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IOT and XC-skiing 2012-02-09 Swedish Institute of Computer Science Christer Norström, CEO.

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1 IOT and XC-skiing Swedish Institute of Computer Science Christer Norström, CEO

2 Technique


4 Classical & Free technique Varying terrain and conditions Multiple techniques with frequent transitions Different involvement upper body and legs P hysiological & B iomechanical C hallenge MOTORIC ELDORADO

5 FREE TECHNIQUE EE TEKNIK 1.5 K SPRINT= transitions 10 K = transitions © H.-C. HOLMBERG

6 Max. speed: 12.8 m s -1 Min. speed: 2.9 m s -1 Average speed: ~ 8 m s -1 © H.-C. HOLMBERG E. Jönsson Sprint race


8 My understanding of the skiing market place Parameters Training techniques and methodology Material –Skis Bindings Structure Waxes and waxing methods –Poles Length, stiffness, … –Shoes, …. Biomechanics - Skiing technique Physiology Ways of working Competitors Norway Russia Finland Germany Italy … Dependent on each other…

9 There has never been such a small gap between people, technology, applications and business as NOW!!! –What does this imply?

10 The XC-trainer from the lab to the field

11 Gear 2 accelerations left/right (Hampus)

12 Gear 3 acceleration left/ right (Hampus)

13 Anders Markus Hampus Gear 2 – roller skiis Model

14 Jakob Stian Jesper Gear 2 – snow

15 Double poling


17 XC-trainer First version – Logger – intelligent training log – Tool for development of strategic skiing skills – Operator station for trainers – Some KPIs Energy usage Symmetry Variability Mass follow class!

18 Tool One sensor mounted at the body – Real-time feedback Off-line tool – Off-line analysis – Trainer tool for following and provide feedback for the the skier in the terrain

19 Tool Professionals Trainers Amateurs Real-time Off-line NOW! Soon! Research!



22 Virtual time measuring stations

23 First Demo ever!

24 IOT - Applications E-health –Eg. home care Well being –Eg. Tools for reflexion of your own health Performance och learning –Eg. Violin player, Heart rate monitors Same technical infrastructure but different market and regulations

25 Technical structure Smart phone In the field Big Data Data analysis Services Processing Storage Services Sharing

26 Challenges Building robust applications is not easy –Sensors –Smartphones-apps battery consumption –Smart feedback to users –Cloud solutions (storage, users, payment,..) –Connection to Social networks Scalable support –Light weight infrastructure (from 2 users to many)

27 Multidisciplinary team Skiing and physiology expertise –H-C Holmberg Users: Elite senior and junior skiers –Daniel Rikardsson, Thomas Stöggl, Markus Lejon, Jesper Norström Mathematical modelling –Anders Holst –Arndt Jonasson Bio mechanics –Martin Eriksson –Thomas Stöggl User interaction –Jakob Tholander Programming –Johan Kraft –Daniel Flemström Project management, facilitator, integrator, coordinator,… –Christer Norström

28 Thanks! This project is sponsored by Swedish Olympic Committee, Peak Innovation, Robotdalen, Nationellt Vintersportcentrum and SICS! The project is part of Swedish Internet of Things initiative, the vision of an Internet which not only connects people but also things in a meaningful context for a good life!

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