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Formula for Success Employment Excellent Resume and Interviewing Skills YOU: Networking, Sending out Resumes and Staying Organized Career Services Network.

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2 Formula for Success Employment Excellent Resume and Interviewing Skills YOU: Networking, Sending out Resumes and Staying Organized Career Services Network While we will do everything in our power to help you with your job hunt, we are just one small ingredient. YOU need to focus and work hard in order to see results. The following requirements are necessary. A clear and descriptive resume Excellent interviewing skills You must network, send out numerous resumes each week via job websites and stay organized Have frequent communication with our job developers.

3 CSN- Step 1 (Easy as ABC) A ccount: Create an account with us by going to – You will see a green box titled Job Seekers. Click on Login to my account – Proceed by filling out some basic information about yourself ex. Name, Phone, Salary requirements etc. B ackground Information: You will click on Job Seeker and enter your personal information for our records, including uploading your resume. C areers: Please check our Jobs Page, which is filled with thousands of amazing jobs in all fields such as Retail, Sales, Wholesale, Accounting and much more…

4 Intake- Step 2 Once you have fully made an account, our Intake Specialist will contact you to schedule an appointment. You will discuss topics such as your employment history and the job you feel will help you reach your potential. The Intake Specialist is like an auto-mechanic. He might fix up your resume or refer you to one of our expert resume and interview coaches. During intake, the goal is to establish good career goals and to become job ready. When you are ready and confident to ace an interview, the intake specialist will refer you to one of our experienced Job Developers.

5 Job Developer- Step 3 You will now be able to contact our expert Job Developers to discuss job options They will help you find that job which matches your skill set They will send your resume and connect you with potential employers.

6 Important- SNAP! Skills: If you feel like you need more computer skills, such as QuickBooks, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word or even Email- Check our resources link on our website for free video tutorials. Network: Talk to your friends, family and people from your community. They might have a job opening or know someone with a job opening. Appearance: Remember to look healthy. Smile, dress nicely, sit up straight, talk clearly and show off that confidence. Positive: It is important to stay positive and upbeat about your job hunt. You have talent and so much potential.

7 Top Job Websites It is imperative to take initiative and look on the internet for other employers!

8 Resume Writing It is necessary for you to write a resume, which bests describes your talents and abilities. The links below provide great assistance! Our website includes links for videos which will teach you how to write a great resume You will also be able to find resume templates, which you can use as a guide for your own resume. – – –

9 Networking There are two kinds of networking: a.Word of mouth- Tell friends, family and your community that you are job hunting. b.Social media- Set up LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. A poll, conducted by search firm Top Grading Solutions found that 38% of employees found their last job through word-of-mouth or referrals, 20% found their jobs online and 24% via recruiting firms. 7% found their last position by walking in and applying, and 2% found their job through a newspaper or print advertisement.

10 Organization The job hunt can feel overwhelming at times, but with a little organization, the job search can be pretty simple. Make categories such as Job title, Name of Company, Job Requirements, Contact information, Date of Interview. Feel free to use the CSN Job Chart, which can be found in the resources link on our website

11 Understanding the Market The market is always changing. Jobs that used to be very profitable may now offer a lower salary, while jobs that used to offer a lower salary are now the hottest jobs on the market. Flexibility: Try to be reasonable and flexible with your job search. Growth: Although the salary might appear to be lower than what you wanted there could be a lot of room to grow in the company! The following websites are great resources to understand the latest trends in the market – – on=New-York-NY/Salary on=New-York-NY/Salary

12 Interviewing Skills Research the company Go on the companys website and learn about the company. Just like taking a test requires studying so do interviews. Preparing to arrive in good time Check the exact location & give yourself enough time Be polite to everyone Turn off your phone Confidence Before you walk into the office, think of your past accomplishments so that you enter the interview with confidence. Body Language Handshake, eye contact and relax but do not slump in chair Common Questions Tell me about yourself? How would your co-workers describe you? What are your strengths and how have you implemented them? DO NOT ASK: About salary or vacation days ASK: What their biggest challenges are, how they managed to grow during a recession, room for growth, something interesting you saw on their website etc.

13 Interviewing Skills Answering Questions Have selling points in mind Answers should be consistent with your resume Ask for clarification if you dont understand Avoid rambling Wrapping up an interview At the end of the interview ask what the next step is Reaffirm your positive feelings about the position Ask for a business card Send a thank you email that day (for help look at the Thank You Email Page in your packet). For more helpful interview prep please use the following link: free-resources/12-interview-questions-you-must-know/ free-resources/12-interview-questions-you-must-know/

14 Dress Code for Interviews: Men Conservative two-piece business suit (solid dark blue or grey is best) Conservative long-sleeved shirt/blouse (white is best, pastel is next best) Clean, polished conservative shoes Well-groomed hairstyle Clean, trimmed fingernails Minimal cologne or perfume Empty pockets--no bulges or tinkling coins No gum, candy or cigarettes Light briefcase or portfolio case No visible body piercing (nose rings, eyebrow rings, etc.) Necktie should have a conservative pattern Dark shoes (black lace-ups are best) Dark socks (black is best) Get a haircut; short hair always fares best in interviews Make sure all facial hair is presentable and trimmed No rings other than wedding ring No earrings (if you normally wear one, take it out)

15 Dress Code for Interviews: Women Select a skirted suit, pantsuit or conservatively tailored dress that draws the eye to your face (keep in mind location of interview ex. No pants at a Yeshiva) Skirts are traditionally knee-length but those longer are also acceptable. Select blouses or sweaters that provide visual interest, but avoid transparent, tight fit, or have low necklines, revealing waistlines or details that detract from your face as a focal point. Typically, arms are covered at least to the biceps and often to the wrist. Always wear hose to interviews. Wear plain-style, non-patterned hosiery and select colors that flatter your coloring. For traditional industries, wear a neutral color. For other industries, you may choose to wear hose that coordinates with your skirt. Carry an extra pair in case of runs. Perfume should never be strong. A fragrance can cause an allergic reaction or offend the interviewer. When in doubt, do not wear perfume. Use natural-looking makeup and clear nail polish. This keeps the focus on the interview. Do not carry a purse with a briefcase. Choose one or the other. Wear flat shoes or low pumps in colors that avoid making your feet a focal point. Be sure that they are clean and polished. Avoid shoes that hinder walking fast. This lowers credibility. Avoid open-toed shoes since associated with social agendas. Add accessories to express your personality and accentuate your best features. A scarf or necklace is an effective way to focus on your face. Keep it simple! Women in general wear too many accessories at the same time such as earrings, necklaces, and rings. These can accentuate your personality and can be an asset if worn in moderation. Avoid dangling earrings and wear no more than one ring per hand and a dress watch. Be sure all jewelry focuses on the face.

16 Thank You Email- Sample Below Your Name Your Address Your City, State, Zip Code Your Phone Number Your Email Date Name Title Organization Address City, State, Zip Code Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name: Use the first paragraph to thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. Mention your interest in the job and how enthusiastic you are about it. The second paragraph of your thank you letter should include the reasons why you are an excellent candidate for the job. List specific skills that relate to the job you interviewed for. The more detailed you are, the more the interviewer will know about your qualifications. The third paragraph (optional) can be used to mention anything that you didn't bring up at the interview that you'd like the employer to know. This gives you another chance to make a good impression, especially if you remembered something you should have said after the interview. In your closing paragraph, reiterate your appreciation for being considered for the job and let the interviewer know you are looking forward to hearing from him or her soon. Sincerely, Your Typed Name * This article can be found by Allison Doyle

17 Check List Check off all the necessary steps when completed: Created CSN account on our website Updated and Uploaded resume Clicked on CSN jobs that interested me Intake Interview Resume and Interview skills are PERFECT Organized list of possible employers Networked (online and via word of mouth) Met with Job Developer Researched possible jobs through Top Job websites Scheduled interviews Interviewed Remembered to take interviewers business card and wrote thank you email Contacted CSN and kept them posted!

18 Final Step: Employment Enjoy Employment! You deserve it! We hope you found that job that fits your personality and talents. Please stay in touch with us and tell us about your new job or if you have any questions. You will always be part of the CSN family!

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