research the career. Illustrate your motivation, commitment and passion for the profession. Opportunity to explain anomalies in academic record or personal challenges. Don’t make excuses! First personal item before an interview is granted NEW: Some CODs are asking students to submit PSs to You will need to check by COD – NOT UF for 2012

21 Have someone review your personal statement.
Ask a close friend or family member Career Resource Center Reitz Union Broward Reading & Writing Center Pre-health advisor One read Submit typed essay to OHLPA assistant along with Personal Statement Checklist found on website under ‘Forms/Handouts’ Students notified via once essay is read.

22 One from Dentist or one other character letter
Letters of Evaluation Watch the Letter of Recommendation Workshop online at Number required varies school – max of four individual letters; On application student will indicate individuals and address, format (electronic/paper) and indicate NOT a committee letter Electronic = Evaluator is sent from ADEA AADSAS directing to Evaluators Portal and recommenders follow step-by step process Paper = Print LOR matching form with bar code and evaluator sends both form and letter to AADSAS at the address on the form In Evaluators section students must agree to waive or not waive rights to access to letters Evaluate applicant academic ability motivation for the profession maturity intellectual curiosity empathy service personal experience and knowledge of the profession UF Two science One from Dentist or one other character letter

23 Dentistry Letters Covers most schools
Four total Academic letters 2 science letters from faculty 1 non-science letter from faculty Non-academic letters 1 healthcare/dentist letter shadowing experience volunteer experience related employment

24 Dental School Designation
Choosing schools – see video at ps.html Designation not complete until fees are paid – see fee schedule in Instructions Be aware of each school’s deadline Apply early!!!!!!

25 Professional Etiquette
See handout Have separate address Clean up social media sites Pictures – passport head shot All communication with schools a representation of your professionalism

26 Interviews Applicants are given 5 - 15 days notice on average
Vary from minutes in length 2-3 individual interview sessions UF-COD gives 1 group interview – ½ day lunch/tour/timelines/fin aid and 20 minutes with 2-4 members of the committee – open file Include tour and a meal Opportunity to speak to current students Orientation to student and financial resources Not all dental schools require an interview Watch How to Prepare for Interview at: Question for interview: Why a Dentist? Be PREPARED to state why you are choosing that particular school Be WELL-INFORMED about current issues, trends, controversies associated with the profession and have a meaningful discussion about those topics

27 Watch the Interview workshop on the Pre-Health website
Interview Tips Watch the Interview workshop on the Pre-Health website Schedule a mock interview Dress professionally. Wear comfortable shoes Behave professionally at all times. Budget enough money to and from the interview. Make preparation plans as early as possible. Know your travel schedule Know exactly how to get to the interview and back.

28 What are the Admissions Committee looking for?
Source of motivation Examples of how you explored the profession (Extremely important!!) Actions speak much louder than words Sense of passion for the profession Evidence of maturity Compassion for others Dedication to service Value lifelong learning

29 Resources American Dental Education Association Official Guide to Dental Schools Pre-Health Professions Advising at Office of Health and Legal Professions Advising (OHLPA) – Farrior Hall “Choosing Schools” and other workshops on the Pre-Health website ADEA AADSAS Customer Service  Contact Info: ADEA AADSAS Customer Service Representatives are available: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time, except federal holidays Phone:

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