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College Mentoring for Access and Persistence Professional Development Workshop.

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1 College Mentoring for Access and Persistence Professional Development Workshop

2 Professional Development Workshop Page 2 Agenda Business Basics 3 Steps to Success: Greetings, Elevator Pitches and Conversations The Handshake Making Connections Dress for Success Global Etiquette and Awareness What is Etiquette? Global Etiquette Media Etiquette Email Education Resume Speed Dating Mock Interviews Virtual Marketing Media Conversation Meals Putting it all together: Networking Reception

3 Business Basics 3 Steps to Success: Greetings, Elevator Pitches and Conversations

4 Professional Development Workshop Page 4 Handshakes DOs: Solid grip Shake firmly, once or twice Observe (if they are disabled or injured, how are other people greeting them?) Make eye contact PRACTICE! DONTs: The bone-crusher The two-hander The slippery fish The half hug/kiss/head bump

5 Professional Development Workshop Page 5 Making Connections DOs: Introduce yourself, use your elevator pitch Use your personality/have a positive attitude Sit with people you do not know! Take notes, follow up with emails and questions DONTs: Engage in sensitive topics (politics, religion, sexuality) Talk negatively, or gossip (i.e. instead of I dont like..., try, I prefer...) Spend too much time with one person Just shake hands/be shy Activity: Elevator Pitch

6 Elevator Pitch Activity

7 Global Etiquette and Awareness

8 Professional Development Workshop Page 8 What is office etiquette? Definition: The code of ethical behavior in a professional practice or the socially acceptable actions among members of a profession in their dealings with each other

9 Professional Development Workshop Page 9 Quick Etiquette: Workplace Always be conservative (with dress, language, rules) Dress and act for the job you want. Want to be a manager? Act like one by managing your time effectively and being organized If youre unsure about the rules, ask or observe and follow (greetings, schedules) Language and posture All emails, calls and interactions should be professional. Check written work for spelling errors, clarity and formatting Ask for help and permission if you are unsure Reebok Office Etiquette Commercial

10 Professional Development Workshop Page 10 Quick Etiquette: Conversation During conversation Remember to use names, it will help you memorize them Maintain eye contact (comfortably) Are you engaged in the conversation? Listen Ask questions Show interest and enthusiasm Pause to let others speak Following up Ask for a business card Makes notes on the back after your conversation so that you can include topics in your follow up email

11 Professional Development Workshop Page 11 Global Etiquette Acknowledge that different people will have different customs, perspectives and ways of thinking. Realize that while you may not be in an unfamiliar environment, your counter person may be. Adapt. Be flexible and understanding. Know how to listen, even when you dont agree. What resources can you use?

12 Global Etiquette Activity

13 Email Education Creating an appropriate email address for business communications

14 Professional Development Workshop Page 14 What does your email address say about you? Because it is used to identify you, your email address is often seen as a representation of your virtual self. Does your address contain your first and last name? (initials to save space is okay) Does it identify you? Have you set up a standard electronic signature?

15 Email Education Activity Creating an appropriate email address for business communications

16 Resume Speed Dating Mastering the technicalities of resume building

17 Professional Development Workshop Page 17 Resumes DO: 10-12 point font depending on length DO: Use a simple, standard font DO: Use strong verbs and numerical measurements in descriptions DONT: Use a lot of colors or overuse italics DONT: Include pictures DONT: Lie, embellish, stretch, add, fluff, fudge or add anything deceiving to a resume. It can come out during the interview or even worse – on the job.

18 Professional Development Workshop Page 18 What should your resume look like? Overview: Write a 3 sentence mini biography about yourself. Highlight your strongest features Education: After the heading, lead with educational information. The name of your high school and its address will go here. Follow that with your GPA and, if you know it, your class rank Work Experience: If you have any work experience – internships, apprenticeships – provide a bulleted description of each after the heading Volunteer Experience: List and describe any volunteer initiatives that you have been a part of Extracurricular Activities: Any clubs, programs, community service organizations or sports you were a part of during high school will fall under this list, but try to limit the list to 8 entries Skills: If you are proficient in advanced computer programs or fluent in multiple languages, list those skills Awards: Don't limit yourself here. This section can be a laundry list (though you should explain any awards that dont have obvious titles). Remember that even accomplishments for which you never received a trophy, medal or certificate for fit into this category

19 Resume Speed Dating Activity

20 Mock Interview Putting your revamped resume and etiquette skills to work

21 Professional Development Workshop Page 21 Interviews Be Polite Know Your Schedule When can you start working? Which hours/days will you be available? Be on Time Get there early! Go on Your Own You can arrive with support, but interview alone Send a Thank You Note In the following days, take time to email or mail a thank you letter to your interviewer

22 Professional Development Workshop Page 22 Dress for Success Women's Interview Attire: Solid color, conservative suit Coordinated blouse Closed toed shoes Limited, matching jewelry Neat, professional hairstyle, kept away from face Hosiery? Minimal make-up & perfume Clean, conservative nails Portfolio or briefcase Mens Interview Attire: Solid color, conservative suit White or earth toned, long sleeve shirt and tie Black or dark blue socks Professional shoes that match your belt! Very limited jewelry, avoid color Neat, professional hairstyle Minimal cologne& aftershave Neatly trimmed nails Portfolio or briefcase

23 Professional Development Workshop Page 23 Mock Interview Questions How has school prepared you for working at our company? Why should we hire you? How would you describe your ability to work as a team member? What has been your most rewarding accomplishment? Tell me about a major problem you recently handled. Have you ever had difficulty with a supervisor or teacher? How did you handle it? What do you feel your greatest strengths are?

24 Mock Interview Activity

25 Virtual Marketing How online profiles, photos and voicemails represent you

26 Professional Development Workshop Page 26 Media Etiquette The importance of positive personal branding Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) When it comes to social media, if it doesnt help you, its probably hurting you. Consider your online profiles. Would you be PROUD to show your them to an interviewer? Pictures (tags), status, jokes, groups, tweets and screen names Delete old, inactive profiles (who knows whats on there) Are you utilizing professional sites? (join Linked In) Email Does your email address contain your first and last name? Does it identify you? Have you set up a standard electronic signature? Are your voicemail greeting and ringtone appropriate?

27 Virtual Marketing Activity

28 Networking Reception Preparing for the meet and greet

29 Professional Development Workshop Page 29 Quick Etiquette: Meals Before: It may appropriate to stand behind chairs at dinner until everyone has found a place to sit (observe) Greet peers and introduce yourself (it is not about the food!) Order a meal in a similar price range with the seniors Avoid messy and hard to eat foods. (i.e. long spaghetti) During: Place your napkin on your lap Take small bites so that you are always prepared to answer any questions asked of you After: Thank seniors for meal Light clean up of space? (observe)

30 Networking Reception Activity

31 Review

32 Professional Development Workshop Page 32 Review questions Remember, sometimes there is more than one answer 1. If you are not sure what to wear to an interview you should… a) Call/email ahead and ask b) Research company policies online c) Dress on the conservative side d) Wear what you had planned, and apologize on arrival e) Call to cancel 2. What shouldnt you bring into an interview? a) Questions b) A resume c) Your parents d) Perfume

33 Professional Development Workshop Page 33 Review questions (continued) 3. What should always match? a) Mens ties and shoes b) Mens shoes and belts c) Womens blazer and purse d) Womens jewelry 4. What is REQUIRED for a business professional? a) Mens complete suit b) Mens polo shirt c) Mens tie d) Womens close toed shoes e) Womens cardigan f) Womens suit skirt or trouser set.

34 Professional Development Workshop Page 34 Review questions (continued) 5. While reading the menu at a social or interview dinner, you should be… a) Listening to what the seniors are ordering and their food price range/amount b) Considering which foods will be easy to eat while talking c) Thinking of excuses to order two entrees d) Avoiding garlic and other smelly foods 6. You meet someone you want to keep in contact with: a) Ask for their home address so you can mail a letter b) Request a business card and add notes/questions to ask them about c) Send them an email thanking them for a great conversation using the notes on the back of their business card d) Step on their foot and use it as a reason to take them shopping

35 Wrap-up

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