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Steering a Community Towards Zero Waste A Case Study: Ocean Beach, CA.

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1 Steering a Community Towards Zero Waste A Case Study: Ocean Beach, CA

2 Population of 1.2 million single-familyProvides free waste and recycling collection to single-family homes only Budget Problems = Poor Recycling Program City of San Diego

3 San Diego landfill is due to close in 2012 Just meeting AB939 mandate at 52% No multifamily or commercial recycling program

4 Zero Waste San Diego Committee within the San Diego Chapter of CRRA Two sections –Policy –Programs Comprised of volunteers Grassroots basis Its not about imposing things from the top down. Its really about building them up from the bottom Alan Keyes

5 Ocean Beach: Background Population of 27,000 low to medium density More renters than owners Progressive beach community including business owners

6 Ocean Beach: Background Approximately 120 businesses Community residents are socially active and liberal

7 Ocean Beach: Challenges Approximately 35% diversion rate Commercial rent are rising –Concerned about additional costs, including recycling

8 Goals of Initiative 1.Create a Zero Waste Community 2.Educate and train community leaders 3.Implement model to the rest of the city

9 Create a Zero Waste Community Blue out the Businesses Add a recycling bin to each waste bin –On the streets, parks and beaches Green out the Community –Food Waste Collections For the businesses, farmers markets, events, residents –Community Gardens –Promote composting and vermi-composting Reuse Events Educate

10 Strategy Identify Stakeholders Organized Groups Citizens

11 Organized Groups Town Councils, Planning Boards, Main Street Association (Business Industry) and Green Businesses Met with each group Educated them about zero waste Asked them to adopt our zero waste resolution Asked them to write a letter to the City Council asking them to adopt our zero waste resolution Assigned a liaison

12 Citizens Created an interactive listserv Showed two movies with a meeting afterwards at a Public Library –An Inconvenient Truth –Our Synthetic Seas Hosted a zero waste workshop –60 people attended –City Attorney spoke –Gained 14 volunteers –Divided in 3 sections (Commingled, Reuse/Repair, Organics) Sent out press releases to all the media outlets asking for volunteers and concerned citizens Host booths at events, Earth Day, farmer markets

13 Implementation Meet with volunteers to brainstorm ideas and events for the next year Divided tasks into three groups –Commingled –Reuse/Repair –Organics

14 Commingled Applied for DOC grant –Blue out the businesses –Blue out the community –Community Outreach

15 Blue Out the Businesses Blue Out the Businesses Based on San Luis Obispo's model Have the haulers on board –All 3 haulers are in the community –Set up collections as we meet with each business Have the businesses on board Purchase bins to place in and outside the businesses Provide educational material

16 Blue Out the Community Make Sure On Board –Environmental Services –Park and Recreational –Community Organization Purchase community appropriate bins for the streets, beaches and parks Organize collection on the spot

17 Outreach Host a booth at farmer markets and other special events Door to door education Provide workshops and local talks Articles in local newspapers and business newsletters Zero Waste!

18 Reuse/Repair Reuse Fair 2 times a year October and May Large yard sale for residents only with limitations Provide booths for education –Local non-profits –City of San Diego Hazmat Provide booths for item drop offs –Running shoes –Eyeglasses/sunglasses –CDs Offer repair workshops –Eyeglasses –Shoes

19 Organics Green out Businesses –Provide food collections for the businesses Obstacles – where to put it? Food waste collection at farmer markets and special events –Provide bins and collection Master composting classes Sell composting and vermi- composting bins

20 Refresh our comprehensive plan Engage other communities with our model Next Steps

21 Thank You! Zero Waste San Diego

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