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Mrs. Haynes’s Fifth Grade Class

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1 Mrs. Haynes’s Fifth Grade Class
Welcome Back to School Mrs. Haynes’s Fifth Grade Class

2 Everyone will be treated fairly in this classroom!

3 What will we be doing this year?
Working as a whole group Working in small groups in centers Working independently in centers Working together to become successful 5th graders Science Experiments Lots of thinking for yourself!!!

4 Classroom Guidelines Enter the classroom quietly and in an orderly manner. No food, drinks, or gum will be allowed in the classroom. (Throw it away when you come in the room) Have all materials ready to start class when the bell rings. (You will not be getting up to sharpen your pencil) You must raise your hand quietly to ask a question or for any other reason. ( I will not acknowledge you unless you are doing it quietly)

5 Classroom Rules Follow directions the first time given
Give full attention to the speaker Keep body parts and objects to yourself Only 2 people out of their seat at once No put downs!!! Obey all school rules

6 Gator Rules G – Give Respect A – Act Responsibly T – Take Pride O – Obtain Permission R – Remain Safe

7 Consequences for Not Following the Guidelines
1st offense: Verbal warning and conference with teacher 2nd offense: Student will lose 5 minutes of recess and sit on silent lunch 3rd offense: Student will lose 10 minutes of recess, have silent lunch, and maybe asked to write the “Respect” paragraph, or may be moved to the designated “No Man’s Land” desk for the remainder of the class period 4th offense: Student will lose recess, have silent lunch, and a phone call home 5th offense: Office referral

8 Severe Clause If there is any fighting, damage of property, or being verbally abusive to anyone then the consequences will be skipped and you will be sent straight to the office.

9 Absolutely NO WHINING This classroom is a No Whining Zone! That means that there will be no whining for any reason. Everything that I do is in your best interest, so please respect the “No Whining Zone”.

10 Classroom Procedures Entering the Classroom
Bell Work Coming to Attention Wastepaper Pencils Turning in Assignments Heading your paper Moving around the room Not turning in work Expectations for the Intercom Expectations for Guest Dismissal Teacher’s Absence Hallway Expectations In the Spotlight New Grading Scale Dress Code Changes

11 Entering the Classroom
Come in quietly, hang backpack on back of desk, get out needed materials, turn in homework, and begin bell work.

12 Bell Work Homeroom Time will be from 7:45 to 8. During this time you MUST be reading Accelerated Reader (AR) books independently! Daily bell work will be written on the board or may be a sheet placed on your desktop. Begin your work immediately after you come into the classroom. You will work on the assignment until told otherwise. We will check and discuss the assignment and move into our lesson for the day.

13 Coming to Attention The teacher will say “Give Me Five” at which time you will immediately look at the “Give Me Five” rules posted on the wall and follow the 5 directions: 1.) Eyes on the speaker 2.) Mouth quiet 3.) Ears listening 4.) Hands Free 5.) Body Still. You may hear the teacher say “1, 2, 3 Eyes On Me!” while waving a hand in the air. Following the statement, students should reply: “1, 2, 3 Eyes On You!” The teacher may say, “If you hear my voice clap once.” The students will then clap once. The teacher may proceed with asking to clap twice or clap three times until the entire class is giving her attention. The teacher may also ring a bell or pat out a rhythm that the students will follow.

14 Wastepaper Place paper to be thrown away on your desktop. Do NOT raise your hand and disturb class to ask to throw away paper. Please hold it until the end of class and you may throw it away on your way out of the door. You should not be cleaning out your backpack or folders during my class! Do it at home!

15 Pencils There will be a jar of sharp pencils and a jar of dull pencils placed by the pencil sharpener. If you need to borrow one of these pencils you must leave a shoe in the basket provided. When you return my pencil, you may get your shoe back. (This is to encourage you to bring your materials to class.) You may also sharpen your pencils first thing in the morning and periodically throughout the day during independent work times.

16 Turning In Assignments
Assignments will be labeled (example on the wall) correctly and turned into the appropriate subject basket unless told otherwise. Homework will be turned in immediately as you enter the room and get ready for your day. It should be apart of your morning routine.

17 Heading Your Paper You have been assigned numbers
Your number will go in the very top right hand corner of your paper Your first and last name will go on the top line of the right side of your paper. (Under your number) The date will go on the line under your name The subject will go on the line under the date If your paper is not graded correctly I will not grade it until it is done right.

18 Moving around the room For your safety and my safety, only two people out of there seat at one time!

19 Not Turning in Your Work
You will miss recess until the assignment is complete. You will work on the assignment during recess.

20 Being Absent When you return to class ….
Visit the file box and retrieve your assignments. THIS SHOULD BE DONE BEFORE YOUR BELL WORK Complete your assignments at home and they will be due the following school day.

21 Expectations for Intercom
FREEZE! Stop what you are doing and close your mouth. It could be an emergency so we must listen!

22 Expectations for Guest
I expect you to be on your best behavior for guests, substitutes, the principal, or anyone that may walk through my door. You are NOT to disrupt my class to interact with the guest in any way.

23 Dismissal A bell does NOT dismiss the class. YOU do NOT dismiss the class. The teacher will dismiss the class. Remain seated until the teacher calls you to line up. Check your area (including the floor) for your belongings and please pick them up. Check your area for trash (even if it’s not yours) please pick it up and throw it away on your way out of the door.

24 Teacher’s Absence A student and/or another teacher will monitor the room in the teacher’s absence. The intercom and/or camera will be turned on to monitor the room. Rarely do I have to leave the room, but when I do, I expect you to continue following all classroom rules as if I were there.

25 Hallway Expectations H – Hands at your side A – All eyes forward L – Lips Zipped L – Low Speed

26 In the Spotlight Each full week one student will be selected to be “In the Spotlight”! This will be your time to share with the class all about you! You may bring pictures for the board to share with the class.

27 New Grading Scale Delhi Charter School now has a new grading scale
B 84-92 C 74-83 D 66-73 F 0-65

28 Dress Code Changes Shoes – can be any type of shoe BUT it must have a back, be closed-toed, and no higher than my ankle. You must have tennis shoes to participate in P.E.

29 My Expectations for You
I expect you to follow my classroom guidelines as well as the rules the school has put in place. I expect you to do your homework and turn it in at the beginning of class. I expect you to attend class and be prepared. I expect you to be on time for class. I expect you to be truthful at all times. I expect you to be respectful to me, your classmates, and to yourself. Most of all I expect you to learn and become successful 5th graders!!!!

30 Questions?

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