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Shore Track Officials’ Association

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1 Shore Track Officials’ Association
2009 Track and Field Rules Examination

2 2009 Track and Field Rules Examination
During the review of the 2009 Exam, several questions raised discussion among the members. While the answers on this test are taken from the NFHS key, questions that may be subject to additional interpretation and/or scrutiny have their answers in pink.

3 Competitors and Entries
1. Cross country uniform rules are applied the same as the general track uniform rules and those for relay team uniforms. True 4-3-1,2 - Pg 25,26 9-6 – Pg 70

4 Competitors and Entries
2. In cross country, if there is a discrepancy in course markings, directional flag markings take precedence over any other course markings. True 9-1-2 – Pg 66

5 Competitors and Entries
3. A contestant is any athlete entered in the meet. In a track event, he/she becomes a competitor when reporting to the starting line. False (reporting to Clerk/Field Event Judge) 4-1-1, – Pg 24

6 Competitors and Entries
4. Each contestant in track and field shall be responsible for obtaining a contestant number (if provided) and knowing the time schedule. True 4-1-4 – Pg 24

7 Cross Country 5. In cross country, a competitor shall wear the assigned, unaltered computer chips when these devices are used in the meet. True 9-6-5 – Pg 71

8 Cross Country 6. Ties in team scoring for cross country shall be resolved by comparing sixth-place finishers from the tying teams. True 9-2-4 – Pg 67

9 Cross Country 7. Once the teams have been called to the cross country starting line by the starter for final instructions, no further run-outs shall be permitted. True 9-4-4 – Pg 69

10 Cross Country 8. In a cross country meet using computer chips on both shoes, it is acceptable for the meet management to still use the torso to determine the order of finish. False 9-3-3 – Pg 67

11 Discus, Shot Put and Javelin
9. It is a foul if, during the approach in the javelin, and before releasing the implement, the tail of the javelin touches the runway. False – Pg 50

12 Discus, Shot Put and Javelin
10. The time at which the preliminaries in each throwing event must be concluded or completed should be set by the games committee. True 3-2-4d – Pg 15 6-2-3 – Pg 41

13 Discus, Shot Put and Javelin
11. If the competitor puts the shot and it lands on the sector line, it is an unsuccessful throw. True 6-5-9f – Pg 47

14 Field Event Officials True 3-10-1 – Pg 21 3-19-1,2 – Pg 23
12. The field referee/ head field judge or assigned inspector of implements shall inspect the vaulting poles to verify that they are legal equipment. True – Pg 21 3-19-1,2 – Pg 23 7-5-5 – Pg 57

15 Field Event Officials False (Games Committee) 3-2-4g – Pg 15
13. Designated coaching areas where coaches may observe and confer with their athletes during competition may be established by the meet referee False (Games Committee) 3-2-4g – Pg 15

16 True (Multiple references)
Field Event Officials 14. All measurements in field events by the event judge shall be made with non-stretchable tape such as fiberglass, nylon, steel, or a certified scientific measurement device (laser). True (Multiple references) – Pg 46 – Pg 48 – Pg 50 – Pg 55 – Pg 64

17 Field Event Officials True 3-2-4f – Pg 15
15. The games committee may specify the number of jumps and the distance to be measured in the horizontal jumps. True 3-2-4f – Pg 15

18 Field Event Officials 16. The games committee has the authority to determine the competition area. True 3-2-3b – Pg 15

19 Field Event Officials 17. The event judge may determine the time limit and procedure to follow when competitors are excused from a field event to compete in another event. False (Games Committee) 3-2-3o – Pg 15

20 Field Event Officials 18. In the high jump, the games committee does not determine the starting height and successive height of the crossbar. False 3-2-3j – Pg 15

21 Heat and Lane Assignments
19. In first-round competition, runners from the same school who fall within the same heat shall be separated by moving the slower contestant to another heat. True 5-6-4 – Pg 35

22 Jumping Events 20. A passed height in the vertical jumps is considered an unsuccessful trial and shall be counted when determining places in vertical jumps. False 7-4-8 – Pg 54 7-4-17c – Pg 56 – Pg 60 7-5-30c – Pg 62

23 Jumping Events 21. A competitor in the high jump may attempt to clear the bar in any manner, provided the takeoff is from one foot and no weights or artificial aids are used. True – Pg 55

24 Jumping Events 22. The referee shall mark the crossbar position to ensure consistent placement of the crossbar. False Pg 21 7-4-5 – Pg 54

25 Jumping Events 23. Warming up is not permitted in any jumping venue unless supervised by the contestant’s coach or an official, and, in the pole vault, poles have been inspected and approved. True 7-2-9 – Pg 52

26 Jumping Events 24. The pushing of a pole vaulter in his/her back at the takeoff is legal only if it occurs during warm-up False – Pg 52 4-5-8 – Pg 28

27 Jumping Events True 7-3-2b – Pg 53 7-4-17b – Pg 56
25. When there is a tie at any height in the finals of the vertical jumps and all tied competitors have the same number of unsuccessful trials at the height involved, the competitor with the fewest total number of unsuccessful trials throughout the competition shall be awarded the higher place. True 7-3-2b – Pg 53 7-4-17b – Pg 56

28 Jumping Events 26. In the pole vault, it is a foul when the vaulter leaves the ground in an attempt but does not touch the ground or the landing system beyond the vertical plane of the top of the box. True – Pg 61

29 Long and Triple Jumps 27. In breaking ties for places in the horizontal jumps, if the distance resulting from the best performance of competitors is identical, the higher place is awarded to the tying competitor who has the best average of his/her top three jumps. False (2nd best jump) – Pg 65

30 Long and Triple Jumps 28. When approved by the games committee, a competitor may place one or two markers alongside the runway to assist in the run-up and take-off for the long jump and triple jump. True 3-2-4b – Pg 15 7-6-12a – Pg 64

31 Long and Triple Jumps 29. In the horizontal jumps, it is a foul if the competitor, in the process of landing, touches the ground outside the landing pit nearer the foul line than the nearest mark made in the landing pit. True 7-6-13e – Pg 64

32 Long and Triple Jumps 30. In the triple jump, it is a foul if the competitor lands on the opposite foot in the hop phase. True 7-6-13d – Pg 64

33 Marking, Measurements and Timing
31. Hand-held times shall be rounded up/down to the nearest tenth of a second and recorded. False (up only) 3-9-4 – Pg 20

34 Marking, Measurements and Timing
32. The zero point is at the top of the back of the plant box in the pole vault. True – Pg 59

35 Marking, Measurements and Timing
33. Measurements in the shot put shall be to the nearest lesser one-quarter inch or centimeter. True – Pg 48

36 Marking, Measurements and Timing
34. A timing device that operates automatically at either the start or the finish, but not both, is considered fully automatic timing (FAT). False 3-9-5 (Note) – Pg 21

37 Meet Administration 35. An event run entirely on a straightaway may be run in either direction. True 5-1-4 – Pg 29

38 False (Games Committee)
Meet Administration 36. Restricted areas for field events are designated by the event judge. False (Games Committee) 3-2-3b – Pg 15 3-2-4i – Pg 15

39 Meet Administration False (300 – 8 hurdles) 5-3-8 – Pg 33,34
37. The 100-meter, 110 meter and 300-meter hurdle races consist of 10 hurdles. False (300 – 8 hurdles) 5-3-8 – Pg 33,34

40 (after announcement of meet results / Jury of Appeals)
Meet Administration 38. A coach has 30 minutes after the meet to file a protest regarding misapplication of the rules with the meet director. False (after announcement of meet results / Jury of Appeals) 2-3-3 – Pg 14 3-5-3a – Pg 18

41 Meet Administration 39. In high school races, the field can be charged with a false start. False 5-7-4c – Pg 37

42 Pole Vault False (minimum) 7-5-9 – Pg 59
40. In the pole vault, hard or unyielding surfaces such as, but not limited to, concrete, metal, wood, or asphalt around the landing pad, between the planting box and the landing system, shall be padded or cushioned with a maximum of 2 inches of dense foam or other suitable material(s). False (minimum) 7-5-9 – Pg 59

43 Pole Vault 41. Prior to competition, the athletic trainer must verify that all of a school’s pole vaulters meet the requirements pertaining to the vaulters weight and pole rating, pole rating on the pole and maximum top hand-hold position. False (coach) 7-5-3 – Pg 56, 57

44 Pole Vault 42. It is not considered a foul if the competitor aborts the approach and in stopping plants the pole and his/her momentum causes his/her feet to leave the ground. True b – Pg 61 (exception)

45 Pole Vault 43. The maximum top-handhold position of the vaulter is determined by the manufacturer. True 7-5-3 – Pg 56

46 Qualification and Disqualification
44. An American flag, not exceeding 4 x 6 inches, may be placed on the competitors uniform top or bottom. False (2 X 3 inches) 4-3-1c (6) – Pg 25

47 Qualification and Disqualification
45. Removing any part of the uniform, except shoes, in the area of competition as defined by the games committee is illegal. True 4-3-4 – Pg 26

48 Qualification and Disqualification
46. A competitor in track and field is disqualified from the meet if he/she is wearing a uniform with more than one visible manufacturer’s logo on an item while competing. False (from the event) 4-3-1b(4) – Pg 25 4-3-1c(5) – Pg 25 4-4-3 (Penalty)

49 Qualification and Disqualification
47. A teammate within the same section of the 1600-meter run repeatedly speeds up, then drops back to assist a teammate to keep up a pace. The referee may disqualify both competitors from the event for pacing. True (not in race) 4-5-8b – Pg 28

50 Qualification and Disqualification
48. A competitor who fails to comply with the starter’s commands, will be charged with a false start which would disqualify the competitor from the event. True 5-7-4a – Pg 37

51 Qualification and Disqualification
49. After passing the baton the relieved runner jogs straight ahead. An opponent makes contact with the relieved runner. The team of the relieved runner shall be disqualified. False 5-9-8 – Pg 39

52 Records and Special Events
50. The second day of a girl’s heptathlon competition shall begin with the long jump. True 8-1-3 – Pg 65

53 Records and Special Events
51. When the event (s) of the decathlon, pentathlon, and/or heptathlon is conducted, the IAAF point scoring chart shall be used for event scoring purposes unless determined otherwise by the state association. True 8-1(note) – Pg 65

54 Records and Special Events
52. In the long jump and triple jump, when an anemometer (wind gauge) is used, it shall be placed beside the runway 20 meters from the foul line. True – Pg 73

55 Records and Special Events
53. In vertical jumps, a competitor shall be credited with his/her best performance, including if it occurs in a jump-off for first place. True – Pg 73 7-4-17(d)-2-3 – Pg 56 7-5-30(d)-2-3 – Pg 62

56 False (Games Committee)
Relays 54. In relays of 800 meters or longer that are not run in lanes, the clerk of the course determines the method of baton exchange at each station. False (Games Committee) 3-2-3i – Pg 15 – Pg 39

57 Relays 55. When an acceleration zone is permitted, competitors who are the outgoing runners may receive the baton entirely within the limits of the acceleration and exchange zones. False (w/in exchange zones) 5-9-9 – Pg 39

58 (outgoing competitor)
Relays 56. In relays of 800 meters or longer that are not run in lanes, the responsibility is on the exchange judge to place the outgoing runner in a position that corresponds to that of the incoming runner. False (outgoing competitor) – Pg 39

59 Relays 57. If the baton is dropped in the exchange zone, in a legitimate attempt to hand it, only the competitor who dropped the baton, may retrieve it. False (either may retrieve) 5-9-7 – Pg 39

60 (providing no interference)
Running Infractions 58. Competitors who inadvertently run out of their lanes on the straightaway, taking three or more steps on the lane line to either his/her left or right, will be disqualified. False (providing no interference) 5-11-1a – Pg 40

61 Running Infractions 59. If a competitor throws the baton following the finish of the race, the team receives a warning. False (DQ) – Pg 39

62 Running Infractions 60. To avoid getting boxed in and improve his/her position, the runner from Team A moves to the inside of the track by passing a runner and then crosses back in front of the field without interfering with another runner’s stride. Runner A is disqualified for passing on the inside of the track. False – Pg 40

63 Running Infractions 61. A hurdler will be disqualified for running around a hurdle. True 5-13-2e – Pg 41

64 Running Infractions 62. A competitor who knocks down any hurdle is disqualified from the event. False (must be deliberate) 5-13-2b – Pg 41

65 Scoring and Ties 63. When using manual timing in order to break a tie, the time recorded to 1/100th of a second shall be used. False 3-9-4 – Pg 20

66 Scoring and Ties 64. If there is a tie by any number of competitors for any scoring places, the points for tied places shall be added together and divided by the number of competitors who are involved in the tie. True 2-2-4 – Pg 13 7-3-4 – Pg 53

67 Scoring and Ties 65. In a quadrangular meet, the number of places to score in each event, unless otherwise announced by the games committee, shall be three. True 2-1-2 – Pg 13

68 Scoring and Ties 66. If a dual meet, the scoring for individual events is True 2-1-2 – Pg 13

69 Event Start and Conclusion
67. Clerical or team scoring errors may be corrected up to 36 hours after the conclusion of the event False (48 hours after meet) 2-3-1 – Pg 13

70 Event Start and Conclusion
68. It is a starting violation when a competitor is taking too much time to remove warm-ups, slowly getting on the track, slowly getting into his/her “on your marks” position and causing a starting delay. True 5-7-4a – Pg 37 5-7-4e – Pg 37

71 Event Start and Conclusion
69. A race shall be recalled within the first 100 meters if a competitor slips and falls. False (no contact mentioned) 5-7-6 – Pg 37

72 Clerk of the Course 70. The clerk of the course is in charge of recording the name and number of each competitor, assigning competitors to heats and lanes, giving race instructions and checking for legal uniforms. True 3-7-1 & 2 – Pg 18,19

73 Clerk of the Course 71. The clerk of the course has sole authority to make adjustments in heat and lane assignments. False (approval of referee) 3-7-3 – Pg 19

74 (also clerk of the course)
72. The assistant starter has the sole responsibility to announce the lane assignments and hold each competitor responsible for reporting to the starting line. False (also clerk of the course) 3-7-2 – Pg 19

75 Clerk of the Course 73. A running event or heat begins when the contestants report to the clerk of the course. False (starting line) 4-6-1 – Pg 28

76 The Referee 74. The referee’s authority concludes immediately after the last event has concluded. False (30 min after last event) 3-4-2 – Pg 17

77 The Referee 75. The referee may not disqualify a competitor who commits an infraction personally observed by the referee. False 3-4-6 – Pg 17

78 The Referee 76. When a competitor is disqualified, the referee shall notify – or cause to be notified – the competitor or competitor’s coach of the disqualification. True 3-4-5 – Pg 17

79 The Referee 77. The referee is always a member of the jury of appeals.
False 3-2-4(l) – Pg 16

80 The Starter 78. In cross country when conditions dictate, the starter may use whistle/flag commands along with the starting device. True 9-4-4b – Pg 69

81 The Starter 79. The referee is responsible for avoiding unnecessary delay in the continuance of track events. False (starter) 3-6-1 – Pg 18

82 The Starter 80. A coach’s first level of appeal is to the jury of appeals. False (referee) 3-5-2 – Pg 17

83 The Starter 81. During distance races, the assistant starter should take a position on the first turn. True 3-6-3 – Pg 18

84 Throwing Events 82. In the throws or horizontal jumps, the finals are competed in reverse order of performance True 6-2-5 – Pg 42

85 Throwing Events 83. Warming-up in throwing events shall be permitted at any time prior to the competition. False – Pg 42

86 (Should be true – any part of the line is ‘out’)
Throwing Events 84. In the degree throwing sector, the inner edges of the sector lines are within the sector. False 6-5-5 – Pg 47 (Should be true – any part of the line is ‘out’)

87 Throwing Events 85. Competitors in the throwing events may enter and exit the circle without fouling if done before the start of the attempt. True 6-4-9(c) – Pg 45 6-5-9(c) – Pg 47

88 Throwing Events 86. During the shot put, A1 is disqualified for unsporting conduct and all previously recorded throws are thrown out. True 4-5-1 – Pg 27

89 Track and Field Equipment
87. In the javelin throw, the runway should have a minimum length of 120 feet (36.5 meters) and should be marked by 2 parallel lines, feet, 1 ½ inches (4 meters) apart, and terminated by a foul-line arc with a radius of 26 feet, 3 inches (8 meters). True 6-6-3 – Pg 49

90 Track and Field Equipment
88. The landing pad that is preferred for the high jump has two attached sections with a common cover. False 7-4-3 – Pg 54

91 Track and Field Equipment
89. It is the responsibility of the NFHS to perform scientific tests on any specific items of equipment to determine if the equipment poses undue risks to student- athletes, officials or spectators. False (manufacturers responsibility) 5-4 (note) – Pg 34

92 Track and Field Equipment
90. The number to qualify for a final race, the number of heats to choose the qualifiers, and the number of sessions required for preliminary and semifinal heats, shall be determined by the hosting school. False (games committee) 3-2-2 – Pg 15

93 Track and Field Equipment
91. Starting blocks on a curve can be positioned on but not over the outside lane line. True 5-2-4 – Pg 29 5-7-4d – Pg 37

94 Track Officials 92. When a FAT system is used, the games committee may reduce or eliminate the use of timers at the finish line. True (Judges) 3-9-7 – Pg 20

95 Track Officials 93. An umpire on a turn near the finish line should move toward the finish line as the race is ending to watch for infractions. True – Pg 22

96 Track Officials 94. The starting command for individual races or opening relay legs of 800 meters or more outdoors or 600 meters or more indoors is, “On your marks.” True 5-7-3 – Pg 37

97 Track Officials 95. Marshals have the responsibility to keep competition areas free from all persons except officials, contestants and others authorized by the games committee. True 3-12 – Pg 22

98 Uniforms 96. It is a legal garment when a competitor is wearing under his/her uniform top, a turtle-neck shirt of a single, solid color with the school insignia on the collar, which complies with the logo dimension requirements. True 4-3-1(d)1 – Pg 26 9-6-1b(8) – Pg 71

99 Uniforms 97. A relay team reports to the clerk of the course for the 4 x 400 with three team members wearing all-black, one-piece body suits and the fourth member wearing a black top and black shorts. The relay team is wearing legal uniforms. True 4-3-2a – Pg 26

100 Uniforms 98. Headwear is legal unless the games committee determines otherwise and notifies the coaches and officials prior to the start of the meet. True 3-2-4(o) – Pg 16

101 Uniforms 99. A watch, worn around the wrist is not considered jewelry in cross country or track and field. True 4-3-3 (c)– Pg 26 9-6-7 (c) – Pg 72 (False in NJ)

102 Uniforms 100. A competitor’s uniform may include all of the following: school identification, competitor name, a single manufacturer’s logo, an American flag and a commemorative or memorial patch, if all the above comply with the dimension requirements. True 4-3-1 – Pg 25,26 9-6-1 – Pg 71

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