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Code of Conduct Presented by Trina Sessions LTC June 14-16.

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1 Code of Conduct Presented by Trina Sessions LTC June 14-16

2 Abide by Laws and Regulations Dont do anything Illegal If you have to ask if its illegal or not, it probably is.

3 Attend Sessions Wearing Dress Code Important at DCON Attend all Assemblies, Workshop, etc. Attend all events at Board Meetings

4 Alcohol No ALCOHOL at all.

5 Drugs and Medicine Medicine must be prescribed by a doctor Must be on medical form

6 Tobacco Products No cigarettes, smokeless tobacco or ANY tobacco products. Doesnt matter if your 18, nothing is allowed.

7 Gender Interaction Any physical action will be considered a violation.

8 Fireworks, Guns, or Dangerous Material No fireworks or guns. No behavior that is unacceptable of a Key Club member.

9 Profanity and Language No profanity, cuss words, racial slurs or derogatory terms.

10 Curfew Curfew is 12am. No Exceptions. Enforced at DCON and Board Meetings

11 Purpling Their should be no reason to be in opposite genders room. Heavily enforced.

12 Hazing No initiation, hazing or anything uncomfortable. This is key club, not a fraternity or sorority.

13 Vandalism NO VANDALISM! No hanging key club banners or campaign signs on walls at a hotel or conference facility.

14 In case of emergency or illness, the Sergeant at Arms will be contacted If an emergency occurs, call SAA.

15 Driving to Key Club Events Travel outside of division-ZA Permission Travel outside of Zone-2 ZA Permission/Parent email Traveling with another Student- ZA permission/Parent email

16 Cell Phones and other electronic devices No cellphones during activities! IE. Workshops, DCMs, board meetings, etc. Check your phone on breaks No texting when speaking with an adult

17 Any action unbecoming a Key Club member will not be tolerated by anyone. If you are caught breaking the rules, you will be punished.

18 Lodging These rules are specific to lodging!

19 Sleep in assigned room Can find you in case of emergency No trading rooms No asking permission to trade rooms

20 Males and Females may be together in suites. Adults must be present Board members at DCON. SAA suite. ICON suite.

21 Room Charges Dont charge room service to the room, if you order it pay for it then. Provision for putting credit cards on rooms.

22 SAA Room Searches SAA can search rooms at DCON & ICON Applies at Board Meetings, Exec. Board and Adults are SAA.

23 Dress Code These rules should be followed at ALL Key Club events, on the club, division, and district level. You must model this behavior

24 Follow Designated Dress Code Classy Casual Business Casual Business Professional Formal(Semi-formal)

25 Formal Males-Black suit with dress or tuxedo shirt, bow tie or neck tie, suit jacket, and appropriate shoes. DCON-Black bow tie required. Females-Formal dress and appropriate shoes. 3 inches above knee or longer. DCON-Long dress required Semiformal(Kiwanis DCON)-short or long dress optional.

26 Professional Males-Dress shirt, slacks, necktie, sport or suit coat and appropriate shoes. Females-slacks, skirt, dress, blouse or collared shirt and appropriate shoes. Shoulders must be covered. 3 inches above the knee or longer.

27 Business casual Males-Slacks, collared shirt and appropriate shoes Females-Skirt, dress, slacks, and collared shirt or blouse and appropriate shoes. No sneakers. Shoulders covered. 3 inches above the knee or longer

28 Classy Casual Males-Shorts or jeans, collared shirt, sweatshirt, or appropriate t-shirt and casual footwear. No holes in jeans. Females-shorts, skirt, or jeans, collared shirt, sweatshirt, or appropriate t-shirt and casual footwear NO SHORT SHORTS, or MINI SKIRTS. NO TANK TOPS or T-SHIRTS WITH PROFANITY.

29 Name Badges & Pins Wear your name badge on right side. Wear it so it can be easily read. Pins on left side No more than 2 pins to be worn at the same time on left side One additional award pin on right side if desired

30 Enforcement Violations will result in notification of DA, Governor, and event chaperone. Breaking curfew, Purpling, vandalism, consumption/possession of prohibited materials will result in dismissal from event. Other violations will be brought to SAA, DA, Governor and event chaperone Written notification will be sent to the school administrator, Kiwanis sponsor and parent/guardian by DA. Rules are effective as of the time you arrive at the event, to the time you depart.

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