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Where did the Industrial Revolution begin

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1 Where did the Industrial Revolution begin
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin? What were the conditions which supported its development? To what areas of Europe did the revolution spread and why?

2 Describe the American Manufacturing Belt
Describe the American Manufacturing Belt. When and how did this region develop? What impact has post-Fordism and deindustrialization had on this region?

3 What is outsourcing. What is offshore production
What is outsourcing? What is offshore production? Choose an industry (televisions, Nike shoes, etc.) and discuss the global division of labor.

4 Does shifting to a post-industrial society necessarily lead to economic decline in a country? What changes in economy and what effects does the shift have on the structure of the labor force and on regional economies based on primary, secondary, and tertiary activities?

5 Discuss the rise of technopoles in the United States
Discuss the rise of technopoles in the United States? What do they produce? What locational features stimulate their development? What role do they play in the global economy?

6 Specific economic activities have long been concentrated in particular places. Two new economic concentrations are special manufacturing export zones and high technology corridors. What exactly are these two new concentrations? In what kind of areas do they develop? Why? How are they connected?

7 The tertiary sector of economic activity is often broken down into three categories. Identify the categories. How is this tied to deindustrialization? What was the relation between the rise of these tertiary activities and the explosion of high-technology usages in the past couple of decades?

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