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LIST 1. auspicious wedding date Right click on text and open hyperlink.

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1 LIST 1

2 auspicious wedding date Right click on text and open hyperlink


4 ARDUOUS– adj.

5 Officials with New Brunswick's Department of Natural Resources and area contractors begin the arduous task of removing a whale carcass from the beach...

6 Terror Threat 'Is Specific' and 'Credible,' Brennan Says BloombergSeptember 10, 2011, September 10, 2011 "When this information first came in, he told us very clearly, 'I want everything to be done to find out whether or not this information from these sources has any credibility to it,'" Brennan said on the "Fox News Sunday" program. "So we've been doing that. We've been working very closely with state and local partners. Bulletins have gone out. We've had a number of individuals who have called in about suspicious vehicles. That is something that we want people to do."

7 CREDIBLE – adj.



10 Potomac at its Cleanest in 60 Years, But Far From Pristine By Nathalie Lawyer | Sep 10 2010 |Nathalie Lawyer Once deemed a national disgrace by President Lyndon Johnson, the Potomac River is showing signs of improvement after decades of trying to decontaminate the murky waters. A study released by the U.S. Geological Survey revealed that despite the Potomacs still unsightly appearance, the water quality has improved enough for native submerged aquatic vegetation to increase tenfold between 1990, when the USGS started taking measurements, and 2007. The USGS also found that the abundance of exotic species has declined since restoration efforts began and more native species have been able to repopulate. Native SAV species now cover 3,081 acres of the bottom of the Potomac in the 50-mile stretch of the river that was included in the study. Nancy Rybicki, a scientist and a co-author of the study released by the USGS, said that the conditions now are better than they have been for decades.


12 'Dancing with the Stars' Interviews: Who's the Team to Beat? Monday, September 13, 2010 Meghan Carlson Meghan Carlson The new cast of Dancing with the Stars, who will put on their dancing shoes and kick off the season Monday, September 20, took time out of their busy rehearsal schedule to talk strategy... Pre-season fan favorite Jennifer Grey sounded a little reticent as she said her plan with partner Derek Hough is to "take one minute at a time," while Brady Bunch star Florence Henderson said she plans on listening closely to partner Corky Ballas, and hopes "America responds to that." That's So Raven alum Kyle Massey has already decide that he and Lacey Schwimmer are "the couple to beat."

13 RETICENT –adj.


15 PRODIGIOUSadj. If you win the lottery, you could win a prodigious amount of money.


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