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Pre-Departure Orientation. Passport and Visas Study Away MUST HAVE A PHOTOCOPY of your passport on file If your passport is expired or within a year of.

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1 Pre-Departure Orientation

2 Passport and Visas Study Away MUST HAVE A PHOTOCOPY of your passport on file If your passport is expired or within a year of expiring, get it renewed immediately – Be sure to check the expiration date of your passport! Student Visasapplications and requirements for visas will vary by country; it is your individual responsibility to obtain your travel documents – Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete the visa process Your Program Director has registered you online with the U.S. Department of State – In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, the U.S. Embassy will know which Americans are in the country

3 Communication, Can you Hear Me Now? Social Networking Skype International Phone Cards Cell Phones Global SIM Cards Try to limit yourself to a maximum of one hour per day corresponding with friends and family back home

4 Packing, to Bring or Not to Bring? Weight – As light as possible! Documents – Passport, visa, plane tickets Clothing – As few as possible! Medications – Keep meds in original bottles, put what you dont need immediately in your checked luggage Seasons – Know the season, sometimes its easier to buy stuff as you need it Shoes – Stick with comfort, not fashion, the fewer pairs the better Extras – Do without them… Souvenirs – …because youll bring home lots of these!

5 Student Scenario 1 You get terribly sick in the middle of the night and you think that you may need to go to the doctor. What do you do? Who do you contact? What documents will you need? What other factors should you be prepared for?

6 Moral of the Story… Monitor your health, do not push yourself. Know where to find the nearest medical facility BEFORE you get sick. Understand your health insurance policy and how to use it. Notify your on site staff so that they can assist you if necessary. They are there to help. Remember, the 24 hour convenience store is an American phenomenon, so plan accordingly.

7 Student Scenario 2 You and your friends have been out to a few pubs Friday night and the group decides to go to one last bar for the evening. One of your friends is pretty drunk and the bouncer will not to let your friend enter because he is too drunk. What do you do?

8 Moral of the Story… Consuming alcohol and taking drugs is a personal choice and is at your own risk. Know the alcohol and drug laws of your host country The drinking culture is different in every country, know the customs before you consume Being a foreigner will NOT give you any leniency against the laws of your host country Be smart about the amount you consume, know your limits. Always keep your inhibitions, you ARE in a foreign place. Use common sense when going out, do not go out alone, do not leave friends alone.

9 Student Scenario 3 You are invited to a local persons home for dinner along with a couple of other western students. How do you dress? How do you react if they serve you food that you cannot, or do not want to, eat? What are ways that can you do to express your gratitude even without knowing the language?

10 Moral of the Story… Know the local customs. Do your research to understand a little bit about your countrys culture. Be respectful of local customs. If the dress is more conservative, its more appropriate to follow the local dress code. Be willing to try new foods! Be respectful if a local family prepares you a meal. You can politely refuse food if you must, but do so in a sensitive manner thats culturally appropriate.

11 Lets Talk about Culture

12 Culture is… Values, beliefs, norms, customs, and other forms of behavior shared by member of a social group over a period of time. EVERYTHING humans have created, both tangible and abstract – Stuff: tools, art, technology, music, structures, etc. – Organization: Families, clans, clubs, nations, etc. – Ideas: Values, religion, law, politics, games, etc.

13 Concept of Self Notion of Modesty Religious Rituals Importance of Time Rules of Social Etiquette Nature of Friendship Concept of Personal Space Concept of Fairness Concept of Beauty Music Holiday Customs Work Ethic Religious Beliefs Gestures Food Art Facial Expressions Based on Activities in Whats Up With Culture at

14 Is it Natural to Do What We Do? Almost all human behavior has been culturized. Because we tend to think our behavior is natural, we tend to think its natural for everyone else.

15 Ethnocentrism The belief that ones own way of doing things is the right way. An ethnocentric way of thinking can lead us to develop

16 American Culture?

17 You see what you expect to see, and what you expect to see is what your culture taught you to expect. -Dirk Van der Elst, 2003

18 Culture Shock W Curve

19 Welcome to the Real World Studying abroad is not an extended vacation. Other countrys concept of customer service is different from the U.S. Expect to feel confused, frustrated, and awkward at least for the first several weeks. You will question your values as an American and may even loathe the U.S. after awhile. Not having language proficiency doesnt mean that you cant express how you feel. Dont be afraid to make mistakes…because you will.

20 The purpose of higher education is its liberating effect. -Dirk Van der Elst, 2003

21 BearWHERE? Study Away Student Photo Contest Submit photos of you studying abroad in your BearWear starting in August! Great Prizes Awarded for 1 st, 2 nd, and 3 rd place photos! Photos will be judged on: Creativity of incorporating BearWear Sense of place or country Artistic Interpretation Study Away student blog: Welcome Home Re-Entry Events in September! Insert BearWear Here!

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