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Qing Hai, China 4/13 Earthquake CARITAS TAIWAN Immediate Response.

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1 Qing Hai, China 4/13 Earthquake CARITAS TAIWAN Immediate Response

2 After the earthquake, the collaborators of CARITAS TAIWAN in China immediately responded to the needs of the victims.

3 The following goods were brought and distributed to the victims: pieces quilts - $90/piece (7 pounds heavy) pieces cotton-padded jackets – $80/piece pairs of leather shoes - $25/pair 4.46 cotton padded jackets for small boys which were donations of of Houston Association in the previous relief operations were also distributed cotton-padded jackets for small girls

4 Food commodities were also distributed: 1.Mineral Water – 1,000 boxes (12 bottles/box) 2.Instant Noodles – 500 boxes (20 pcs/box) 3.Cookies – 37 boxes (32packs/box) 4.Cookies – 63 (20packs/box) 5.Bread – 50 boxes (22 packs/box) 6.Cookies – 50 boxes (20pcks/box) 7.Pickled Vegetables – 45 boxws (200packs/box) 8.Canned Meat – 30 boxes (26 cans/box) 9.Canned Ham – 30 boxes (150 pcs)

5 Medicines were also distributed: 1.Medicine for colds – 5,760 pads 2.Ampicillin – 4,000 pads 3.Paste Medicine – 5,000 pcs 4.Medicine for colds – 4,480 pads 5.Oitment – 1,200 pcs 6.Eye Drops – 390 pcs 7.Bandage rolls 8.Gauze – 7,000 pcs 9.Cotton stubs – 10 packs 10.Merthiolate – 100 bottles 11. Iodine – 100 bottles 1.Aspirin – 500 pads

6 Other commodities were also distributed: 1.Lysol – 40 boxes (1,200 bottle/box) 2.Tent – 6 pcs 3.Quilt – 100 pcs 4.40 pcs – goatskin blanket

7 Shoes and other commodities

8 Preparing the good for delivery

9 Preparing the goods for delivery

10 Loading & unloading… boxes of food & bottled water

11 The government is regulating the entrance of vehicles to the disaster sight for safety but priority is given to vehicles delivery relief assistance.

12 Relief assistance were distributed in the villages that were not reached by the governments assistance.

13 CARITAS volunteers are working long hours to deliver relief assistance as soon as possible.


15 CARITAS TAIWAN volunteers in China

16 We are thankful to our collaborator - the Lama Leader, Ding Zeng Dou Jie Ren Bo Qie, who drove us to the disaster sight.

17 Latest Update The government transported more that 300 casualties to Cheng Dou Hospital. CARITAS volunteer, Bro. Yi, who is accompanying the patients said that the victims also suffered severe psychological traumas. Bro. Yi is now recruiting volunteers who could speak local Tibetan language to help accompany the victims.

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