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Fall, 2013 SPCD 527: Assessment for Diverse Exceptional Learners.

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1 Fall, 2013 SPCD 527: Assessment for Diverse Exceptional Learners

2 Please check, just in case…

3 Topic: Introduction August 20, 3013

4 Announcements 1.Syllabus sent to your mail via Banner system. 2.I will update schedule throughout the semester. 3.Readings will be added to e-reserves as semester progresses. 4.Additional readings will be posted by colleagues to

5 A Work in Progress… Four year hiatus, 2009-2012 LLSS 568, SPCD 568L, SPCD 593 Curriculum mapping, Fall 2013 New opportunity to: Reconsider essential questions Develop better framework Obtain student input Use new development process

6 E-reserves password assess527

7 Recurring Elements APA Tip of the Day Short interactive presentations Work sessions Small and whole group discussions Student responsibility for sharing resources Options for readings Quick writes Minute papers Qualitative mid-semester evaluation UNM Web site ( Wiki:

8 Quick questions or quandaries?

9 Julia Ann Scherba de Valenzuela, Ph.D.

10 Inquiring Minds Want to Know 1.What are you drinking? Tea 2.What are you wearing? Shoes 3.What are you doing? Listening

11 Questions? Need appointment? (505) 867-5309

12 Office Hours Fridays, 4-7, Satellite on University, just north of Lomas. Mondays (odd weeks of the semester), 3- 4:30, HH 254 Wednesdays (even weeks), 4-5, HH 254 Make an appointment beforehand. Tell me a range of days and times and Ill let you know when my next available appointment is.

13 Who are you? I am… I am a… Procedures: 1.Make a list. 2.Make a pie.

14 Quick Write: To what extent do you think most people see you as you see yourself. How might that be the same? How might that be different? Why?

15 Text, lies, and videotape. Volunteer? Read aloud. Whole group: Your thoughts? Small group: What does this have to do with assessment? Whole group: Where do you/we go from here this semester?

16 Topic: How disability gets constructed: The power of language Read: Peter (2000) AND Haller, Dorries, & Rahn (2006) Looking ahead:

17 Please take a minute for the minute paper.

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