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Fort Washington Elementary

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1 Fort Washington Elementary
Dress code

2 Being reviewed for your SUPPORT 
Dress Code Being reviewed for your SUPPORT 

3 Dress Code The first dress code check should be done at home.
If you are found to be out of dress code you will be cited in the office and have to sit out of your recesses while you are out of dress code. There will be no phone calls home. Dress code will be enforced at all school functions.

4 Dress Code – HAIR do’s and don'ts
Don’t have two toned colored hair Do have a natural color of hair. Do (Boys) have the proper length of hair Don’t(Boys) Have hair past your eyebrows, or earlobes. Don’t let hair go past mid-way on collared shirts

5 Dress Code – Shorts do’s and don'ts
Wear shorts that fall within 6 inches from the knee (not to exceed mid-thigh) Don’t wear shorts that are shorter than 6 inches above the knee Don’t wear leggings under shorts that are not in dress code (Leggings don’t count as pants) Don’t wear athletic shorts

6 Dress Code – skirts do’s and don'ts
Don’t wear skirts that are more than 4 inches from the knee Wear skirts that are 4 inches from the knee or less Don’t wear leggings or jeans under a skirt that is more than four inches from the knee (Leggings don’t count as pants)

7 Dress Code – Shirts do’s and don'ts
(Girls) Don’t wear a midriff shirt , even when your hands are raised (Girls) wear “Lasagna Noodle” (2 inches) straps on tank tops Wear shirts that fit correctly (Boys) Don’t wear tanks tops (Boys) Shirts must have capped sleeves, open or unbuttoned shirts must have a t-shirt underneath. (Girls) Don’t double tank tops to create a total of 2 inches (this is not addition).This does not meet the dress code

8 Dress Code – Shirts do’s and don’ts
“Any apparel determined to by District personnel to be too revealing is not acceptable.” “See through, (lace inserts) off the shoulder and low cut tops are not acceptable.”

9 Dress Code – Slogans and Military do’s and don'ts
Don’t wear camouflage or military clothing. Non-military camouflage attire (i.e. blue or pink) is acceptable. Wear college logos Don’t wear the bulldog logo or picture Don’t wear Frayed or Holes of any kind

10 Dress Code – Slogans and Military do’s and don'ts
Wear college logos Don’t wear the bulldog logo or picture Don’t wear professional sports logo

11 Dress Code – Shoes do’s and don'ts
Wear shoes at all times Don’t wear shoes that are plastic or gel shoes Wear shoes with rubber or leather soles Don’t wear steel-toed boots Don’t wear shoes commonly called “flip flops” Wear shoes that have a strap on the arch and the heel

12 Dress Code Checks Will be conducted: a. To maintain our commitment of honoring our policies. b. To be fair and respectful to all FW students. Any FW Staff Member, at any time, can refer a student to the office for a dress code check.

13 Dress Code Consequences
1st Violation 2nd Violation 3rd Violation 4th Violation 5th Violation The student will discuss the violation with the administration and the student is issued a written warning. The student will receive lunch detention. The student will receive after school detention. There will be a conference with the student, the parents and the school administration about the habitual dress code infractions, plus detention. The student will be suspended for one day and referred to SSSA and will not be allowed back on campus until FW receives notification from SSSA that the student is now currently in dress code.

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