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Rosas Danst Rosas Costume.

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1 Rosas Danst Rosas Costume

2 Costumes - Rosas All the dancers wear the same costumes in Rosas Danst Rosas designed by the company themselves They are the same for both filmed and stage versions. They have a ‘schoolgirl’ feel to them, echoing school uniforms with the short grey skirt, black tights and sensible shoes.

3 Costumes - Rosas The hair also plays an important part - why do you think this is?  In Rosas Danst Rosas the costumes are ‘Everyday’ clothing rather than elaborate theatrical costumes - typical of 1980s post modern dance.

4 Describing the costume...
As the costumes in Rosas Danst Rosas are so simple, you must make sure you include as much detail about them as you can. If you are asked to describe a costume this is simply about saying what you see – colour – style – shape – material – type of clothing...

5 Tight fitting grey/blue under top - probably a leotard
Lightweight pale blue loose fitting top, opening at the centre.   Grey short skirt in lightweight material -baggy fit for easy movement. Grey Socks Brown flat shoes, Lace up The looseness is important for the key motif of taking the top off the shoulder. Black tights

6 Analysing the costume The skirts and baggy tops worn by all dancers identifies them as female and therefore showing their gender. The ‘everyday’, comfortable clothing allows ease of movement so the dancers can move their arms, legs and torso freely. The fitted leggings help to emphasise and sculpt the lines of the body.

7 Analysing The costume supports the context of the piece by looking uniform like (performed in an old school building). Complements other components as the costumes are grey and drab in colour and simple, so is the set and lighting.

8 Task 1 Draw and colour the costume onto the outline, fill in the boxes in as much detail as possible and complete the exam style question!

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