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Tent Pitching.

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1 Tent Pitching

2 Objectives List the main parts of dome tent Setting up of dome tent
List the safety precautions Carry out maintenance of the tent Dismantle and stowage of the tent

3 Items for a Dome Tent Items Qty Roof fly 01 Inner tent 01
Fibre Glass Combination poles (9 pcs) 02 Pegs Nylon Ropes Tent Carry bag, Peg bag, Pole bag 01 each

4 Fibre Glass Combination Poles
Parts of a Dome Tent Roof Fly Inner tent Fibre Glass Combination Poles Carrying Bag Nylon Ropes Pegs/Rope bag Pole bag Pegs

5 Setting up of Dome Tent

6 Site Selection Choosing a safe, well-drained and leveled ground that would allow the tent to be best orientated towards the wind and terrains. Clear any debris which could cause damage to the tent floor The window of the roof fly should face the wind to ventilate the interior of the tent.

7 Job Allocation for pitching
4 man operation An I.C. is to be appointed to take charge No. 1 will collect 5 pegs and 1 nylon rope No. 2 will collect 3 pegs and 1 nylon rope No. 3 will collect 5 pegs and 1 nylon rope No. 4 will collect 5 pegs and 1 nylon rope

8 No.1 & 2 will open the inner tent fully on the ground

9 Open the inner tent fully

10 Extension of the Combination poles
No.3 & 4 will unfold the poles and extend fully 1 2 Push both ends together Always handle poles with care. Unfold them, making sure every section connects completely.

11 Extend the combination poles fully
NOTE: Always extend the poles fully before inserting into the tent sleeves

12 With the help of No. 1 & 2, No. 3 & 4 will insert the poles into the sleeve of the inner tent using the “push” method Push the pole into the sleeve Note: Do not pull the sleeve into the poles, if not the tent will crumple together

13 Once both poles are in, the 4 persons standby at each corner, holding the end of the pole

14 No. 3 will tie a ribbon knot (shoe lace method) at the point where 2 poles cross at each other

15 All 4 persons insert the end of the pole into the eyelet located at the 4 corners of the inner tent.
1 2

16 Lift the pole up and insert the end of the pole into the eyelet

17 Push the pegs into the peg slot at a 70° downwards, the peg and the ground should form a triangle.

18 No. 3 & 4 will each peg 1 peg at the strap below the door
No. 3 Peg here No. 4 Peg behind

19 No. 1 & 2 will open the roof fly and get the doors to coincide with the inner tent with the help of No.3 & 4

20 Slowly pull the roof fly over the inner tent
Slowly pull the roof fly over the inner tent. (Take note of the side with window) Combination Pole Roof fly straps to be tie onto the combination poles Roof fly Zipper Main door No.3 No.4 No.2 No.1 Bring from the back / front

21 No. 4 will open the zip of the main doors and No
No. 4 will open the zip of the main doors and No. 3 will remove his boots to enter the tent No.3 No.4

22 Tie ribbon knot @ the cross section
No.3 will stand in the tent and tie a ribbon knot to secure the roof fly to the 2 poles Tie ribbon the cross section Roof

23 All 4 persons will tie the roof fly to the combination poles with ribbon knot
Combination pole below the roof fly

24 4 persons will go to each corner and peg the roof fly to the ground
4 persons will go to each corner and peg the roof fly to the ground. 3 & 4 will need to peg 1 more at the middle side (no door side) of the tent.

25 Each person attach the nylon ropes to the flap of the roof fly using Bowline

26 Each person will measure about 1 meter (2 steps) away to peg the peg for the guy rope
Peg here 2 1

27 Tie the adjustable strap to the peg and push up to tighten (No
Tie the adjustable strap to the peg and push up to tighten (No.1 will give command 1, 2, 3 Up, then all 4 persons will tighten together) Push up to tighten Place the lower end of the rope on the adjustable strap into the peg

28 No.1 must make sure that back door is zip up and use a peg to fix the door straps down to the ground

29 No. 2 will roll the right side of the roof fly door & tie a thumb knot to secure the right roof fly onto the pole near the main entrance Roll inwards Thumb Knot

30 No.3 & 4 will roll up the main door together
Roll inwards No.3 & 4

31 No.1 will peg the left door into the ground
No. 1 will peg the both the front and back door

32 Complete tent (Main Door)
Main Entrance Left roof fly Right roof fly being rolled up Inner Tent Mosquitoes net door Window Guy rope Roof fly flap 6 Pegs for inner tent, 10 pegs for the roof fly and 2 pegs for the both doors

33 Complete tent (Back Door)
Left door Right door Back door Roof fly flap

34 Remove footwear before entering the tent

35 Stowage and Keeping of the Tent

36 Complete tent

37 Pre-dismantling of the tent
No. 4 will pass the bags / items to no. 1 & 2. No.1 will clean the inner tent using a cotton cloth and water No.3 will stand in the tent and remove the 2 knots on the roof

38 No.1 will remove all 18 Pegs, clean it, then place it in the bag

39 No.2 will remove all the ropes and pass it to No.1
Removing all 4 bowlines

40 No.3 will untie all the knots

41 No.4 will zip up all the zips to the centre bottom after he finish cleaning

42 No.1 & 2 will remove the Roof Fly (No. 3 & 4 are to help out)

43 Note: Place the roof fly to the ground first
Note: Place the roof fly to the ground first. All 4 will go to their respective corners of the inner tent and get ready to unplug the poles from the eyelet

44 No. 3 & 4 are to remove the combination poles from the sleeves (1 & 2 are to help removing)

45 No. 3 & 4 will fold the poles and place it in the bag (clean it if it is dirty)

46 No.1 & 2 will fold the roof fly (No.3 & 4 will assist)
Open fully and make the zippers to inline with each other Fold half from right to left Bring the triangular corner to the mid of the other side Fold 1 more time side ways Fold upwards Fold upwards 1 more time

47 Door must get inline and keep them neatly
Pull the 4 corners to tighten the inner tent, make sure both doors inline with each other, then get ready to fold Door must get inline and keep them neatly

48 Fold Half side ways, then fold once more
Fold half from centre Fold half from centre once more, use the carrying bag to measure if the size is right Clean with Cloth

49 Place the roof fly together with the inner tent and roll together
Tie a ribbon knot Keep all items in the bag, including the other 2 small bags

50 Pull both sides together before zipping up

51 Safety Precautions No naked flame or cooking in the tent
Do not throw/play with pegs Do not play with the Combination poles Follow given instructions strictly

52 Maintenance & Care

53 Maintenance Do not expose your tent to open flames, sparks, or extreme heat A tautly pitched tent will minimize the damaging effects of flapping in strong wind In the field, if you pack your tent wet and move to build accommodation make sure you dry your tent as soon as possible.

54 Maintenance Only clean the tent by hand Use a cotton cloth and water
After use, it must be clean and absolutely dry before storing

55 Care Roof fly corners should not be pulled too hard
Apply candle wax on the zip of the carrying bag before use Do not force the zipper of the bag (Pull the zipper together before closing it No eating or drinking in the tent Remove your shoes before entering the tent Do not use the peg to poke the tent

56 Tent Pitching Test Requirements
2 Components of test Setting up (25 min) Dismantling and Stowage (15 min)

57 Conclusion Name all main items of 6-man tent
Name 2 safety measures when pitching the tent Name some don’ts inside the tent How many pegs are needed for inner tent and roof fly

58 Questions…?

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