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GIVING GAME Date Your name Name of your organization (if any) Your organizations website.

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1 GIVING GAME Date Your name Name of your organization (if any) Your organizations website

2 What is a Giving Game? Giving Games let you donate real money to great charities Sponsored by a donor who asked himself: How can I maximize the impact of my charitable giving? Pick the best charity that uses the money most effectively. Look for ways to multiply your impact: get more people involved Solution: let a group of smart people decide which charity can use the money to do the most good Win-win: the group helps find the best charity while getting experience with charitable giving and the considerations involved in charity selection – without having to invest their own resources

3 Schedule 1. Why Against Malaria Foundation and GiveDirectly? 2. Presentation: Against Malaria Foundation 3. Presentation: GiveDirectly 4. Questions and Discussion 5. Vote 6. Announce the Winner!

4 Why these two charities? Recommended by top charity evaluator GiveWell AMF and GiveDirectly are GiveWells top two recommended charities Both organizations have received thorough scrutiny as part of GiveWells research process


6 Malaria – the humanitarian problem Half a billion fall ill each year – over a million die 70% of deaths are children under 5 Every 30 seconds, a child dies of malaria It is the single largest killer of pregnant women

7 Malaria – the development problem 90% of malaria deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa For every $1 million spent on fighting malaria, Africas GDP improves by $12 million Malaria might be the single greatest obstacle to economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa

8 Malaria – a solvable problem It has been solved: eg. Bhutan reduced malaria rate by 98% between 1994 – 2010 $35 billion – estimated price for a malaria-free world "I'd be disappointed if within 20 years we're not very close to eradicating this globally, Bill Gates, 2011

9 The Against Malaria Foundation So, we have good reason to want to protect against malaria... This is were The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) comes in! Founded in 2004 so people could fundraise 'against malaria' in whatever way they wished Aim to protect communities against malaria With the guiding principles of efficiency, transparency and demonstrating impact

10 How does it work? 1. 100% of your donation goes directly to purchasing bed-nets 2. AMF buy bed-nets at lowest price in the world 3. Partners distribute the bed-nets to communities at no cost 4. Bed-nets are over heads and beds! 5. Videos and photos follow - and you find out where your donation helped to provide protection against malaria

11 Why is this so great? Prevention There is no cure. Treatment can work if patient treated quickly. But in rural Africa... diagnosis is difficult, theres a lack of medicine, medicine is expensive and mosquitoes become resistant. Nets People are most commonly bitten at night Cheap Easily distributed Have positive externalities

12 Why is this so great? The nets... family-sized on average are used by 2 people insecticidal Kills mosquitoes – so indirectly lowers risk to whole community Long-lasting The insecticide last up to 5 years, the nets much longer The cheapest in the world, so far on average US$4.32 Every $100 raised equals 25 nets in place and 45 to 50 people protected Show where all the nets go and monitor their use and impact


14 Cost-Effectiveness A clear focus on a specific intervention Reduce illness and prevent deaths Potential impact on lives saved or improved per dollar is high AMFs costs are exceptionally low a lean organisational structure, significant leveraging of technology pro bono partnership and distribution partner model Ensure the potential impact of distributing nets is realised

15 At least a million people die from malaria each year Some put the estimates as high as 2.7 million. Malaria can be eradicated Malaria can certainly be reduced to dramatically lower levels than exist today. Itll be hard and more money is needed. Via The Against Malaria Foundation you help protect two people for just $4 and (excluding all other benefits) save a childs life for ~$2000 ! As you might have guessed... theres room for more donations! AMF have significantly expanded the number of opportunities and in a good position to fund a large number of nets in early 2013 (

16 1. What does it do? How does it work? 2. Why should you give-directly?

17 What does GiveDirectly do? GiveDirectly began in Cambridge, MA in 2008 GiveDirectly is focused exclusively on giving to the poorest possible households at the lowest possible cost. Rarieda District in Western Kenya



20 How does it work? 1. You donate through their website. 2. They locate poor households in Kenya. 3. Your donation is transferred electronically to a recipient's cell phone. 4. The recipient uses the transfer to pursue his or her own goals.

21 Locating households 1. They use census data to select regions of Kenya with high poverty rates. 2. Villages are selected with low-quality housing and access to a phone-based payment service. 3. The poorest households in these villages are located 4. GiveDirectly record these households' phone numbers or, for those who do not have cell phones, provide them with a SIM card to register. 5. They use a rigorous process of audits to prevent mistakes or fraud.

22 Selecting the poorest Households must live in homes made out of mud, wood, and grass. Highly correlated with acute poverty Includes households living in tents in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps. Transparent: straight-forward to explain criteria for transfers, minimizing tension in community Easy to verify: field teams can easily be held accountable as adhering to the eligibility conditions.

23 Where does the money go? Total of $1,000 over one to two years per recipient household, or $200 per household member for the average household. 732 recipient households to date Fair. Potentially transformative.

24 Where does the money go?

25 Impact Households can use the money for whatever is most important to them. Follow-up interviews: Common uses include: installing a tin roof buying food paying education and medical expenses starting or expanding businesses (rearing chickens, vending (clothes, shoes, vegetables, charcoal, etc.), agricultural enterprises)

26 Impact

27 Why should you givedirectly? 1. Proven effectiveness 2. Positive effects on the health of children

28 Why should you givedirectly? 3. Long term impact 4. The poor do not abuse cash as predicted by derogatory stereotypes

29 Questions and Discussion Would you like to know more about one of the charities? Ask the presenters! Why do you think we should give the money to one charity rather than the other?

30 VOTE Please fill out your ballot now!

31 Who can help you compare charities?

32 GIVING GAME Your name Name of your organization (if any) Your organizations website

33 Privacy Policy Comments and Feedback When discussing Giving Games on his website or in other contexts, our sponsor might include quotes from the discussion or the feedback forms well ask you to complete after the voting. This would be done by saying something like One participant said that the money should go to Charity A because of X, Y, Z; peoples names will be kept strictly anonymous. Audio recording: Our sponsor is taping as many Giving Games as he can, so he can improve future Games, and generate interest in his project among people like academics, non-profit experts, and other donors. We want to protect your privacy, so anyone who might be allowed to listen to a tape would be required to treat it as confidential material.

34 About the Donation The donation will be provided by Jon Behar, founder of A Path Thats Clear Donations made through a Donor Advised Fund, containing money earmarked for charity, to provide record keeping To keep the donation tax-deductable, we have to say that Giving Games should not be considered a legally-binding obligation… but the donations will be made! Receipts are available upon request. Visit to learn more

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