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The Five Major Religions

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1 The Five Major Religions

2 Restrictions on Religion by the Governments of World Countries
Christianity Judaism Islam Buddhism Hinduism Compare and contrast the elements of the five major world religions More than 730 Religions which have broken out into more than 4,200 branches

3 Social Hostilities Involving Religion
Learning about religions will help us understand each other better. If we understand each other better, we may be able to avoid conflicts and come to peaceful resolutions.

4 Beginnings of Religions

5 Religion by the Numbers

6 Religion Distribution

7 Christianity The early Hebrews who eventually developed into the Jewish religion became the foundation of Christianity. Jesus, or the Messiah, was a Jewish boy who disagreed with some of the Jewish principles of his day began to profess a new way of thinking. This eventually led to the beginning of the Christian religion.

8 Christianity Christianity started about 2000 years ago about the same time of Jesus. The central point of Christian belief is that God, the Father, entered into human history as the Son, Jesus of Nazareth, and arose as the Holy Spirit. 

9 Christian Philosophy Monotheistic – One God who is the Creator of the universe. This one God is also thought of as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus is both fully man and fully God.  He was born of the Virgin Mary , crucified, resurrected from the dead, and ascended to the Father.

10 Christian Philosophy Sin and Evil are realities.
The Bible is the Holy Book that records God's revelation. All believers are promised life everlasting. The leader of Christianity was Jesus, and the followers were his 12 disciples.

11 Christian Denominations
Catholic Protestant (Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, etc.) Orthodox Others (Latter Day Saints/Mormon, Non-Trinitarian/Unitarian, etc.)

12 Largest Monotheistic Religion
What is _______? History Beliefs Christianity Largest Monotheistic Religion  was born 2,000 years ago. Christians are the of Jesus Christ People brought with them as they moved around the world. Monotheism is the belief in one Christians believe in the Trinity: father, , and holy spirit. is all powerful Believe Jesus on the cross. is to turn your back on God. Jesus followers religion God son God died Sin

13 Practices & Traditions
Sacred Writings Places of Worship (Spiritual Places) Practices & Traditions Holidays Christianity The is a collection of sacred books and writings. Churches: Share one way in which churches are decorated: A Sacrament is something you do to receive a Name another tradition of Christianity: Christmas is the of Jesus Christ. is the holiest day of the Christian year. Bible Old & New Testaments Altar, Cross, Pews, Statues blessing Baptism, confirmation, communion, Prayer, Making sign of the cross birth Easter

14 Judaism People who practice in the religion JUDAISM are called Jews.
JUDAISM was the first to teach belief in only one God (Monotheistic). Two other important religions developed from Judaism: Christianity and Islam.

15 Judaism Jews think that God will send a Messiah (a savior) to unite them and lead them in His way. Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah. The Jewish people do not agree; they anticipate the Messiah’s arrival in the future. Judaism teaches that death is not the end and that there is a world to come.

16 Judaism The "Torah," the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, is the most important Jewish scripture. It contains the basic laws of Judaism. Another important book is the "Talmud," serving primarily as a guide to the civil and religious laws of Judaism.

17 Hebrew: Kept so scripture isn’t lost in translation.

18 Judaism The Jewish house of worship is called a synagogue.
Rabbis (spiritual leaders) conduct services, act as interpreters of Jewish laws, and deliver sermons. Today there are over 18 million followers of Judaism scattered throughout the world. A large number of those people live in the Jewish nation of Israel. Over six million live in the United States. Judaism

19 Jewish Philosophy God is one and unique God is the creator
God is lawgiver God is judge We have the obligation to worship The Torah is God's law The Messiah will come.

20 First Monotheistic Religion
What is _______? History Beliefs Judaism First Monotheistic Religion  Abraham lived over years ago and is the _ of a great nation. First religion to worship led the people out of Egypt to freedom. The ten commandments are the of the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism is the against Jews. was founded as a homeland for Jews. Important to learn the language. Belief that Jews should live and act like people. are the rules to live by. 4,000 father one god. Moses laws prejudice Israel Hebrew God’s 10 Commandments

21 Practices & Traditions
Sacred Writings Places of Worship (Spiritual Places) Practices & Traditions Holidays Judaism Torah is   The is another sacred book. A Temple and are places of prayer and study. A Cantor sings or chants the A means teacher; he/she leads the services. A is always kept burning. The prayer shawl is called the The Yarmulke is is a way to prepare food. Tell what each holiday is: Rosh Hashanah- Yom Kippur- Hanukkah- Passover- The Jewish Laws/ how you should behave Talmud synagogue prayers rabbi light tallit head covering Kosher New Year- repent sins Atonement – make up for sins “fix it” Victory in Israel – menorah Freed from slavery

22 Islam ISLAM is the name given to the religion preached by the prophet Muhammad in the 600s A. D. Muslim is the name given to the people who practice the Islam religion The Islamic religion started in the area known as Palestine in the year 600AD. It has millions of followers, most of them in the region north and east of the Mediterranean Sea.

23 Islamic Philosophy Allah, is the one Islamic God; Monotheistic
Muslims learn that life on earth is a period of testing and preparation for the life to come. Angels record good and bad deeds. People should behave themselves and help others, trusting in Allah's justice and mercy for their reward.

24 The holy book of Islam is the "Koran" or Quran
The holy book of Islam is the "Koran" or Quran. Muslims believe its words to be those of Allah himself, spoken to Muhammad by an angel. Muslims pray five times daily in their mosques (churches). While praying, they face the holy city of Mecca (in Saudi-Arabia) and sometimes kneel with faces to the ground. Islam

25 Islam All Muslims are required to make a pilgrimage
(trip to a sacred place) to Mecca at least once in their lifetime.

26 Dome of the Rock It was completed in , making it the oldest existing Islamic building in the world. The Foundation Stone, is in the center. According to Islamic tradition, this rock is the spot from where Muhammad ascended to Heaven . According to Jewish tradition, the stone is the site where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. An Islamic shrine and major landmark located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel.

27 Monotheistic; Muslims are the people who practice Islam
is the spiritual messenger. is a city of great importance to the Muslim people. Palestine   is the language of the Muslim religion. Allah is the name of the Islamic Muslims dress the same to show determine your after-life. What is _______? History Beliefs Muhammad Mecca Country/land that was given to the Jews Arabic God we are all equal in the eyes of God. Actions

28 (“Koran”) is written in Arabic Mosque: Share some facts:
Sacred Writings Places of Worship (Spiritual Places) Practices & Traditions Holidays Islam (“Koran”) is written in Arabic Mosque: Share some facts: Five are duties a Muslim must perform: Testimony of faith Pray times a day facing Give $$ to the FAST Trip to leads prayer. No alcohol or is a holiday in which daytime fasting is done for 1 month. is a holiday to end the fasting. Gifts are exchanged. Qur’an Friday – holy day Wash when enter; no shoes, boys & girls apart, no statues or pictures pillars 5 Mecca poor Mecca Imam pork Ramadan Eid-al-Fitr


30 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Venn Diagram: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Jesus is divine Trinity Sacraments Ordained Ministry No Sacred Language Church is Holy Building Weekly Holy Day is Sunday Liturgical practice of breaking bread and wine Ongoing revelation One God- God of Abraham Special Relationship with God History of Ancient Hebrews Importance of Prophets Religion is Divided into groups Prayer occurs during religious service Services held in Holy Building Jerusalem is Holy City Hebrew is Sacred Language Canaan is Promised Land God is Adonai Synagogue is Holy Building Holy Day is the Sabbath (Friday Night to Saturday Night) Salvation and Damnation Recitation of Creed Story of Jesus’ Life Arabic Sacred Language Mecca Holy City Muhammad Final Prophet Koran is Holy Book 5 Pillars- To Attain Salvation Dietary Laws Fasting- Ramadan and Yom Kippur Almsgiving Sacred Language God is Allah Mosque is Holy Building Friday prayer Hajj to Mecca

31 Jerusalem: Whose Holy City?
Both groups claim this territory as their Holy Land. The name Jerusalem itself is part Arabic part Hebrew that means city of peace. Wailing wall = believed by many people to be the remains of one wall of a great Jewish temple, which was torn down by the Romans.

32 Buddhism Founding person of Buddhism is Guatama, the Buddha
The Dalai Lama is a Buddhist monk who remains the leader of the Tibetans.

33 Buddhism Buddhism is a major religion in China, Japan, and Tibet.
Buddhism is the second fastest growing religion. 488 million Buddhists worldwide*     *Time Magazine, July 1, 2013

34 The Major Philosophy of Buddhism
Love: without conditions Compassion: or feeling at one with the person who is suffering Sympathetic Joy:Celebrate the happiness of others, and do not resent their good fortune. Impartiality: Treat everyone equally, and do not use others for personal gain or to win approval.

35 The Major Philosophy of Buddhism
Buddhism states that existence is a continuing cycle of death and rebirth called reincarnation. Each person's position in life is determined by his or her behavior in the previous life. This is known as their "karma" (also a Hindu belief).

36 Polytheistic – Many Gods
Buddhism  Polytheistic – Many Gods Guatama was a prince who started the religion and became the A Buddha is a god like figure who has reached A Buddha has realized that sadness and suffering is caused by is the law of Buddhism. is the belief that when you die you are reborn again. The life form you take on is determined by your actions on Earth or your is the place you go when you become a Buddha. What is _______? History Beliefs Buddha enlightenment – left cycle of rebirth wanting Dharma Reincarnation karma Nirvana

37 Tripitaka home Pagoda Dharma NOBLE Lama Monks mind O-bon Vesak
Sacred Writings Places of Worship (Spiritual Places) Practices & Traditions Holidays Sutras Shrines in your Temple Share some facts: wheels are used while praying. Four Truths: desire or wanting creates Show Compassion No Put others Dalai is a spiritual leader. shave their heads. Meditation is to free your of thought. : hang lanterns to guide spirits :Buddha’s birth, death, enlightenment. Tripitaka home Pagoda Dharma Burn incense or candles, Buddha statues Prayer Flags. Bodhi trees, lotus flowers NOBLE Gossip bullying First – think, speak, act Lama Monks mind O-bon Vesak

38 Hinduism HINDUISM is one of the world's oldest polytheistic religions.
Over 2/3's of the world's Hindus live in India; large numbers reside in Africa also.

39 Hindu Beliefs Hindus believe in many gods, numbering into the thousands. They recognize one supreme god called Brahman (the Absolute). Hindus believe in a continuous process of rebirth called "reincarnation."

40 Hindu Beliefs At death, the Hindu's deeds (karma) determine what the next life will be. Followers work to break this cycle--birth, death, re-birth-- (referred to by writers as the "Wheel of Life") and gain release. The Hindu's soul then merges with Brahman in a condition of spiritual perfection (moksha). This is the goal of Hindus.

41 Hinduism Hinduism has many sacred books, the oldest being a series called the "Vedas.“ Traditional Hindu society was divided into groups of four classes (or varnas). This was known as the "caste system."

42 What is _______? History Beliefs Hinduism OLDEST; Polytheistic   is the country where Hinduism is primarily practiced. System divides people into classes and doesn’t allow them to cross the lines. was a great leader who preached tolerance and nonviolence. is the divine God. and Shiva are also Gods. Cows are believed to be and beef is not eaten. is when you have left the cycle of reincarnation (samsara). India Caste Gandhi Brahman Vishnu sacred Moksha

43 Practices & Traditions
Sacred Writings Places of Worship (Spiritual Places) Practices & Traditions Holidays Hinduism are written in the language of Sanskrit. Temple called a Mandir. Share some facts: Shrines can be found in a person’s The forehead is marked with a bindi –dot- or tilak to: Sacred River: Raksha Bandhan: A Rakhi is a given to a sibling to show commitment. ;festival of lights to honor the God of wealth & good fortune. ;return of spring Vedas Upanishads No shoes; wash feet, bells, statues washed, Flowers, incense, candles home Good Luck; be humble Before prayer Marriage Ganges Honor your siblings bracelet Divali Lakshmi Holi

44 Religious Symbols Christianity Hinduism Buddhism Judaism Islam

45 How much have you learned?
Hopefully you understand religions better and we can avoid conflicts and come to peaceful resolutions. Focus on similarities not differences.

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