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Thank You for Joining Us, The Webinar Will Begin Shortly. While you are waiting please check out the Calendar of Events on and sign up for.

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1 Thank You for Joining Us, The Webinar Will Begin Shortly. While you are waiting please check out the Calendar of Events on and sign up for the next WMO

2 Women Accessing Capital Program: National program from WIPPs Women, Money and Opportunity series. The program is designed to educate women business owners on how to secure the money that will support and grow your business.

3 Before we begin … just a few notes: During the presentation lines will be muted so only presenters can be heard. While you are listening please also put your phone on mute Do NOT put your phone on hold – please hang up and call back If having trouble viewing the presentation – please close out and log in using a different browser If your slides are not moving please refresh or log out & then log back in If you have any questions during the presentation, please feel free to enter them into the discussion box on the bottom left of your screen

4 Women Accessing Capital Training: 5 Steps to Grow Your Money… Course Instructor: Camille Gaines

5 Presented by: Camille Gaines Founder, CEO Financial Woman ©2011 WIPP All Rights Reserved

6 5 Steps to Grow Your Money… And Have a Rich Life ©Financial Woman 2012. All rights reserved.

7 Step 1: Develop a Healthy Money Mindset

8 Fewer than two in 10 feel very prepared to make financial decisions According to a 2011 study by Charles Schwab Studies have shown that over 90% of women will be in charge of her own finances at some time during her life In a 2011 study carried out by Catalyst Group, the findings show almost 1 in 3 women endure sleepless nights thanks to financial woes.

9 Forbes articleForbes article The 5 Most Expensive Mistakes Women Make 1: Being emotional about money 2: Losing track of spending 3: Not being money oriented 4: Disregarding the wage gap 5: Believing a man is a plan

10 These mistakes can all be easily resolved by putting some simple systems in place to monitor and grow your money The great news is….

11 Define Your Money Reasons




15 A Fabulous First or Second Home?



18 Assign Time & Dollars Goals Live Congruently Childhood Beliefs Money Habits Your Money Reasons….


20 Step 2 Know Where You Are

21 Get to Know Your Numbers even if someone else handles your finances!

22 Get in the Trenches with Your Numbers!

23 Own and Own Statement Own Responsibility for Current Situation Future Value Are You on Track?

24 Barriers to developing a detailed financial plan include: Lack of time The pull to meet shorter-term financial obligations Lack of knowledge An unmet desire for assistance & help Source: Charles Schwab Retirement Advice Survey Dec 2011


26 Invest in You! Give your money the time and attention it deserves so you can have financial security!

27 Create Positive Cash Flow Step 3

28 Money Flowing In-Money Flowing Out

29 Track Each Month Increase Income or Reduce Spending Brainstorm! Cash Flow Bliss

30 Are You on Track?

31 Income Has More Upside Creating Income Invites Growth Its More Fun How Can You Add Income Now? Increasing Income


33 Relates to your: Money Reasons Net Worth Cash Flow Start an Income Idea Journal:

34 What Did You LOVE To Do as a Child?

35 Debbi Fields at age 20 Estee Lauder -sold products made by her uncle but later branded them Coco Chanel Oprah Winfrey Anita Roddick Mary Kay Ash Kendra Scott Amilya Antonetti Think Income & Passion!

36 Spending Relate to Money Goals? Budget Spending Plan Spend Consciously! Savvy Smart Spending

37 Hmmm…another pair of shoes or??? Its your choice!

38 Think Gratitude Not Lack

39 Schedule it on the calendar, then reward yourself after your Monthly Cash Flow Calculation !

40 Put Your Money Work for You Step 4


42 Camilles 1% Principle DECIDE: Self Manage/Not Monitor & Evaluate Simple Index Strategy

43 Your Own Business Rental Real Estate Potential Tax Benefits Income Generation Consider Alternative Investments

44 When you Know How to Manage Your Money…. You Have Taken a Huge Step toward Financial Security

45 Be Aware of Trends Step 5

46 Remember big hair & shoulder pads? Will they be back?

47 Everyones in love/buying it Several years of out performance Price is way out of the range of historical valuations Charts are showing its overbought This time is different

48 Could you use some help?

49 Please accept my gifts as a thank you for your presence today…

50 1st Chapter Earn Grow Give Money Flow Chart & Grow Your Money Video Series 20 Minute Free Strategy Session ©Financial Woman 2012. All rights reserved.

51 512-418-8894

52 Question and Answer ©2011 WIPP All Rights Reserved Camille Gaines CEO, Financial (512) 418- 8894 Please enter any questions you may have in the discussion function on the lower left hand side of the screen or email them to me directly at

53 ©2011 WIPP All Rights Reserved Thank You For Participating! Your feedback is important to us! Take a moment to share your thoughts on the brief Feedback Survey that will accompany the presentation links via email. This call will also be posted on, under the resources tab.

54 Entrepreneurs, Energy & Environment (E3) WIPP Gateway Program for Opportunities in Energy & Environment Give Me 5 WIPP Gateway Program for Federal Contracting Women Accessing Capital WIPP Gateway Program for Securing Funding Powered by WIPP Education Foundation: Women And Technology Today WIPP Gateway Program for Understanding Technology in Business. Women, Money and Opportunity brings resources and a wealth of knowledge from experts within the WIPP community to educate women business owners.

55 ©2011 WIPP All Rights Reserved 1-888-488-WIPP WIPP is a national nonpartisan public policy organization, advocating on behalf of nearly 1 million women-owned businesses representing 58 business organizations.

56 Get Involved! Join a policy issue committee and learn how policy can impact your business growth Make your voice heard - become a member of our national Instant Impact Advocacy Team Participate in our educational series – unlimited opportunities for you and your staff Receive weekly policy updates and briefings 1-888-488-WIPP Questions? Contact WIPP Staff Program Specialist: AnnaKate Kallay (415) Small Business Policy Analyst: Matt Boyle (415) Membership Coordinator: Hannah Starkel (415) WIPP, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information provided in the Women and Technology Today courses. WIPP, Inc. is not responsible for and expressly disclaim all liability for damages of any kind or nature, whether direct or indirect, including but not limited to, consequential, compensatory, actual or incidental, arising out of the use, reference or reliance on information provided in the Women and Technology Today courses. ©2011 WIPP All Rights Reserved 1-888-488-WIPP

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