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1 PRESENTATION OF THE FENIX OUTDOOR GROUP President Martin Nordin 2009-06-24.

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1 1 PRESENTATION OF THE FENIX OUTDOOR GROUP President Martin Nordin 2009-06-24

2 2 BUSINESS CONCEPT The business concept of Fenix Outdoor is to develop and market high quality and low-weight outdoor products through a selected retail network with a high level of service and professionalism to end-consumers with high expectations

3 3 THE HISTORY OF THE FENIX OUTDOOR GROUP 1950:The founder, Åke Nordin starts to develop outdoor equipment 1960:Fjällräven AB is founded 1983:Fjällräven is introduced on the Swedish OTC stock exchange 1998:The logistic centre in Holland is built out in order to serve the whole of Europe 2001:Fjällräven acquires Tierra AB and the three retail chains Friluftsbolaget, Naturkompaniet (Sweden) and Skandinavisk Høyfjellsutstyr (Norway). 2002:Primus is acquired. The Fjällräven Group changes its name to Fenix Outdoor Group. 2003:New logistic and warehouse opened in Holland 2004: Hanwag is acquired 2007: Skandinavisk Høyfjellsutstyr (Norway) sold. 2008:JV established in China. 2009:Naturkompaniet opens up its 21th own shop (totally 28 including franchise).

4 4 ORGANISATION STRUCTURE Fenix Outdoor AB (publ) Retail Natur- kompaniet Natur- kompaniet Brands Fjällräven Tierra CFO Accounting Treasury IT Facilities Accounting Treasury IT Facilities Primus. Hanwag Logistics




8 8 GROUP GOALS Achieve an average profit margin before taxes of at least 10% Achieve a average growth rate of at least 10% per annum in the next five years Become one of the leading players in Europe in outdoor clothing and equipment Fenix Outdoor is aiming at strong international growth while retaining an outstanding profitability

9 9 HOW DO WE REACH OUR LONG TERM GOALS? Fenix Outdoor Group will achieve its goals in two ways A European expansion based on a strong Nordic retail network and strong brands, through organic growth: - Marketing - Use retail feedback - Establish new business on new markets Expanding the brands division through acquiring additional outdoor brands. Use and develop our well-functioning logistic organisation as a platform for further expansion while maintaining profitability and using synergies of scale


11 11 STRONG EUROPEAN MARKET POSITION Germany36,6% 33,6% 33,9% Benelux15,8% 15,7% 16,8% Other Nordic16,9% 18,1% 17,1% Other Europe13,1% 12,5% 12,7% Sweden, excl 11,1% 12,6% 11,4% sales to Naturk. Other markets 6,4% 7,5% 8,1% Share of Net Sales for Brands on different markets 2008 2007 2006 SUMMARY BRANDS 2008 Net sales 708,0 (610,8) MSEK, an increase of 16%. Operating result for Brands 109,6 (99,3) MSEK. 2009 Q1 Net sales 245,5 (179,3) MSEK, an increase of 37%. Operating result 56,7 (43,5) MSEK.

12 12 THE BRANDS DIVISION - FJÄLLRÄVEN The Fjällräven products are distributed through several selected retailers in countries where the company is represented Fjällräven designs and develops a summer- and winter collection each year. Fjällräven has a presence in more than 15 countries Fjällräven has an excellent position to keep strong growth and profitability in the years to come The brand awareness of Fjällräven is high on several European markets.

13 13 THE BRANDS DIVISION - TIERRA The Tierra brand was founded in 1982 and is one of the leading brands in Scandinavia in the segment for high-tech clothing for demanding outdoor activities The products are targeted at end-consumers with a strong interest in outdoor activities and that are expecting high functionality and extremely high quality products Tierra has a presence in Sweden and Norway Tierra is a complement to Fjällräven with technical garments

14 14 THE BRANDS DIVISION - PRIMUS Primus was founded in 1892 and develops outdoor and camping equipment in the segments of boiling, heating and lighting, powered by gas and liquid fuels. The Primus products are targeted at end-consumers demanding portable equipment for extreme conditions. Primus is through pioneering research and development the leading manufacturer of boiling and lighting equipment for the outdoor market. Primus has a world-wide presence Primus largest markets are the USA, Scandinavia and Western Europe.

15 15 THE BRANDS DIVISION - HANWAG The firm Hanwag has been manufacturing Hanwag boots just north of Munich since 1921, gaining a worldwide reputation for the exceptional quality of their boots. Hanwag has a world-wide presence Hanwag´s largest markets are Germany and Holland. Hanwag boots are sold in 16 countries across the world.


17 17 THE RETAIL DIVISION Naturkompaniet 28 stores A retail network of 28 stores in attractive sites in Sweden creates a solid base for growth. New shop opened in Halmstad in September 2008, new franchisestore in Kristianstad, April 2009 and new shop in Stockholm 2009. Focus on selling well-known brands and high-quality products to end-consumers with high expectations of quality and functionality. A unique focus on the outdoor segment offering a wide range assortment of clothing, shoes, equipment, maps etc. is a competitive advantage over other retail networks focusing on general sports goods.

18 18 A BROAD RETAIL ASSORTMENT The retail chains marketing and sells a broad assortment for an active outdoor life: – Clothes (Tierra, Fjällräven, North Face, Patagonia, Haglöfs, Marmot etc.) – Shoes and boots (Hanwag, Meindl, Teva etc.) – Technical equipment (Primus, Silva, Trangia etc.) – Other outdoor equipment including books and maps The complete assortment of outdoor products is a competitive advantage towards other retailers only focusing on sporting goods SUMMARY RETAIL 2008 Net sales 253,1 (234,2) MSEK, an increase of 8%, comp. units +2%. Operating result for Retail 25,9 (24,5) MSEK. 2009 Q1 Net sales 53,1 (43,5) MSEK, an increase of 22%, comp units +20%. Operating result 1,4 (-1,5) MSEK.

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